Rielle Hunter is a liar? Get out.

March 16th, 2010 // 72 Comments

John Edwards’ mistress and the mother of his love-child, Rielle Hunter, cried to Barbara Walters yesterday that she’s repulsed by her GQ photoshoot (above) and claimed she thought they were only going to use headshots. This prompted GQ reporter Lisa DePaulo to go on today’s Good Morning America and essentially say “You’re fucking kidding me, right?”:

“Did she say she thought they would be headshots?” GQ reporter Lisa DePaulo asked incredulously on “Good Morning America.”
“Rielle is a smart woman. She knows what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot,” DePaulo said.
Hunter, a one-time videographer for Edwards’ presidential campaign, posed for the pictures wearing only a man’s button down white shirt, a string of pearls and panties. In some of the photos she is posed on a bed with stuffed animals piled around her. Her panties are peeking out in one frame.
But GQ released a video of the shoot to “GMA” today and at one point the videographer asks Hunter, “You want to take a look at this?”

It’s kind of hard to claim you only thought a magazine was doing headshots when you’re sitting in a pile of stuffed animals without pants on. Which raises another question: Why the hell are you being photographed in your child’s bedroom without pants on? That didn’t raise any red flags at all? Granted, I haven’t read a Good Housekeeping in years, so maybe that’s how shit rolls now. Except I have a feeling it doesn’t and this was entirely Rielle Hunter’s idea because she thinks allusions to child porn will somehow win John Edward’s hand in marriage. Stop me if I’m getting warm.

Photos: GQ

  1. angie10996

    I never forget my pants!

  2. hoe-hum

    she is a troll. Put some pants on that bitch and get her the fuck out of here.

  3. Bob Costas

    Elizabeth Edwards needs to choke a bitch!

  4. I just don’t get the stuffed animals.. I can see if she looked young, and this was supposed to be some pseudo child porn type deal.. But she ain’t no spring chicken.

  5. uncle Rough

    Id gullibly fall for the “you’re so hot” she uses on Edwards too. I love being showered with compliments.

  6. crazypants

    I’m hoping for a straight answer here – why are the photog and his crew all dressed in black? Is it related to the shoot and the lights or somesuch, or did they all just happen to wear black that day?

  7. Cynystasia

    I think she’s just salty because this pic of her looks like she’s the lovechild of Ashley Simpson and Heidi Montag. Chins anyone?


    Rielle is a little off. I can tell that. But I believe one thing she said. She said she’s not a homewrecker because the marriage between John and Elizabeth was already wrecked. That’s likely the truth. People have to start getting this piece through their heads. Mistresses are not all villains and wives are NOT all saints.

  9. @6 its so a light colored outfit doesnt reflect unwanted light in any direction

    when flashes are being used if they all wore white it may change the lighting enough to ruin a shot

    its not a common problem and not a common situation, but many professional photographers and filmographers do this anyway as a precaution as to not comprimise the intending lighting effects

  10. Al

    Creepy fricking photo. Everybody’s to blame here, from her to the photog to the editors who thought it would be perfectly fine to publish a creepy picture of a woman with her panties “peeking out” as she lounges with what are presumably her daughter’s toys.

    I mean, who the frack says, “Hey, let’s go take some sexy pics in the kids’ room! Nothing says sexy like a giant Dora doll!!!!!” ??????

  11. GeneralEmergency


    How did Tiger Woods miss this one?

  12. Middleman

    “of course she’s a liar.”

    Why fish, because your idol Edwards couldn’t man up to his bitch of a wife and leave her ass, then couldn’t man up to the world and almost let his aide take the blame for the little love child? They are all attention whores, and this shit belongs on Slate. When the fuck did the Superficial start giving a shit about politics?

  13. the ultimate font of knowledge

    this chick looks so easy to fuck, like she would give it up for a couple smiles and 1/10 of a twinkle in the eye

    her vibe is: E A S Y … all in caps, floating along… bending over in each and every moment

  14. Amanda-La

    Ha I love how they have her on film looking at a full body shot with her stomach exposed and then she says she thought they were going to be head shots. Har Har

  15. mobbish

    #8 What the F do you mean “People have to start getting this piece through their heads.” & “Mistresses are not all villains and wives are NOT all saints.”?….Oh well, you’re a mistress.

  16. Bob

    @8 – “Mistresses are not all villains and wives are NOT all saints.”

    You know who says that? Whores! Whores who sleep with married men say that! Haha!

