Rihanna & Chris Brown Partied Together. Oh, Good.

January 23rd, 2012 // 35 Comments

Two weeks ago, a rumor was floating around that Rihanna and Chris Brown had been secretly hooking up for a year which I completely ignored because a.) he bashed her face in and b.) she doesn’t have a penis. Nothing added up. But then here they are leaving Greystone Manor in West Hollywood last night, and here are two separate posts (Uno, dos.) from just last week of how much Rihanna loves pot, so who the fuck knows? And before anyone starts with the, “Hey, man, weed makes you think clearer,” save it, Moonbeam. Yes, Rihanna wasn’t stupid enough to get in the same car as Chris Brown, I’m pretty sure he can still punch her during sex. Unless she’s somehow banging him from another room and black dude’s penises are far bigger than we realized. Get me Kim Kardashian on the line. I want answers.

UPDATE: TMZ is saying Chris left with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran who’s clearly trying to have a threesome with Rihanna. That’s the only explanation here.

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  1. cc

    We needed further confirmation that she’s a talentless moron? I think not.

  2. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    Commented on this photo:

    Dumbass. No sympathy for her now.

  3. it had to be said

    Well, the nice thing is that we don’t have to be all indignant next time he kicks her ass.

  4. So what this story presupposes is: Maybe Rihanna does have a penis?

  5. woody

    so american celeb are even playing with their own fans.
    …………..RATS THEY ARE, hear ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jo

    You’ll get zero sympathy when you visit the ER, and it WILL happen again. Trust.

  7. Neen

    That isn’t even the same vehicle… notice the stickers on one car and not the other and a different drivers. Not that I approve of either of them, but Cmon!

  8. puddleduck

    Hope he beats her senseless this time…oh wait, she already is. They deserve each other.

  9. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    Commented on this photo:

    That girl sitting beside Chris Brown is his girlfriend.

  10. Lovec

    Karrueche Tran (HIS GF) Is sitting right beside him, so I highly doubt they met up.

  11. sc4play

    Batshit crazy/stupid is as batshit crazy’stupid does. All I’m saying….

  12. scruff

    I’m ok with consensual punching during sex.

  13. C’mon guys… she’ll change him this time, for sure!

  14. Anything that happens at this point is her own damn fault.

  15. Maybe she secretly took krav maga classes and her ultimate plan is to hide in his apartment and kick the shit out of him. Or maybe that was a Jennifer Lopez movie.

  16. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    Commented on this photo:

    yeah the blondie is chris browns girl

  17. I'm surrounded by idiots

    How gullible are you people? That is not the same car. Wow.

    • Man

      HEY ASSHOLE, no body said it was the same car. The story is that they left the same place together, just not in the same car you dumb fuck.

  18. Errrmm

    What’s she got in her mouth?

  19. It mentions that they didn’t ride together. The more you know….

  20. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    Commented on this photo:

    So, tell me again, why is his shirt different form pic to pic?

  21. Drunk Again

    I hope he punches her in the cooch

  22. Schmidtler

    Chris Brown still likes to bang men in the ass, right? Or is it that he likes men to bang him in his ass? either way, he’s already got some other broad to pose as his beard, wtf does he need Rihanna around for?

  23. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    you are dumb
    Commented on this photo:

    These are not pictures of the same car dumbass.

  24. NicePlayCall

    shes just playin a trick so he can walk in on her doin jay-z, then kanye will come out of the corner and slap him in the face and tell him he should feel honored because he just got slapped by black jesus, which is a compliment on his home planet

  25. MoonBeam

    Weed makes you think clearer in another dimension. Duh. Thanks for the mention, tho. I feel honored.

  26. Chris Brown Rihanna Ditch Party
    Commented on this photo:

    First of all, Let me point out they are in two seperate cars! rihanna in a car by herself, & chris in car totally seperate from rihanna & that’s chris gf in the front seat. so…..You know? Secondly Rihanna & chris are two grown ass people so if she wants to be FRiends with him she gonna be friends regardless who doesn’t like it. That’s just like telling me I can’t be friends with my ex because he cheated on me, I know how to forgive as well as rihanna. Let’s put this behind us (rihanna and chris fight) because they have!

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