This Is Why No One Likes Atheists

August 25th, 2011 // 256 Comments
Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover

Nope. Nothing pretentious here.

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  1. Ask your gyno if roughing is right for you.

    “The reinvention of Islam”? No comment, I want my head to be intact for next week.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      rough sex causes cervical erosion they said.

    • Ask your gyno if roughing is right for you.

      Where on earth did you get a topic like that? My goodness, woman. Behave.

      • Mrs. T

        Yea, he has balls to mock Christianity, pffft. So what.

        Want my attention? Go on a magazine cover mocking islam you, pussy.

        Hell, do that and Ill even watch your crappy shows in TOTAL support of you.

        Mocking Christians takes all the skin of a vaginal flap.

      • kimmykimkim

        Mrs. T, very true. I mock Christians all day with my vagina. And you know what? It feels good. It feels really, really good.

      • TomFrank

        Mind elaborating on that, kimmy? I’m trying to figure out how someone could “mock Christians all day with her vagina,” and all I could come up with was porn, prostitution, and going around town commando.

      • kimmykimkim

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…watch Through the Wormhole, all episodes if your brain doesn’t explode. It’s science and spirituality. Science and God are the same thing. God IS science. Where do you think this entire universe came from? What do u think it is that makes your heart start beating when you’re in the womb? Whatever answer u give, then ask yourself, what made THAT happen. There is a sort of a fabric, a universal net that runs through everything. It transcends our solid heads and flows through us. There IS any energy. I am not any religion. Personally I believe in New Thought.

      • Tim

        Stewie Griffin created the universe, organised religion is a superstition.

      • kimmykimkim

        @TomFrank, quite honestly, I have no idea. I was talkin out my vadge mostly. I read Mrs. T’s comment and had a vaginal visual. Happens…

        Oh and all that stuff I wrote about science is god and shit was not supposed to be in reply to this thread. It was supposed to be alone…oops…

      • TomFrank

        Oh, well. I was hoping it was the commando. : )

    • Narco

      @kimmykimkim Ah the standard “first cause” argument. If I only had a nickel for every time that has been refuted.

  2. Blonde

    I love him. Like I seriously love him. Ricky Gervais, not Jesus.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    This from a dude who was just in a movie about ghosts. Hypocrisy, it pays the bills!

    • vandal

      He was also in a film where nobody could lie, it’s not real, it’s a film. See the difference? You can be in a film about ghosts without believing in ghosts, as it’s just entertainment. You’re welcome.

    • Yeah, fuck fiction! He was also in a movie about a museum that comes to life at night, he’s a total hypocrite for that too.

      You’re a fucking idiot.

    • J

      What exactly do ghosts have to do with Jesus…? Wou can be spiritual (and therefore believe in spirits) without believing in Jesus Christ as savior…

      • Trousers


      • Burt

        Same crap, actually. Belief in the supernatural is caveman nonsense. Rational people grow out of it once they figure out that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real.

      • sickoflibidiots

        LOL if you believe that there are scary white ghost floating around then believing in a God is not too much of a stretch.

        That’s what I find funny about athiest. Many believe in ghost, aliens etc but won’t make the stretch to religion.

      • susan

        @sickoflibidiots – i don’t know of any atheists personally that believe in ghosts, aliens, yedi, chupakabra, etc…

  4. Megan

    wow, son.

  5. grobpilot


  6. Lupe

    All that stomach hair is just killing my appetite right now.

  7. huh, only thing off here is his right nipple looks 2″ lower than the left

  8. Snooki's Taint

    Yeah ‘The Office’ was a terrible flop, wasn’t it? Probably because of atheism. Fucking religious nutbar running this site (yeah, i know, lapsed religious nutbar, but still).

  9. Marco

    And people of any faith aren’t pretentious??

  10. Facebook Me

    Jesus?! Is that you?

    The Jews

  11. jim eh

    No one likes atheist, except the ENTIRE scientific community. Assphuck!

    • idiots

      Not even close retard. Sorry to burst your bubble on that, but the director of the NIH, Francis Collins, the head biomedical scientist in the country, is a Born-Again Christian. He has written extensively about it and has debated that retard Dawkins on occasion.

