This Is Why No One Likes Atheists

August 25th, 2011 // 256 Comments
Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover

Nope. Nothing pretentious here.

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  1. Tim

    Organised reiligion is just a plague on humanity, it always has been. Think of all the wars and deaths religion has caused, if we all worked together on something worthwhile like space exploration instead of killing eachother over ficitional deities think of how much farther along humanity would be as a species. The truth is religion is holding us back and it’s very unfortunate.

    • Heuristics

      How many wars and deaths has it caused? Specifically compared to atheistic ideologies (french revolution, communism etc).


    Please repent of your blasphemies and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Only he can save you from Hell fire. He died for your sins so that you might have eternal life.

    In the last days Christ said it would be like the days of Noah. People mocking God and engaging in all sorts of abominations.

    The end is drawing near, please don’t hesitate to accept Jesus. He will come back in the twinkling of an eye and the faithful shall be caught up to Heaven at the sound of the trumpet.

    Broad is the way that leads to destruction but narrow is the way that leads to life. Choose the narrow path as it is the only one that leads to salvation. Reject immorality and detestable things and let Jesus into your heart.

    Praise the Lord that the end is nigh and he shall wipe away the tears of the faithful and we shall be with him for all eternity living in his glory.

    Glory glory hallelujah! Amen!

    • kimmykimkim

      Hey spammer, I already have a belief system and it works for me so, I’m going to have to ask you to shit in your hat…and so it is….


        Your own belief system wont save you. Only Jesus Christ can.

      • kimmykimkim

        Bitch, I am saved. Now go push your shit on someone else, on another site. Don’t worry, me & Jesus have talked about it and he said that what I believe is what he was trying to tell us the whole time. And he also told me that he feels sorry for people like you who think there is only one way. So please, go away.

    • TomFrank

      See, this. This right here. This is why Ricky Gervais goes after Christianity and not Islam. Because Muslims don’t spam gossip sites with “Allah Is Lord” messages to repent our sins, and Al-Jazeera doesn’t go batshit with “War on Ramadan” stories every year. Christianity is the hegemonic belief system in American society (and England’s too? I don’t know), the culture that insists upon insisting itself upon everyone else. It’s evangelical Christians who demand that certain books be banned from libraries (“Harry Potter” celebrates witchcraft!), that prayer and creationism be reimposed in public schools, that Corporate America wish every customer a “Merry Christmas” and not the “Happy Holidays” term that includes everyone—because this is a Christian nation, goddammit!

      So thank you,, for posting your usual spam, so I could make this point.

      • me

        yeah, Muslims just cover up their women and beat the shit out of them and kill their daughters if they think they have had sex before marriage. I totally admire Muslims over Christians that “blog”. Get a life you Christians that are trying to help people! Nobody wants to be saved by a God who would create and give people chance after chance to not fuck things up only to give up his own only son because he “loves” everybody.

        No war over Ramadan, but don’t talk shit about Mohammed or you will be found dead on the sidewalk with your throat slashed. Seriously, you’d like that over a whiny Christian that wants the right to wish everyone a “merry christmas”? Brother, you need to think that one through a litte more.

      • amy

        Um yes they do. Muslims are always on cnn or fox trolling with “repent” and “Allah” all the time.


      Christ said “I am the way the truth and life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” -John 14:6

      There is no other way to Heaven except by accepting Christ, even he himself said that as quoted in the above verse.

      You just want to go on sinning and don’t want to leave your wickedness. I will pray for you so that you might be saved and spared the fiery torment that awaits those who don’t repent.

      • Not a whole lotta difference between the above^ and “Accept Allah or die.” Both are threats. And BTW, the Jews and Romans of Jesus’ era didn’t have a concept of “the fiery torment” – Hell as depicted by the Christians for unbelievers, backsliders and sinners didn’t have shit to do with anyone becoming a Christian. I can see becoming a Christian if the message is one of love, but “accept Christ or you’ll be sorry”? Nope, you just lost another one.

      • maria

        you know this person is just trolling right…

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        This above person is just confused and why should all religeon be discarded because of such people. God is not judgemental. That person is confused and sounds like a troll anyways. What he said was condecending and real theat, but it only describes him/her as person with projections, rather than Jesus.

