Ricki Lake questions John Mayer’s game

Ricki Lake is getting the word out that, despite the rumors, nothing happened between her and John Mayer. Mostly because John Mayer lacks sufficient skills with the ladies. People reports:

“I met him at a party. He admitted he had a crush and I admitted, hey, vice versa. That was it. I wish there was actually something to tell. There was nothing.
“He was adorable. Nice,” Lake told the PEOPLE reporter. “[But] I’ve been more intimate with you than I was with him.”

So there you have it: According to Ricki Lake, John Mayer has the romantic skills of a People magazine reporter. That sounds pretty close to how I pictured it. I always assumed conversation with John Mayer was similar to suffocating yourself with a plastic bag. But without the eventual satisfaction of losing consciousness.

Photo: Getty Images