      • bj9mac

        Collins rejects Intelligent design and young earth creationism. He’s not a typical ignorant Christian.

      • Schmidtler

        He debated Dawkins? You mean ‘Chocolate Thunder’ debated somebody? I’d pay to see that.
        I’ll have to assume you meant ‘Darwin’, since that would make more sense than what you actually wrote. But from what you actually did write, I can be very certain you are in fact a ‘retard’.

      • TheListener

        Schmidtler, they’re referring to Richard Dawkins, not Charles Darwin.

      • TomFrank

        Yeah, Schmidtler, there’s more than one Dawkins out there than Darryl “The Duke of Dunk” Dawkins.

      • Burt


        I know people who worked in the NIH, very high-ranking scientists. There is a battle being fought behind doors that few people are aware of. Religious nutjobs have been trying to get their fangs into the NIH for years. On one side you’ve got the born-again Christians who try to stifle research, such as stem cell research, and on the other you’ve got rationalists who want to protect the integrity of the organization. Just read up on Craig Venter and the Human Genome Project, you’ll see what I mean.

      • homosapiens

        you’re not bursting anyone’s bubble; you’re bringing attention to an anomaly. his appointment made a lot of scientists nervous. but my take on it is that the scientific community accepted him as director because his religious convictions did not seem to prevent him from acting in the best interests of NIH as a whole and because he seemed to be a pretty savvy liaison between NIH and the hill.

  12. Sarah

    If “Talking Funny” didn’t make me think Ricky Gervais was a self important blow hard bag of dicks (and it did) then this really cements it.

  13. Jack

    How dare he mock The Three Day Zombie?!!

    • Hey Zeus!

      Jeebus: (while being entombed) “Hey..! I’m not dead yet. No, really… just a flesh wound, I’m feeling much better already. Don’t push that big rock in front of the door, damn it! Where’s the light switch? I’m going to need help with that stone. Can somebody out there please call a mason?”

  14. Ask your gyno if roughing is right for you.

    If anyone needs to get their hands on this magazine on the shelf, it will be right between Star and the National Enquirer.

  15. kris

    totally pretentious. i dont like it when a religious person shoves jesus in my face, and i very much do not like when an atheist shoves his arrogance in my face. EVERYONE thinks they are right….so egocentric.

    • Marley

      Arrogance? Is it arrogance if you’re right?

      • kris

        truth is RELATIVE. its only a matter of opinion. the person who has the best facts to sway the rest usually is “right” according to society… that doesnt change the fact that truth is just a subjective opinion.

      • No, opinion is relative, truth is absolute. That’s something people can’t wrap their heads around. Just because you don’t know the answer doesn’t mean the answer is whatever you want it to be.

        And the religious call US arrogant…

      • Marley

        Sure. But then there’s also two options when it comes to God. He is or He isn’t. And he isn’t. ESPECIALLY not the way organized religion touts him to be.

    • Drew

      Good post. Both sides are annoying blow hards trying to convince themselves that they have absolute truth, when in reality, nobody does. If anything, Atheists (and religious nuts) just perpetuate this asinine assumption that we’ve reached the limit of human comprehension by claiming one side is right, the other is wrong. Fortunately, if history is any indication, technology and out understanding of the world around us is constantly advancing.

      My point? People with any shred of common sense are Agnostic. People need to be more open minded about the possibility that there are things in the world, and beyond that are well beyond human comprehension. I’m not saying a “magical creator lives in the sky” exists, but I’m also not going to assuming that human beings have reached their limit of understanding, like religious and atheist crackpots want to believe. Maybe there is a god. Maybe it’s a magic man. Maybe it’s a highly technologically advanced civilization. Maybe it’s nothing more than a giant cloud that some ancient civilization saw before they even knew what clouds were.

      Nobody. Knows. And convincing yourself of something you know damn well cannot be proven, defines free thought that is rightfully cherished by human beings, but it also is the epitome of ignorance. Take your pick.

      • Carissa Alva

        You, good sir, are my facebook status! Paragraph one.

      • Randal(l)


      • Schmidtler

        so what are you saying – that some fat English dude that had a hit tv show and a few mildly successful movies doesn’t in fact understand all the mysteries of the universe & creation? oh c’mon!