  3. wtf

    Oh how I love the religious debates! Such fun! I learned that Doc Schweinstrudel (a regular here on Superficial) is uber religious and gets his knickers in a knot over others anti-religous opinions, Andreas is logical and Catani is funny. None us have the answers, truth and belief are two different things and nothing is more interesting then seeing people get all excited over each others opinions. I wish he would put posts like this more often. PS, I really like Ricky Gervais. He’s funny.

  4. wtf

    Cripes, how did my post get stuck under the religous nuts rantings?!

  5. IsabelleT

    There’s this idea that exists that says religion is above criticism. It’s total shit. In a free, democratic society, every belief is up for criticism – religious or not. I don’t really understand why the writer of this blog thinks that image is pretentious. I think it’s pretentious to believe in something as crazy as an invisible man-fairy that exists everywhere (and is all powerful but obviously gets his jollies by letting 5,000+ children die prematurely in Africa every day) without ANY credible proof and then calling atheists ‘pretentious’ for having the guts to mock them and write them off as nutcases! Why is not believing something when there’s no evidence to considered arrogant or pretentious? Surely not being gullible and thinking for yourself are commendable traits? I don’t understand why people (especially in America, it seems) don’t like atheists? In Australia, our Prime Minister (= President) is an atheist – and a woman!! Shock!

    • AntiMice

      I have been philosophically tasting on this questions of hypocritical actions by “God” myself. When it comes too atheistic presidents, I am applauding Australia for taking this wonderful step from conservatism and possibly increasing national tolerance, but i have to point out an elephant in the room. The US have rednecks who have the conservative european view on governing; that christianity is the superior belief and all other religions should scram.

      This was illustrated quite well when the guys from Top Gear drove through Alabama in cars painted with big letters supporting gay rights, Hillary Clinton for president and such, and when they stopped at a petrol station they were attacked as well as the camera crew. Thats one of the reasons an atheist have small chances of becoming an elected leader.

      Where I live, in Norway, the church recieves funding from the state and all the political parties either relate to christianity as the only option and rescents muslims or hypocratically claim to be tolerant but openly while representing their parties acts inappopriately and simultaneously encourages a multicultural society.

      My point is that it will be hard to give an openly atheistic person any sort of governing power by a national election with today’s religious communities

      PS. I found your post very intriguing and thruthfull ;)

      • IsabelleT

        Thanks! I’m surprised to hear you say that in Norway the church receives funding from the state? Wow. I always thought that politics in Norway were very progressive, liberal and separation of church and state was very clear. Is Jens Stoltenberg open about his atheism?

        Yes, I also saw that Top Gear episode and I was shocked at how violently those ‘red necks’ reacted and how proud they seemed of actually being red necks! Like being an intolerant, violent arsehole is something to be proud of!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        sorry to get sandwitched between you two, lovebirds,
        but Tob Gear guys got their asses kicked for gay and Clitory Hilton signs?
        HA HA HA That is totally hilarious! Why wasn’t it on the news.

      • homosapiens

        but only 2% of Norwegians regularly attend church?!? my understanding was that the church had a firm place in Norway and that it had governmental support, but that its influence was limited and its message largely watered down. is this not the case? I must add that I LOVE your country.

    • IsabelleT

      Haha yeah. It’s on YouTube if you want to check it out:

  6. Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover
    Commented on this photo:

    —– —–
    ………… and he resides in the …………
    ———- ———-

  7. I believe in God and I am not offended. I am bored, though.

  8. Ian

    Offensive? Nah. Attention whoring banalities of a wannabe. Takes no balls at all to mock Christianity. Like to see him wearing a turban, though. Until he does, I call his pathetic bluff.

    • IsabelleT

      That is such a cop out. “I’m not going to take anything an atheist says seriously until they mock Islam!” What kind of logic is that? Ricky is making a point about Christianity, not Islam. Why does he have to make a point about Islam? You make a point about Islam if you’re so desperate for others to. Christianity is the main religion where Ricky lives, the one he’s probably most familiar with and the one that would have the most impact on his life and so I’m not surprised he’s making a point using Christian iconography.

      • Ian

        So your country being at war with three muslim nations is irrelevant? If you’re going to criticize religion, do so with impartiality. Or not. But if not then don’t expect to be taken seriously. If you don’t have the courage of your convictions then just shut up. Not that I care, of course.

