Ricki Lake questions John Mayer’s game

The Superficial | December 13, 2007 - 4:50 pm

Ricki Lake is getting the word out that, despite the rumors, nothing happened between her and John Mayer. Mostly because John Mayer lacks sufficient skills with the ladies. People reports:

“I met him at a party. He admitted he had a crush and I admitted, hey, vice versa. That was it. I wish there was actually something to tell. There was nothing.
“He was adorable. Nice,” Lake told the PEOPLE reporter. “[But] I’ve been more intimate with you than I was with him.”

So there you have it: According to Ricki Lake, John Mayer has the romantic skills of a People magazine reporter. That sounds pretty close to how I pictured it. I always assumed conversation with John Mayer was similar to suffocating yourself with a plastic bag. But without the eventual satisfaction of losing consciousness.

Photo: Getty Images