  17. Sara

    I think it is ridiculous giving women like her and the others (tiger wood’s situation) any attention at all. They are not the victims. The children and the wives are the victims. When you sleep with a married man, obviously he is an idiot messing around with something he doesn’t want. And if he or any other cheating man out there really want to be with the person he was sleeping with while married don’t you think MISS Hunter that if you were good enough he wouldn’t of snuck around and the two of you would be together now….Maybe one day these ignorant women will learn…Don’t sleep with what you can’t have….Stupid girls…

  18. Zoot

    the pearl necklace is covering the pearl necklace

  19. crazypants

    @9 – Thanks.

  20. spaceyQQQ

    Why are we glorifying whores with GQ photoshoots?

  21. dude

    that is one creepy, ugly slut

  22. on the loose

    disgusting horrible whore.

  23. dude

    I’d hit it… from behind… with a tennis racket

  24. fearsarewishes

    @ everyone of you stupid cunts that are bashing Ms. Hunter

    The fact that so many of you idiotic wives will bitch and moan and whine about the “home wrecker” that is sucking your husband’s cock 24/7 while you eat Cheeze Doodles in your skid-marked granny panties is a big reason that husbands will do it.

    Husbands know that many (most?) wives will put the blame on the “home wrecking bitch” instead of focusing their hate on the guy who broke the promise in the first place.

    Silly, stupid girls blame the wrong person ALL of the time.

  25. SO RIGHT

    #24 — Sadly, you’re right on! Women always blame other women and never themselves and never their a$$hole husbands. SO TRUE!

  26. Anonymous

    That is one ugly b@tch. Even being airbrushed didn’t help.

  27. rich

    Concur with Post #11 WTF Tiger do you job as pimp

  28. gen

    Whore. Why doesn’t she just shut the fuck up. What good could have possibly come of sleeping with a politician. It would be impossible to ever leave his wife, so she knew she would have to be his mistress. She’s a whore. Don’t even try denying it. I’m sure she enjoys the thrill of being wanted and the thrill of the secrecy or something. But bottom line is – S L U T.

  29. justifiable

    #12 What moldy rock have you been living under, and is there room under it for both you and Sarah Palin? I haven’t seen the Fish idolizing Edwards but it’s natural you’d assume that if you’re a rabid paranoid right wingnut.

    This woman raises the bar on disingenuous to a new level by trying to have her cake and eat it too – the shots are out there in all their publicity-grubbing glory, but now she’s trying to spin it so that GQ is victimizing her poor little unsuspecting ass. She and Edwards deserve each other. That poor kid clealry deserves something better – like foster care.

  30. Rielle isn’t even relevant to this drama.

    Elizabeth Edwards married a pile of shit. That’s really the end of the story. He probably would have scraped up some other dim-witted, desperate skanks if this fool Rielle hadn’t come along. Probably did anyway.

    @ 24 – I think people should take pride in themselves for best results, but after a while they generally fall apart anyway. Actually, like we see on The Superficial, 62 year old women trying to act like hot young nymphs is just…DISTURBING.

  31. Sardonic

    More proof that you cannot dress up a stinky pile of shit. Because, at the end of the day, it’s still A STINKY PILE OF SHIT!

  32. Rielle: “So we’re just doing some head-shots? There’s no reason to bother wearing pants then, is there?”

  33. me

    The lesson from all of this: Don’t cheat.

    If your man cheats on you, it is not your fault. Either he should work on his issues or move on from you. With that said, you need to show him you appreciate him and keep him coming back for more. Do not take him for granted. If he does cheat on you, once a cheater, always a cheater.

  34. random

    I’m sick of people calling Rielle a whore. That’s a charged word that’s derogatory to women. Edwards is a whore, too. And so is Tiger. Rielle was SINGLE here, remember? Edwards was the married man who put his penis into some other woman, while the person he committed to is dying of cancer.

    Oh, and also do these 40 and 50 yr old people NOT know how to use birth control? How does that happen? Edwards is just as guilty for not using a condom. And Tiger’s an idiot for not using one either– esp. when he could infect his poor wife. That’s why people get married anyway- the freedom of condomless sex. Marriage is boring though.

  35. justifiable

    #33 Generally sound advice, but for some people, that’s not enough – they’re serial cheaters because they’re really incapable of commitment or of being a loyal partner. And wIth all due respect, if you’re undergoing cancer treatment it’s hard to focus on anyone else’s sexual and emotional needs when your primary occupation is bending over the toilet bowl. In that situation I could possibly understand someone straying out of desperation, just for some type of contact with a human being who isn’t dying, but apparently he was snogging with her in front of staff members and pretty much flaunting the relationship for a lot of people to see. They’re both classless douchebags.