      • Guess what, Drew? Agnosticism isn’t a position of belief, it’s a position of knowledge. I am both an atheist and an agnostic. I do not know if there is a god, and thus do not believe in one. If there is no evidence for a position, there is no reason to assume it is true in the meanwhile. Sure, there COULD be a god or gods, but there is no reason to believe that there is. *shrugs* If there were any significant evidence for any of the plethora of religions out there, I’d accept that claim based on the evidence. But the fact is that that every single answer ever found in the entire history of the world has turned out to be naturalistic, not one answer has turned out to be anything supernatural. Not. One.

        Using “well you can’t KNOW if there is or isn’t a god” as a defense for the believe that there is one is both silly and pointless.

      • Burt

        I don’t think you understand the concepts of critical thinking. If you cannot be proven that something is true beyond a reasonable doubt, then the logical conclusion is that it isn’t. Agnosticism is merely fence sitting.

  16. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    No one likes atheists? I think it’s the opposite now, which is good. Religion has fucked up the world too much already, it’s time to stop being stupid.

    • We’re still one of the most maligned and mistrusted groups in the U.S., and they can still imprison or execute us in some countries.

    • You really think that? I think the States would elect a gay woman as President, before they would elect an Atheist.

      • krutboo

        agreed – who wants to be led by a man or woman who believes in nothing

      • Ohhh, that’s not what I said krutboo lol. I don’t think Americans are ready to accept an Atheist President, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re not qualified. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you don’t believe in anything, it means you don’t believe in supernatural powers. If anything, the rejection of theology gvies you more time to focus on other things, like say, the Economy. I want a leader who actually knows how to get us out of this economic crisis by his own intelligence and doesn’t “pray” for someone to save the world.

      • oops I meant that doesn’t mean I think they’re they’re not qualified.

      • @ bianca> Look at the polls, atheists come in below Muslims, homosexuals, and other “undesirables”

  17. stratacat

    Obviously Photoshopped.

  18. Lisa Love

    The new Superficial writer is not funny! Boo! Be funny!

  19. Karl P

    Yeah, but wot he’s sayin’ is, like, “you’re idolizing this thing, which doesn’t exist and whatnot, so, uh, maybe you should just think about it, is all. Think about it.”.

  20. Dagens24

    The cover says it all ‘you have the right to be offended and [he has] the right to offend you’. Also, he’s looking pretty good with all this weigh loss; good for him.

    P.S. Fish, my atheist brotha, come on man – try and get behind this. Who cares if he’s mocking religious iconography? This is no different than if he dressed up as santa claus or the easter bunny.

    • Schmidtler

      exactly – who cares. now explain why he thought it was so edgy and thought provoking that it had to be on a magazine cover.

      • Tim

        CASH MONEY!!

      • Kitty

        So things have to be thought provoking to be on magazine covers now?

      • irishboyo

        It seems like you’re the one saying it’s “edgy”. The concept of someone being crucified for their beliefs (or non-beliefs) OR their actions (such as his most recent hosting of the Golden Globes) is quite hackneyed. This is merely a visual representation of this cliché.

      • homosapiens

        mocking religious iconography may be standard fare, but look at all the comments this has generated!

  21. bitingontinfoil

    Pretentious, contrived and transparent. He’s trying waaaaayyyy too hard to stay relevant and sell tickets. Must feel like shit to be upstaged by “head like a fucking orange” Pilkington!!

  22. STFU

    The only pretentious thing here is Fish’s attitude. Don’t you basically try to offend people for a living? And now this is too much for you? HAHA! Hypocrisy! I love it!

    • cheese

      Not quite. His job to to entertain first, then provoke thought. And that’s exactly what he’s doing now. Well done, I say.

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I am disgusted. When it comes to muslims, Brits say nothing, they are multicultirastic . Truth is they are just such pussies they wouldn’t go against towelheads.
    I don’t know why anybody would make fun of Jesus and his suffering. It’s just not even original anymore.

    • First, it’s probably the most iconic pose in the western hemisphere, so the most easily mocked. The mocking’s a reaction to the guilt complex Christianity tries to use to make you toe the party line of: “Jesus died for your sins! How dare you repudiate him?” Often the response is, “No, thanks. Didn’t ask him to die for me, would never ask that of anyone.”