      • Ian

        I just enjoy baiting your anti-christianity types. Like shooting fish in a barrel. So predictable.

    • IsabelleT

      “If you’re going to criticize religion, do so with impartiality.”

      So no one is ever allowed to single out Christianity for criticism? It has to be ALL religions in any given criticism or none? Even if the point you’re making doesn’t apply to all religions? That’s complete bullshit. I know that Ricky dislikes all religion, as do I. Of course we make a point about one religion specifically. As you’ve said yourself, you’re just baiting so I know you’re just trying to make me angry using a nonsensical argument, but I thought I’d clarify in case you really were that foolish.

      Also, I don’t see what being at war with Islamic nations has to do with anything – and would you mind clarifying which three nations my country is at war with? I only know of two. Christianity is still the dominant religion of Western societies, which in my opinion, holds far more significance than the religion of the people your military is off killing in some distant country.

      Finally, whilst I think all religions should be openly criticised, I think there is a real issue of consequence to openly criticising Islam. I’m sure you’ll remember when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published the cartoon depictions of the prophet Muhammad, the result was violent riots in various places around the world with over 100 people being killed and the bombing of Danish embassies Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iran – not to mention the death threats to the cartoonists and staff at the newspaper. This was back in 2005 and even as recently as last year there was a letter-bomb addressed to Jyllands-Posten that exploded (hurting no one thankfully) and a group of Muslim men arrested as they plotted to storm the offices of the newspaper with machine guns. Now, knowing full well that by exercising your freedom of speech to criticise this religion you could trigger a reaction such as this – would you still do it?? I wouldn’t. Making a point is not worth your life or anyone else’s. The Muslim’s reaction was obviously despicable and shouldn’t be tolerated in a democratic society but… what can you do? People don’t not criticise Islam because they respect them, but because they fear them. So when you call an atheist a pussy or not take them seriously for not publicly criticising Islam, maybe you should think again and realise that it might actually be the most sensible thing to do.

  9. Will

    Adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture than is actually possessed.

    What part of that cover is pretentious again?

    As for the heated religious debate going on here: Bwahahaha!

  10. Nice try, but Jesus did it thinner.

  11. Ben

    Seriously, atheists need better PR.

    • Cock Dr

      That, and more atheists need to “come out”.
      I believe from personal experience that many people are performing the rituals & mouthing the magic words not because they have any belief in the nonsense, but because failure to do so means social shunning & possible repercussions to career & future finances. It’s a damned shame.

      • amy

        I think people are jumping on the “im an atheist!” bandwagon. They really have no true understanding of what it means. But it’s seems like the “cool thing” right now, so people are adopting it, but with arrogance and attention-whoring. When in reality, if you’re atheist, you wouldn’t be so passionate about it as to try and offend others.

  12. Well, I wasn’t going to read “New Humanist” before, I’m not going to read it now. If it was a hot naked chick with big tits doing the same thing on the cover, they might have had a sale. Better luck next time.

  13. Mike

    It’s still less offensive than what he does to midgets.

  14. forrest gump

    what’s the problem: ATHEIST ARE ENORMOUS EGOISTS.
    so there isn’t a problem.

    • Lil greggy

      ??? Okay lets play a thinking game. Your brain will hurt for a sec but that will pass. Eventually if you think enough your brain will get used to it. Okay, commencing thinking game:

      Imagine you lived in a world where everyone REFUSED to stop believing in Santa Clause. Your just trying to live your life but people all around you told you to behave a certain way or Santa will be very mad at you. Now imagine that different cultures had different versions of Santa. Now imagine these people killed each other to claim their Santa was the right Santa and in fact most of human history was filled with these Santa wars. Now you know for a fact Santa isnt real because you saw your parents put those dumb presents under the tree and know that the Santa was just one giant dumb charade. How would you feel? Would you be angry that you live in a dumb delusional Santa culture telling all the Santa believers how dumb they are and that they are screwing up the world?

      Think about it.

