Shirts? Where Rihanna’s Going, We Don’t Need Shirts…

“Daddy? I wandered off the resort again. I smelled chicken wings, I’m sorry! But you have to call the embassy right away, these people somehow guessed I’m American, and their shirtless leader demands combat. Combat, daddy!”

And welcome to another gallery of Rihanna wearing crazy shit in Barbados. This time around she’s in a pair of stretchy pants that apparently you want to wear shirtless. Possibly to distract from the fact they’re made out of hacky sacks or just to appease the island gods whose wanton lust for butt sex has moved to breasts. Their fancies seem to change with the wind. “Alright, listen up, the gods are into furries now, so everyone grab a bottle of rum and a raccoon costume or, I dunno, they’ll light our fucking crops on fire. Let’s just get through this without eye contact, okay, people?”

Photo: Fame, Splash News

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