      Granted, it’s offensive to those who do appreciate the “sacrifice” but consider: if you do believe, then Jesus already forgave the people who mocked him, so how can you justify getting bent out of shape? If you don’t believe in him in the first place, then you don’t believe he suffered, so you’re making fun of….what?

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I just don’t think that anyone’s suffering should be subject to joke.
        Even when you go to an Indian restaurant and have diahrrea afterwards, it’s subject to compassion.
        I don’t think that Christianity is trying to create a quilt complex by saying he died for our sins, it’s ridiculous assumption! I just don’t see logic in it.
        When someone tries to do something good for you, just because, doesn’t necessarily mean they have an agenda.
        Sure. When he was up there on the cross he was thinking ” how can I make them all feel guilty?”

      • Tim

        Dude, you completely missed the point.

    • Doc, you did miss the point, by several million miles. If you don’t think that Christ had “an agenda” and that the main tenet of Christianity is NOT Christ dying for our sins, because it’s a “ridiculous assumption” since there’s “no logic” in it, then you have no idea what the religion is supposed to be about. If you don’t belive in it for those reasons, fine, but don’t redefine it according to what you think it should be and then get all pissy because no one can understand what the hell you’re talking about. Check out 1st Corinthians 15:3,4 and get a clue to the basics, fast, because your idea seems to be beamed to you direct from Planet Weebo.

      No one’s explicit in saying Christ deliberately sent out a guilt trip, although the whole concept of martyrdom IS to make the people who are killing you ashamed, sorry and immediate converts to your religion so you didn’t die horribly for no reason – so yeah, guilt works to keep people in line. However, you can also attribute that trip to his followers and the organization(s) that sprung up downstream of the event.

      My point is that it’s hard for atheists to show compassion for an event they believe never took place, and all the more so due to people who are constantly telling them they have to live according to the teachings of said imaginary man.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Wow, you’ll just keep hearing what you want to keep hearing. As if only allow 100% dark to exist but when it comes to 100% light – no it just can’t be. And you just immerse in it and see conspiracy everywhere and like all world is against you. What a nice purpose to live.
        Nobody imposes your or his living based on “teaching of said imaginary man”. I don’t see that anyone is standing behind you with a baseball bat breaking your arms, with a gun pointing on you telling you you must believe in Jesus. The only thing that is imaginary is your own martyrdom
        But why can’t you live your life and have your own original thoughts then, it is necessary be based on opposition to a non existing man.
        When you walk through the garden, better watch your back, bitches!

    • Again, you keep missing the point, and I don’t think at this point you even have one, all I see is a rant about how no one is forcing me to believe anything (uh, “better watch your back bitches” sure sounds threatening to me…) and I’m just martyring myself. Huh? Far from it. If you can’t argue a disparity in a belief system rationally and dispassionately, that’s fine.

      You claimed Christianity doesn’t say Christ died for our sins, but whether you like it or not, that’s the basic tenet of the religion. If you’re going to get bent out of shape about it, at least realize what it is you’re losing your shit over, because what you’re defending so vehemently makes no sense – you’ve obviously got some sort of ersatz cult if your own going on there, but it’ll be hard to sustain if you claim that a major part of the Scripture just doesn’t exist.

      And btw, if you don’t have dark, then you can’t have a concept of what light is.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Oh man, I didn’t say I don’t think Jesus died for our sins. I was saying that was did not with intention to make someone feel guilty that’s all!!!!
        And it wasn’t a threat from me, it was a reference to a song: When You Walk Through The Garden. Better watch your back.
        Because you should.

    • homosapiens

      correct me if I’m wrong (I haven’t read much of the bible), but I think atheists, along with all kinds of other people, are slated to burn in hell according to Christian beliefs. eternal damnation is not particularly respectful treatment and probably involves a lot of suffering (like, forever). so I don’t think it’s fair to get all bent out of shape if the condemned make fun of Jesus or even harbor a bit of animosity towards Jesus’s followers. really, I think that if I have a certain set of deeply held beliefs and you come up and tell me that I consequently should and will suffer NEVER ENDING, unthinkable pain, the appropriate response is, to borrow the Angry Korean Woman’s line, “Well, FUCK YOOOOUUUU!”

