Rihanna Doesn’t Know How Bras Work, Is A Serious Fashion Designer

March 5th, 2013 // 16 Comments

Rihanna launched her new River Island clothing line in London last night where she apparently decided to show up in an almost see-through dress with nothing on underneath. Then again, we’re dealing with a woman who wants to help Chris Brown procreate, so we should honestly be impressed she shows up anywhere and proceeds to breathe oxygen. She’s a profile in courage.

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  1. This idiot is not a designer. They’re just using her name for recognition. Buy up those clothes ladies, they’ll become even more valuable when she’s dead. Which should be soon.

  2. Rihanna Braless Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    “Punkinhead” flashes the sign for Island Skank Nation.

  3. They don’t wear bras at fashion shows, so maybe she thinks high fashion doesn’t need them.

    I don’t know if they still do it, but one of the city-run channels here in NYC used to broadcast runway shows during Fashion Week (I’m talking late ’90s, early ’00s). Something like a third of the models would wear sheer tops, and one time, a wrap one of the models was wearing came undone, and she just kept strutting down the runway with her breasts akimbo. It was like a soft-core porn channel.

  4. PlaysBothTeams

    I think it’s pretty important that RiRi make the most of her beauty while she still has it. We all agree that it’s likely she’ll get severely beaten, if not killed, soon, so I beg someone to approach her with enough money to get her to do full nude, split-beaver, nasty pix. And right away!

  5. Deacon Jones

    Enough with Rhianna. Seriously

  6. Inner Retard

    Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart… is is possible we’ll have to apologize to Jessica Simpson because she’s the respectable one? At least with her a cake should do it. Just make it a tuna-safa cake.

  7. She’s a class act.

    By that I mean she’s a whore.

  8. Ugly, stupid and no talent. Yup. She’ s regular “Triple Threat”

  9. God she manages the pull off the impossible everyday, get more and more annoying.

  10. This wench is such trash she makes Oscar the Grouch look like Sean fucking Connery.

  11. Dan'l

    She knows exactly how bras work, and that’s how she chose to pimp product.

  12. Reece

    So ppl on the Superficial are complaining that a girl with a nice body is not wearing underwear???Shes wearing a backless dress;some clothes you just dont wear anything under…Do women in real life not sometimes go without or is it just me?

  13. Duke Steele

    Actually its” Rhianna doesn’t know how bras work, is a serious douchebag”.

  14. Rihanna Braless Nipples See-Through
    Commented on this photo:

    It is slutty and disgusting without bra

  15. Rihanna Braless Nipples See-Through
    Interred Ferguson
    Commented on this photo:

    sing with me….”Spanx and a padded bra…2 bits!!”

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