Rihanna Shows Up Four Hours Late To High School Charity Event, Leaves 16 Minutes Later

Seen here promoting “Red Nose Day” without any sense of irony whatsoever, Rihanna showed up four hours late to Barrington High School in Chicago who had a won a contest she sponsored where high school students shared videos of their charity work. She claimed to be stuck in traffic then had her publicist tweet a bunch of shit about how awesome the school is that someone who smokes weed 24/7 would never have been able to rattle off. Us Weekly reports:

“This Chicago traffic is not working,” Rihanna tweeted with a picture of her car sitting in traffic.
As she waited, Rihanna praised Barrington High School’s hard work on Twitter by sharing some facts. “They raised 40 thousand dollars for Joplin Missouri after the tragic tornado hit Missouri in May last year,” she wrote. “They participated in the relay for life for the American Cancer Society and raised $700,000.”
“They partnered up with Gigi’s Playhouse a Down syndrome awareness center and created a video for their banquet and raised 245,000,” she continued. “They travel to S. Dakota every year to help the people of the Native American community on the crow creek reservation! They raised 35,000 to build houses and help meet the needs of the communities.”

Fortunately Rihanna eventually made it and thanked the kids by hanging out for at least an hour, making up for all the lost time. Except not really:

But after a 16-minute visit, Rihanna was already back on the road. “BHS thank you man! You guys RULE!” she tweeted. “I love this school!”

Collapsed and defeated after seeing the reward for their efforts, the students reacted by lighting a homeless shelter on fire and registering Republican. “Helping the poor was stupid anyway. Thanks, Rihanna!”

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