  24. LJ

    It’s a funny photo.

    BTW – Good “Photoshop” on Ricky’s beer belly (You can’t be hitting the pubs like him and NOT have one).

  25. jimbo

    okay, ricky gervais, we get it: you’re an athiest. you don’t have to keep bringing it up every ten goddamn minutes.

  26. Beatriz

    I’m Mormon (LDS) and I am not offended. And he’s right, he does have that right. Hopefully one day we learn to appreciate true freedom and respect each other. Oh and he’s hilarious! :D

  27. PoBiddy

    I’m a Christian and I’m not offended in the least.

    ps: anyone else remember when Ricky was funny?

  28. Catani

    Right on Ricky. I have the right to mock all the religious pricks as do they have to right for believing in the evolution theory. Guess it’s a win-win situation.

    • Catani

      Guess I’m too drunk to make out a simple sentence…Ment to say “they have the right to mock me for believing in the evolution theory” or somethin’ like that.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        you consider yourself evolved species???

      • Catani

        On the contrary my friend. We are animals….simply evolved animals. If not evolved animals than just genetically modified chimps by beings from outer space (call them God if you will), Either way…. personally I’m half Agnostic half prick. But call it what you want…..we (as a species) still answer to our basic instincts and needs….survival,food,sex (reproduction…or maybe just wild sex). Anything else is bullshit. No one really has the answer (yet…) about God or the universe or why the hell are we punished to live in this shitty world. If God existed ..Kim Kardashian wouldn’t.

        Anyway….As they say….Ignorance is bliss….And I’m a proud ignorant.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        OK. Thank you for telling me your family’s background.

  29. Frank Burns

    Like all celebrities, he just can’t bear the thought of anyone worshiping someone other than him.

  30. Dann

    I see a Drug overdose, or a stray lightning bolt in Ricky’s future. Then an eternity being heckled in Hell. What a Dick!

  31. Fester

    Of course it’s too easy to push Kwistians around. “I have the right to offend you but please don’t say anything to the muslims…”

  32. Chinto

    The fact that he can make fun of Jesus like that and not fear for his life shows how Christianity is the true religion of peace in the 21st century. Try it with Muhammad, Ricky if you want to show how cool and edgy you are. One thing is for sure, you’d wouldn’t have to wait long to find out if you are right.

    • Marley

      Yeah…in the 21st century. Let’s not forget about all those crusades and people dying because they opposed Christianity. It’s just been beaten into submission over the years. Maybe people are finally waking the hell up and looking around, realizing they’ve been bamboozled by the powers that be.

      • Chinto

        Nice Straw man.

      • Anthony

        Amen…. I mean… uh…. huzzah!

      • Chinto’s got a very good point here. Dressing up on a magazine cover like Ricky’s doing here is junior high rebellion. What is Ricky risking? Hmmm….well, this bit will play well with his demo and maybe get him a little “isn’t that scandalous” attention in the vanilla media of Huffington/Fox/Entertainment Tonight.

        But if he dressed up as Mohammad…well then he’d really be doing…
        …what he’s pretending to do here…
        …and that just wouldn’t do…
        Let’s make that pretentious, calculated and pandering. Come on Ricky, come on you gallant humanists…you’re not taking a stand unless you’re in danger of being knocked down.

      • Ismoss

        How friggin predicable, as soon as something comes up about how violent the muslims are some brain dead turd yells CRUSADES!!!!. Like wow your the first one ever to think of that. First thing is read what the crusades were really about. And yes like it or not moron it is the 21st century and that is where we live now and have to deal with the radical muslims.

      • TomFrank

        I’m not sure what “dressed up as Mohammad” is supposed to look like, and I’m guessing neither do you. None of the artistic depictions of him is well-known (and yes, despite recent events, there have been plenty of artistic renderings of him throughout history), and unlike Jesus, there does not seem to be unified agreement on his appearance. So I don’t know how you dress up and pose like Mohammad in any way along the lines of the Jesus depiction above without having to slap a “This is Mohammad” label to let everyone know—which doesn’t exactly make for good point-making.