      • Lil greggy

        Also fun fact. Our version of Santa was a marketing ploy made by Coca Cola. Organized christianity was a political ploy made by the Roman government to unite its empire where they decided to make an official bible at the Nicean Council which after anyone that disagreed (like the gnostic christians) about which books they left out…. well lets just say the Romans crucified them.

  15. forrest gump

    maybe this is their purpose?

  16. Curtis

    “People who don’t like their beliefs to be made fun of shouldn’t have such silly beliefs.”

  17. Wait a minute…he’s not being edgy. He’s just picked a pose that hides his fat-guy-tits.

  18. Lil greggy

    I cried alot in first grade when I found out Jesus was fake. But thank god Santa clause is a well documented real person.

  19. amy

    Yes yes yes, but does nobody notice that he looks really gay in this picture?

  20. KJ

    Ricky is the best.

  21. Dr Ha-Ha

    My question is, atheism is a belief in nothing, so who are the suckers paying good money for a ‘belief system’ thats about nothing? You might as well be paying a tithe in church, and get given a hymn sheet to read from, in return – pay your money, get something aligned with your beliefs to occupy your mind – a scam as old as relgions are.

  22. Mike

    We don’t comment on muslim faith because we don’t know a damn thing about it for the main part, in the west, not out of fear. But if it has guys living for 100s of years & building giant boats, walking on water, parting seas, zombies, magic tricks, mythical beings in the sky etc, then I’ll find it just as insane as Christian faith.

  23. are all of you fucking retarded?

    think for yourself, let go of your myths and fairy tales.

  24. Clyde M

    My god, you’re right!
    No one has ever gone over the top to sell magazines before! Controversy on the cover? What ever were they thinking!

  25. Tim

    I have to the right to tell Ricky Gervais to “Shut the F*CK UP and FIND SOME NEW MATERIAL!” You’re an atheist we get it, you’ve been telling that to us since before you even arrived in the states. I think after about 4-5 years of it you can get on with yourself and talk about something else. Border-line HACK!

  26. Chad

    I know others have commented on this but, the real controversy is the terrible pair of jeans Gervais wore in the photo shoot. He may not believe in God, but could he at least put a little faith in post 90′s fashion?

  27. Lindsey

    Dear Ricky,

    We get it, you’re an atheist. Do you want a muffin? A pat on the back? A beej???

  28. sickoflibidiots

    Problem with athiest is they are a bunch of little bitches. they will ONLY mock Christians and Jews. The bitches don’t have the balls to mock the death cult of Islam.

    or maybe they are terrorist symphathizers?

  29. Jen in NY

    religion… LOL

  30. Hex

    Who would have guessed that there would be so many jesus freaks on a website that’s pretty much focused on catching a peek of celeb flesh, oh wait…

    More importantly what the holy fuck happened to chubby nerdy Ricky? if you hit it big you have to get buff and engineer a moody vibe?

  31. anna

    I’m an atheist do f you for saying no one likes them! We’re only being rational that’s all..

  32. Sim

    Images representing Jesus on the cross have always pissed people off, this isn’t so much about atheism as it is about censorship and free speech, read the caption people!

    And the office was a massive hit in the uk, if it weren’t for that show the rest of the world wouldn’t know he existed.

  33. cintas

    Lol, look at all these comments and arguments, probably exactly what Gervais was going for!

  34. Racban

    That magazine looks like a good read. Thanks for the heads up

  35. TRUTH

    In the last 6,000 years historians have documented the existance of more than 2,870 gods and goddesses, over 100 creator gods, and more than 25 jesus like stories. The christian god is simply the FLAVOR OF THE DAY (the fake god of today)

  36. Chaim Paddaman

    Ricky Gervais liberal humanist who exploits the mentally disabled and vulnerable for commercial and comedy purposes. He thanks”God” that he is an atheist. So do we………

  37. Chaim Paddaman

    Ricky Gervais the liberal humanist who exploits the mentally disabled and vulnerable for commercial and comedy purposes. He thanks “God” that he is an atheist. So do we………………
    Gervais is a yellow pussy who only hits on safe and soft targets. He now cries crocodile tears for a deceased bear. Does he think we are stupid? His publicist could have come up with something more creative and original. It is an old recycled soundbite frequently used for damage limitation control. A comedian that has to explain what he means by his gags.. Sounds like Proffessor Dawkins…What a rancid soul.

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