Rihanna’s In A Bikini, It’s A MLK Day Miracle!

Here are new bikini shots of Rihanna that just came in, and you have no idea how much of miracle that is because let me let you in on a harsh truth about the paparazzi: They hardly ever take bikini pics of black celebrities. For every eight billion sets of white women (and, okay, Brazilians with giant asses) there’s one set of a black woman. Which is a shame, but Dr. Martin Luther King preached equality and therefore a love of titties of all colors, so he’d probably say maybe work a little harder but wouldn’t sweat you about it. Anyway, Photo Boy and I will be back tomorrow, so Happy MLK Day, and I’m not just saying that because Cuba Gooding Jr. has my family. Although if you happen to be near him, maybe show him this post. No reason.

- The Superficial

Adding… This Richard Sherman business is some racist horseshit, and you know it.