    • I don’t see how that is an argument. Sure, Ricky Gervais is allowed to speak his mind in modern western democracies and not in modern middle eastern authoritarian regimes… if you were talking about a satirist 800 years ago the shoe would be on the other foot. Sometimes cultures are just obscene, it happens.

      Are you saying he isn’t really putting his money where his mouth is because he isn’t tackling Islam? I mean, he is talking about being an atheist, not an a-prophetist. Jesus is God. Muhammad is a man. Not believing in one is different than not believing in the other.

      • The idea of the picture is that he is being crucified for his beliefs, Craigepedia. You know, crown of thorns, strapped to his mic stand, wound in the side, atheist scrawled across his sagging pectorals. And no, he is risking nothing for the “stand” he’s taking.

        Maybe if Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Foxworthy or one of the other hickmedians struck this pose they would at least be risking their demo but Ricky’s not even risking that.

        It’s an empty, self-congratulatory gesture.

  33. Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    I L.O.V.E. non-theists (so-called Atheists) and I am a non-theist / non-believer.

  34. Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:
  35. Ricky Gervais Jesus New Humanist Cover
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    … so why can’t we ALL be … FRIENDLY ATHEISTS ………………………

  36. Hoie

    Lol, Ricky rocks. I disagree with him, but cmon, he’s entitled to this, he’s not hurting anyone. He amuses me :)

  37. Deacon Jones

    I’m not religious. At all.

    I’m going to hell for shit I did in just the first 4 weeks into my senior year at college.

    BUT – It’s assholes like this that go and have to rile up the whole “Us vs. Them” debate, which is the last fucking thing this country needs.

    • Dagens24

      Good, he should rile it up. It is us versus them. Religious war is a brewin’. The right wingers want to spread the war, and the bleeding hearts are crying for tolerance as the bombs are falling. Atheism man, the only hope for humanity.

      • Why are you ascribing Atheism so much power to “save humanity”? That’s the same arrogant nonsense as believing any other -ism can “save the world”. Atheism isn’t a “belief system” where values are assigned that one must follow so we can be better people, it is simply the rejection of theology in the name of scientific fact. Values come on your own.

      • Deacon, go to your high school library and see if they pack a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five”. If you live in Missouri, chances are it’s been pulled, thanks to community members who object to the fact that it promotes principles that contradict the Bible. The American Library Association is getting a shit-ton of pressure to ban books from right wing religion extremist groups, so you sure as fuck better thank the “assholes” who are calling attention to the “us vs them” debate. Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, the Vatican – none of them ever want, or wanted, a free exchange of ideas and they started off that campaign by banning or burning books.

        Fuck every last motherfucking one of them.

      • Deacon Jones

        I hear you. I get disgusted with them and that whole fucking Texas School Board that is lobbying for “intelligent design” and refuting evolution in a SCIENCE book. Believe me.

        I just don’t think this is the time and way to do it.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I would rather die than read something by a guy named Kurt Vonnegut’s titled “Slaughterhouse Five” . But that’s just me.

      • TomFrank

        Too bad, Doc. Near the end of Slaughterhouse-Five, they string up a pixieish Ukrainian actress by her thumbs for trash-talking a Russian journalist. True story.

    • Doc, if you want to die in ignorance, that’s your right. But when someone tells meI have to remain ignorant since the book was removed because it doesn’t agree with the teachings of some imaginary Roman-era Judean — in a country where there is no established religion, as guaranteed by the Constitution — then you just crossed over onto MY rights.

      And TomFrank is right, the Ukranian gangbang scene at the end is one of the best things Vonnegut ever wrote. Sometimes ignorance ain’t bliss.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        I don’t give a rat’s backside whether it was forbidden to read it or not. I don’t want to trash my consciousness with negative information and negative energy- there is enough of it on the news already.
        There are things I read one titled Master and Margarita, other Tom Sawyer and Hearts Of Three. After those things I open a book and fall asleep at page 10. Boring, dull, commonplace, unoriginal shit. It’s like I have to reread each pararaph dyslexic style because I start to think about something else (more pleasant) and get distracted

    • So, you’ve never read the book, but based on the title alone, you’re positive it’ll be full of “negative information” and “negative energy”. This, my friends, is knowledge at its finest. – after Tom Sawyer, all things are unoriginal and flat. While Sam’l Clemens would be gratified to know he’s the ne plus ultra of literary genius, there HAVE been other works penned since the 19th century that have pushed the envelope when it comes to original thinking. Ironically, one of these works is “Slaughterhouse 5″ – it’s extremely original and has a very interesting take on free will – namely, that there isn’t any.

