Rihanna & Chris Brown Partied Together. Oh, Good.

Two weeks ago, a rumor was floating around that Rihanna and Chris Brown had been secretly hooking up for a year which I completely ignored because a.) he bashed her face in and b.) she doesn’t have a penis. Nothing added up. But then here they are leaving Greystone Manor in West Hollywood last night, and here are two separate posts (Uno, dos.) from just last week of how much Rihanna loves pot, so who the fuck knows? And before anyone starts with the, “Hey, man, weed makes you think clearer,” save it, Moonbeam. Yes, Rihanna wasn’t stupid enough to get in the same car as Chris Brown, I’m pretty sure he can still punch her during sex. Unless she’s somehow banging him from another room and black dude’s penises are far bigger than we realized. Get me Kim Kardashian on the line. I want answers.

UPDATE: TMZ is saying Chris left with his girlfriend Karrueche Tran who’s clearly trying to have a threesome with Rihanna. That’s the only explanation here.

Photos: Splash News