1. We may never know what caused Chris Brown to get so upset.
    Hint: it was the beehive cornrows.

  2. …with the hole in his pants

  3. shags

    In the animal kingdom, they call this “presenting”

  4. MisterSuccint

    Snoop couldn’t find a bottle opener, but Rihanna came to the rescue.

  5. SteveG

    I said punch me FIRST you imbecile.

  6. Matt

    In every picture like this there’s always…. you know what? Forget it.

  7. Hannah

    I like that she’s still holding her cup.

  8. Brian

    This on my country (DR) is called “PERREO”

  9. alli

    Whoa! That’s all i gotta say



  11. I don’t care what people say, this is just dry humping, not dancing.

  12. tom brady

    set…hut one hut two…..

  13. anita

    if yall lived in the islands yall understand but you guys dnt .its apart of our culture

  14. Soooooo true i agree with anita….. Just wine at SXM carnival this past weekend :-)

  15. me

    please shes a whore n deserved to get her ass knocked out. women get abused all the time n noone says anything but because shes famous now its such a tragedy. bet yall fell dumb as hell now that u knw theyre still fuckin

    • Sexy is not one-size-fits-all

      You are an idiot. Don’t you have a wife beater to change into or a tooth to brush? Maybe you could clean up the trailer?

  16. Visible

    That guy’s pants look tight in the crotch area. There’s even a tiny black dot at the tip. What did I just see? 0.o

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