Richie Sambora to face child endangerment charges

Richie Sambora is staring down the barrel of child endangerment charges stemming from his DUI arrest where he had his 10-year-old daughter in the car. The Laguna Beach Police have handed the case over to prosecutors who will ultimately decide what charges to purse. The police are recommending he be nailed for both the DUI and child endangerment. People reports:

“Assuming Sambora was driving with over a .08 blood-alcohol level with a passenger under 14 in the car, he’s looking at probable jail time,” says veteran DUI lawyer Lawrence Taylor, who’s not involved with the case. “But it’s possible this can be plea bargained to a lesser offense, and/or he could get rehab in lieu of jail.”

You know I think it’s time we had a long, serious discussion on the celebrity justice system in this country and the revolving door rehab solution to avoiding jail ti- What’s that? Free donuts at Dunkin DeezNuts today? *kicks down wall of cubicle* VOLTRON, ASSEMBLE! I mean, BILL, GET YOUR KEYS! Oh, wait, the post. *thinks* Ah ha!

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