    Too bad – their marriage survived the death of a child, produced a few more and then foundered over this shitty situation. I feel sorry for the kids.

  36. random

    Actually, maybe I revise my statement: maybe Rielle is a whore because she had sex for a purpose (fame, child support for life, whatever). Both she and Edwards are classless douches, though.

    Also, I’m sick of these women saying they were in love. It’s just to avoid being called a whore. Lust maybe, or dollar signs in the eyes, not love. You can’t love a few-times fuck who treats you like shit and denies his own child!

  37. pie

    I feel so sorry for that poor kid, having two complete douchebags for parents. :(

  38. dum6 bl0nd3

    it looks like she peed her sweatpants.

  39. kitty_kat

    @8 – I don’t know you, but I’ve learned that only homewreckers (male and female) defend other homewreckers.

    What I am appalled by is the fact that she and Edwards were carrying on an affair while his wife was battling cancer and still at his side. What despicable people.

    And when will women learn that when all is said and done they will get the brunt of the backlash? It happens time and time again, but these stupid whores don’t get it and keep walking blindly into the situation. That is exactly why I don’t feel bad when they DO end up getting the brunt of it personally.

  40. Sheva

    I love whores. But in John Edwards’ case I’m willing to make an exception.
    He got away with this and could have been VP or even President.

    What does that say about the media in this country? They protected this guy for so long he didn’t fess up until the baby turned 2!

    Two bloody years old.

  41. bete noir

    As long as you have that piece of paper and a ring on your finger, the wife is a Saint and the Mistress a slut/skank. Get it? Justify it any way you want but that’s the way it is. If his marriage was over, then he should have filed for divorce. It’s really simple: tell Elizabeth, pick up the phone and call your lawyer, pack your bags and split. These are rich people so money was not an issue here. But what did John Edwards do? HE RAN FOR PRESIDENT!!! So skank/slut Rielle can delude herself all she wants to. Their marriage was solid and she was a piece of ass who got pregnant and busted his sorry ass.

  42. bete noir

    As long as you have that piece of paper and a ring on your finger, the wife is a Saint and the Mistress a slut/skank. Get it? Justify it any way you want but that’s the way it is. If his marriage was over, then he should have filed for divorce. It’s really simple: tell Elizabeth, pick up the phone and call your lawyer, pack your bags and split. These are rich people so money was not an issue here. But what did John Edwards do? HE RAN FOR PRESIDENT!!! So skank/slut Rielle can delude herself all she wants to. Their marriage was solid and she was a piece of ass who got pregnant and busted his sorry ass.

  43. Jew Jew B

    We were a catnip’s away from having Silky in the Whitehouse- with this trailer trash as the 1st mistress. We’ve sank people, pretty far…

  44. me again

    she looks like leeza gibbons in pic one…

  45. I never knew cunt was spelled “Rielle Hunter”. Hmmm. Learned something today.

  46. Why does anyone want to look at photos of her anyway?? Old news. Let’s move on.

  47. Affairs don’t happen without a willing partner. Hunter knew he was a married man, but she allowed her ego to rule & continued on. She is equally responsible for John’s demise; she certainly wasn’t thinking of the consequences.

  48. GG1000

    Man, I miss the days when women were ashamed to be a married man’s mistress. Can you imagine shopping that around? Ugh. Elizabeth should remember the old joke.

    You know how you get revenge when some slut steals your husband?
    Let her keep him.

    That’s it, keep it classy, use the kid in your famewhoring. Yuck.

    He’s about to go down for funneling money to her pathetic @ss through his so-called “non-profit” which is big time illegal. You can use campaign donations for stupid advertisements, but using them to pay for pussy is against the law. Love to see the pretty boy in cuffs!

  49. Keep the "Change"

    Edwards was a trial lawyer – Strike 1

    Cheated on his wife – Strike 2

    Denied having a illegitimate child – Strike 3

    No wonder the Dem’s wanted to vote for him. Strange, I always thought he was a homo. Pretty upstanding guy to cheat on your wife who has cancer. The kid is the only victim here and #40 you are right. Two years it took the lame stream media to report this.

    #29, don’t be a retard. No one mentioned Sarah Palin but you dumb ass.

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