      “”Why you? Why us for that matter? Why anything? Because this moment simply is. Have you ever seen bugs trapped in amber? . . . Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.”

      Unfortunately, nothing there for a closed mind like yours to appreciate – and you have the right to remain in darkness and ignorance. But don’t try to spin that willful ingorance into a virtue – it isn’t. There’s nothing commendable about it.

  38. Venom

    Ricky Gervais is a fat little douchebag.
    He thinks he is edgy and whatnot, but he is just fucking annoying.
    Must be a British male thing, like Russel Brand and Simon Cowell.

  39. Frank Burns

    Are Atheists unlikable, or are unlikable people drawn to Atheism?

  40. Oooooo….you know what would’ve been even more awesome? If he, like, bought this black t-shirt, and then, like, put “The Prophet Muhammad is a Douchebag” on it, in big, white letters, and then wore THAT on the cover. Yeah!….wait…what? Death threats from millions of people? It wouldn’t sell as many magazines? Or generate as much media exposure due to the threat of violent reprisals? Well, I just don’t see how that’s relevant here. The New Humanist already has a broad and worldly readership, right?…

  41. Trini

    Agnostics are just bitches who can’t pick a side. “Uhh well I dunno maybe there is maybe there isn’t ummm errr…” no f that…you either believe in god or you don’t. Atheism doesn’t mean you know for a fact that you’re right. Atheism is the lack of belief in a supernatural higher power.

    • Xtina

      Agnostics are not saying “There might be a God,” but are rather saying, “I admit that there is no way I can currently know whether or not there is a God,” which are different things. Agnostics believe they can’t know, while Atheists actively reject the belief in any god or deity. If either of those categories of people as a whole think for sure they’re “right” and believe there are no supernatural beings as a fact, it’s Atheists. If Atheists didn’t “know for a fact that [they're] right,” they’d be Agnostics.

      • Trini

        If you’re saying “I don’t know whether there is a god or not”, doesn’t that logically translate to “There might be a god” and/or “There might not be a god”? I see atheism (or any religious thought) as an opinion. “I do not believe in any supernatural beings” = my opinion. And of course, I think my opinion is right. Everyone has an opinion. And everyone thinks their opinion is right. I’m not saying I know for a fact that my opinion is right. But I believe my opinion is right. There’s a difference there.

        Sorry for the double post…I’m a newbie

      • Shorty80

        Trini, your assessment of what Agnostic means isn’t correct. Agnosticism deals with knowledge – believing it is not possible to know. Atheism/theism deal with belief – I believe/don’t believe in higher powers. I didn’t know the actual definition of agnosticism until a couple years ago, and I’m glad I do now.

        One can be an Agnostic Atheist = you personally don’t believe in God, but you believe it isn’t possible to know. And one can also be an Agnostic Christian = you personally believe in God, but you believe it isn’t possible to know for sure.

    • But why do you have to pick a side? Is there a gun to somebody’s head saying they have to pick one or the other? As long as nobody forces others to conform to their beliefs (or lack thereof), then I don’t see the problem with being humble and saying “I don’t know” and leaving it at that.

    • Tim

      Technically Agnostics fall under the category of Atheist, so you’re wrong.

    • Heuristics

      Atheism is not a lack of belief, it is the belief in the nonexistence of…

      1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
      2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

  42. last

    For some funny atheism, there is a new book called The Lord Doesn’t Need Glenn Beck’s Eyes. Pretty damn funny. And cheap.

    It’s funny how offended Christians get by anything at all that challenges their cuckoo beliefs, but they don’t mind slamming everyone else.

    • jamiejames

      it’s true of every belief system. read a book.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Thank you so much for that comment! it’s important that it is cheap right. ;-) cause you know…it’s cheap! And you could save!

