Rihanna Kissed Chris Brown At The VMAs

September 7th, 2012 // 33 Comments
Rihanna Chris Brown Kiss VMAs
WATCH: Rihanna Kisses Chris Brown At The VMAs

If you’ve been on the Internet at all in the past 10 hours, you’ve probably had it screamed in your face that “OMG! Rihanna totally kissed Chris Brown at the VMAs!” and then saw the above pic which because it doesn’t move, looks like they’re tonguing the hell out of each other until the end of time. Except if you watch the video, you’ll see Rihanna walk up to Chris Brown for a polite hug, he gives her a quick peck on the cheek and then she moves on down the line to the next dude for the same exact deal. How positively scandalous! Then again, the last date she went on was with Rob Kardashian which would make anyone miss getting punched in the face, so let’s not rule anything out. On that note, everybody be sure to check the landfills this morning. You’re looking for a white dress, short black hair…

Photos: Getty / Video: MTV News


  1. karlito

    i guess she does love gay men who kick the crap out of women.

  2. anonymous

    She probably still had the smell of Drake’s cock on her breath so Chris Brown couldn’t help but want a taste.

  3. Skank + Douche. Deserve each other.

  4. That’s no kiss! Chris is simply a professional taster of face. Having previously acquainted his palate with the bitter flavor of Rihanna’s left ear, the next obvious step is to compare said flavor with a traditionally sweeter taste of cheek.

  5. Romi

    Of course. She knows who is responsible for her fame. If he hadn’t slapped her around, she’d be irrelevant.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Hey, some women like to be treated like shit.

    Usually it’s the hot ones with daddy issues.

  7. From the picture, I’d have guessed Ray Charles.

  8. What an idiot

    If you ever listen to rihanna talk, you’ll realize rather quickly that she’s not very bright. So, it’s easy to see why people expect her to be an abused woman; she’s just too stupid to stand on her own…

  9. Hugh Gentry

    Why is Chris kissing Pete Rose?

  10. oko

    I know a woman, her husband has beaten her up a lot of times but she still cares for him, she still goes to see him – actually she makes excuses for him, why he has beaten her up: she says that her daughter was responsible for the beating because when she was a child she always gave them some problems so she was the reason why her husband has beaten her up – Crazy woman, totally poor crazy woman and I say: people like her totally deserve getting beaten up until they die!

    • Frunken

      That seems excessive

      • Angel

        excessive? yeah right, I don’t think one would say it is excessive when one would be in the position of the accused daughter, right? Some women deserve to get beaten up hard because they are so dumb and want to ruin the life of others that aren’t involved just because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own faults – I know such people so I can understand and relate to such an reaction…

      • Clam Jam

        That is called blaming the victim. What a bunch of barely literate ass hats.

  11. Smapdi

    Rihanna is the only woman on earth who can make Lindsay Lohan’s behavior seem reasonable by comparison.

  12. EricLr

    She knew he wasn’t going to hit her with other men around. He only hits small women when there isn’t another guy over 5′ tall standing nearby to knock his little bitch ass out.

  13. USDA Prime McBeef

    Rhianna tries her damnedest to pull the entire female gender back a step. Quit with the weak minded shit, women. Fucks like Chris Brown shouldn’t get excuses made for them or tolerance in any form.

    • Perhaps you don’t understand. He can both sing and dance. This earned Michael Jackson forgiveness for pedophilia; what’s a little beating and biting on a woman who clearly doesn’t give a damn herself? You’ve got to see the bigger picture, Beef.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        That dude needs his smug face kicked in on live TV as the climax to after school special about domestic violence and right/wrong role models.

      • Honestly, I find a certain comfort in having learned that people like that are invariably miserable, and will never be truly happy. You just don’t pull that kind of crap if you don’t have an inordinate amount of self-loathing to project. And good god — look at what the poor son of a bitch has done to himself. He looks like something gay pirates would pass around, and that’s on a good day.

    • Marley

      Seriously? The problem isn’t that she’s “Putting the female gender back a step.” The problem is that people look at her, see she’s a woman, and go, “Oh my god, all women must act like that.” It’s a free fucking country (at least on the face of it). If she wants to be friends or lovers or whatever again with Chris Brown, that’s her thing and has nothing whatsoever to do with other women. When will people get that?

  14. o0

    When he beats your ass this time Rhianna, don’t come crying to ANYONE. You deserve it if you go back.

    PS – You’re a STUPID bitch.

  15. El Jefe

    They got OJ eventually, they will get this dumbass woman beating monkey one day too.

  16. O.o

    I guess she likes to get seconds… .

  17. JJ

    Dumbass. I also don’t get the people who minimize the shit this guy did. It’s horrible to hit a woman. He didn’t just a hit a woman, he literally beat the shit out of her.

  18. mrsmass

    we’re still caring about these 2 assholes?

  19. Josh

    He needs to just go ahead and beat her to death, preferably on stage, so that she’ll be gone and his ass will be in prison. We could be rid of them both in one shot.

  20. Hopefully next time he’ll kill her fuckin ass and spend the rest of his life getting coke can cocks crammed up his shitter

  21. biff

    Put her next to Lauryn Hill and it’s a toss up as to who has it more together

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