Rihanna & Chris Brown Aren’t Engaged. Yet.

February 12th, 2013 // 24 Comments

After Rihanna was spotted with a diamond ring on her finger during the Grammys, rumors quickly started that she’s engaged to Chris Brown because she was stupid enough to get back together with him, so why the hell wouldn’t this happen? Turns out the ring was simply a loan from a jeweler, according to Gossip Cop, which now that I think about it, makes perfect sense. Getting engaged is more of a, “Sorry, I put you in a coma again,” type thing. Love has a rhythm and a dance to it.

Photos: NGRE/AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News


  1. glinny

    way to go Ri, as for me, I will never forget my last words to my sister-in-law, “get out, come over here, go to a friend’s, a shelter, a hotel, whatever but just get out of there.

  2. Jack Ketch

    Who cares ? Both of them are complete fools.

  3. Jaz

    EW! Nuff said.

  4. Travis Bickel

    I thought that because he lost , whomever he was with was going to take a beating. Since she doesn’t seem to have any marks , I’ll assume Chris gave her the high hard one through the backdoor , as the “girl – hole ” makes him confused and angry

  5. Some people just need chaos in their lives.

  6. Lamborghini check. Grammys, check. It is almost like they are trying to repeat history. Have not seen her in a few days, maybe she is keeping the beatings private now like he wants her to.

  7. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    “Driving Miss Dazed After A Sucker Punch To The Back of Head”

  8. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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  9. Arlene

    You can put trash into a solid gol dumpster lined with diamonds, but it’s still trash.

  10. He’ll only marry her when he needs to stop her from testifying against him.

  11. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    Look Chris, if I put all my hair over that eye AND cover it with my hand, then no one can even tell!

  12. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    Rihanna we love you, but hiding like a 6 year old isn’t cute here.

  13. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    Seriously, this is what people thought was an engagement ring? Oh right, they fancy themselves hood rats.

  14. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    “Bitch, I’m takin’ my phone out. You know the drill.”

  15. Dan

    Normally I would berate someone for saying this, but that woman is such a colossal moron that in this one case, she really does deserve what she gets.

  16. Brooke

    They always return to the scene of the crime, don’t they…

  17. Rihanna Chris Brown Engagement Ring
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    My guess is that she just had a piece of juicy fruit and didn’t want to throw the wrapper out the window.

  18. kiki

    Riri ain’t gonna marry this thug/fool. Let the games continue…..

  19. anonym

    Anyone key that lambo yet ?

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