    • Nice – at last your true colors come out, but of course anti-Semitic fuckbags like you always go there first, because the BEST way to defend Christianity and the love that Christ had for everyone is to attack Jews, right? Well, I’ve got news for you, sweetheart, I’m not Jewish, any more than you’re a Christian. What you are is a disgrace, and to flouncing around here styling yourself as one, blathering on about Christ’s love and light and boo-hooing about how much you have compassion for everyone’s suffering, proves you’re the worst sort of fucking hypocrite. Look up “whited sepulchre” sometime, because you are that very thing – filled with bones, ashes and the ugliest type of hate there is. I do hope an afterlife exists so you can reap the true rewards of what you’ve put forth here. Have a nice life, enjoy it while it lasts.

  43. LeGioN oF ZioN

    such hatred and harsh words for your fellow human beings. such a shame civility exists in theory only right here

  44. Trini

    If you’re saying “I don’t know whether there is a god or not”, doesn’t that logically translate to “There might be a god” and/or “There might not be a god”? I see atheism (or any religious thought) as an opinion. “I do not believe in any supernatural beings” = my opinion. And of course, I think my opinion is right. Everyone has an opinion. And everyone thinks their opinion is right. I’m not saying I know for a fact that my opinion is right. But I believe my opinion is right. There’s a difference there.

    • Why would you assume a god would be supernatural? In fact, assuming such a being existed wouldn’t it, by definition, be part of the natural order of existence? Preternatual at best, because if such a directed agent of creation existed (of something as grand as…well…everything or homely as humankind) it would without doubt be part of the natural order. It would simply be an order we do not (yet) understand.

      Aren’t you really saying I do not believe there is meaning or intelligence in existence greater than the meaning I (or my kind) assign and the intelligence I (or my kind) possess?

  45. krutboo

    Mocking Christianity is lame as shit. Christians will at most boycott his work. I would love to see this funny man or any douchebag atheists mock Allah or Mohammad.

    Ricky gervais won’t feel so great about himself and his “right” to offend people when he is getting his head cut off in a basement in Pakistan!

    • it had to be said

      That’s kind of funny.

      Of course, the real question is “who gives a shit what Ricky Gervais believes?” I mean, seriously, the guy is pretty funny, but I have sense that he has any insight into anything I care about. He ought to just go be funny. Like a clown. He’s like a clown to me.

    • Clyde M

      Besides the fact he HAS mocked other religions and said on MANY occasions that ALL religions are pretty silly at heart, he grew up in a Christian environment in a predominantly Christian country. Christians have had–and continue to have–the most direct impact on his life (through things like law-making) and it is a group that he knows the most about and that affected him most during his formative years. Of course the group he has direct experience with, was part of his life when younger, and continues to have the largest impact on his life is the one he speaks out against most.

      Grow up and pay attention.

      • ggg

        Thank you. Those douches keep repeting the same shit “oh, he should mock allah”, well fuck you! “Allah” is all the way across the globe, and he sure doesn’t give a shit about it. Christians are like roaches in america…

  46. it had to be said

    Hey why so serious?

  47. Will

    You know who’s really crazy? Scientologists! Amirite???

  48. Jesus just told me that he is offended by the nine inch zipper Mom jeans Ricky is wearing.

  49. Andreas

    Why is it, that every time anyone says anything critical of christianity you have people yelling “Uuuh, why don’t you say something about islam, you must be scared.”

    That is just silly. That is like me saying “The deaths of starving people in Birma is terrible” and you yelling “Uuh, but what about the people of Somalia?”
    Yeah, both terrible, but I was talking of Birma.

    If you asked him he’d most likely say he can’t stand Islam either, but that is not the point, he is making a statement on christianity, so tackle that. Don’t just flip flop.

    • He could have painted the image of Muhammad on his shaved belly for this photo. Boom. Now everyone is satisfied.

      • And just what DOES “the image of Muhammad” look like? The limited depictions of him throughout the ages have largely been defaced, so any Muslim would need to see the name spelled out before he can become offended and declare a fatwa on you. Most of the western world would have no fucking clue what a guy riding to heaven on a horse meant, but the western world is familiar with the pose.

        And quite frankly, I think we have way more to fear from Christianity when it comes to losing our freedoms than we ever did – or do – from Islam.

  50. Jon "Bigot" Stewart

    like the writer of this blog is “un-pretentious”? and somehow the arbiter of our moral standards?


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