Rihanna Puts Curse On Chris Brown Haters,
Has A Penis

On Friday, Billboard posted an open letter to Rihanna explaining to her that she’s sending a pretty shitty message to female fans by essentially letting Chris Brown off the hook by allowing rumors about them getting back together run rampant and featuring him on her next single. What follows is Rihanna’s response on Twitter which may or may not just be a huju curse on America for failing to properly honor the spirits via butt sex parades which is something we should probably hear her out on on. I have similar concerns:

Go head talk shit…its all in da paper!!! Lemme grab my dick while ya sit on top!!!

Chiefin’ while ppl spend hrs on letters… *kanye shrug* #phuckit
Who Jah bless I say NO MAN CURSE! Ting’s gettin better when they thought it would be worse
I’m so solid as a rock, they just can’t stop me now!

Of course, my favorite tweet was this one because I’m pretty sure it means one day Rihanna and I will meet, and she’ll rum hump me like a Newfoundland:

Fuck a blog dawg, cus one day we gon’ meet

In the meantime, Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran is apparently still with him and entirely cool with the Rihanna rumors because it’s not like she doesn’t know what will happen (Gracias, Tamara.) if she’s not cool with them. TMZ reports:

Sources close to Karrueche Tran tell TMZ she is unfazed by the recent rash of RiRi rumors. In fact, we’re told CB and KT are now actually living together.
As for CB showing up to Rihanna’s birthday party, we’re told that didn’t bother Karrueche either … because he came home to her that night and whisked her to Miami the next day to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And speaking of Miami, I added pics below of Chris and Karrueche at the beach over the weekend where she spent her time wearing a tiny bikini prompting him to scream at seagulls, so now I’m almost embarrassed for suggesting their relationship was over. Everything looks healthy here.

“I can see my girlfriend’s titties. I’m gonna punch you, bird!” – Things Normal People Say

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN