Rihanna’s Still in a Bikini

August 5th, 2011 // 80 Comments

On Monday, we watched Rihanna slap on a festive bikini and show the world that Barbados is still the drunken simulated butt sex capital of the world – Suck it, Uruguay! – so here she is yesterday where I can only assume her family finally found her washed up on shore, punching a sea turtle that she knows is Chris Brown so don’t try to tell her otherwise “or you get da bidness too, mon.” Afterward, they all went jet-skiing, so really, just another day in Barbados.

Adding… Wait, how did these get in here? What a strange and unusual turn of events…

Photos: Fame, Splash News


  1. Rihanna Bikini Barbados
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    I’d hit that…

  2. Licialicia

    this is the best she’s ever looked. Too bad she has all those douchy tattoos and lame body jewelry.

    • WYK

      douchy tattoos ?? come on, the girl is fucking gorgeous, perfect ! those tattoos makes her look even hotter !!!

    • mel

      i’m with you there. tattoos make women look like they stink. i’m not one for piercings or caked on make up either. just natural beauty is my cup of tea.

  3. Rihanna Bikini Barbados
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    oh fuck! welp…time to jerk out a load…do i even have a choice?!

  4. Rihanna Bikini Drunk Barbados Kadooment Day
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    barbados springbreak

  5. paco

    i could give my let nut to taste some of this brown sugar pussy

  6. Rihanna Bikini Barbados
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    And here I thought the first comment was going to be about the camel toe. This is sad.

  7. alli

    She’s got an awesome body. I don’t know how some people don’t have any cellulite.

  8. Rihanna Bikini Barbados
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    ne 1 notice her friends nip slip hehe

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