Richie Sambora should probably not talk

April 1st, 2008 // 28 Comments

Richie Sambora thanked all his fans and friends at a concert in Denver last night for supporting him and his dumb-as-fuck decision to drunkenly drive his Hummer all over the road with his daughter in the front seat. He couldn’t get through these difficult times without millions of people saying “We listen to Bon Jovi. How the hell do you drive sober?” People reports:

“Hello Denver,” he said, as the crowd cheered. “I just want to thank everyone for their support. Sometimes friends need the help of their friends to get by. This next song is one that keeps coming back in my life and is current again … .”

Richie then played a solo rendition of “These Days” (lyrics here) which made absolutely no sense at all. Unless the words “These days there ain’t a ladder on the streets” is alluding to the fact that Richie ran over it.

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  1. Sammy

    I would never ever drink and drive, especially while having my child in the car. He should have called a taxi; he can afford it.

  2. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI, by the way. He has not been convicted, nor does anyone know what his blood alcohol level was. This is just something for boring people to talk about, “Wow!! He was wasted. His daughter was in the car! DUI! Gremlins and strippers in the backseat!”

  3. Michael

    This dude looks like a candidate for dumd F$%^ of the year Award. and a #1 F^&* up in life. i mean the only thing good he did was make a porn flick, oh yeah and bon jovi. what a complete A$$hole, i mean who gets drunk around there kid, and drives drunk with them in the car, lock him up — make him do time and learn his lesson.

  4. adeliza

    Did anyone ever figure out why his ex, Heather, let the woman he was with drive their daughter home? Was Heather a little tipsy?

  5. Hey #5, so glad you could take time out of your busy Spring Break festivities (masturbating to gay porno mags in the grandparent’s bathroom) to join us for clearly insightful and not at all judgmental (or even correctly spelled) rant. Thank you, come again..

  6. sherry

    no support here dumbass i support u getting thrown in jail…

  7. veggi

    ut oh. FRIST is frisky..

    but, yeah, why do you have a hard time just spelling out ASSHOLE and FUCK? Come on Michael! You can do it!! Let it out man..

  8. Igottabemeeee

    In the end he’s just one more alcoholic, drug-addicted, over-paid narcissist. I wish they wouldn’t breed.

  9. meaghan

    What would be the best diet to lost weight in a hurry if someone can recommend a diet that is similar to Atkins in that you lose weight quickly, but there is a little more variety in the foods you can eat I would greatly appreciate hearing about it cos i really really really need to loose weight for my new man i know i knwo ill post pics of him here soon thanks to all here lol

    I actually met richie once it was years ago in a diner in oregon i served him pankers and maple syrup but at that time i was about 340 pounds, he still smiled at me and was very nice, gave me 7 dollar tip, now that was a lot of money so many years ago i bought a dress with that money.


  10. Veggi, I’m not hung over today which makes me extra irritable..

  11. Linda

    No one supports BAD behaviour like the good old USA.

    Drunk driving with a young kid in the vehicle should be good for a couple of standing ovations, right?

  12. Dr. Atkins

    #11 Meaghan, if you want to lose 10 ugly pounds fast, just cut off your head.

  13. Mr. Blackwell

    @11 I call bullshit, no way can you buy a tent for 7 bucks.

  14. Well what the fuck was he supposed to do? Let the KID drive? Just cause she was the only sober one in the car does not NECESSARILY mean she is a good driver..

  15. Spazz

    What a tool. Only thing worse are the fucking lame asses dropping $35 to see Bon Jovi 10 years after they were lame.

  16. Michael

    Okay Frist — FUCK YOU!!and you homosexual fantasy’s !!! i am at work thats why i opted not to curse; also — never know kids could be on this site.

    i dont know how any of you can support drinking and drivin with kids in the car, i mean shit — have drivin drunk — i am not proud of it but i did it. i did not bring anybody else into the situation. thats just plain dumb. so once again FRIST _ FUCK OFF.

  17. Italian Stallion

    I think he should have let the kid drive. It’s never to early to learn how to drive for your drunk ass father……….

  18. Auntie Kryst

    Those lyrics made perfect sense. The song is about saying no to drugs, well perhaps the plight of the U.S. farmer, err maybe Reagan era greed? Shit, I don’t remember the 80s either..

  19. Michael's Boss

    #19 Michael, I appreciate your ethics in not opting to curse while you’re at work, but since you’re also on this site when you’re at supposed to be at work, your thought processes are clearly fucked. You’re fired.

  20. havoc

    Go to Promises.

    All the bad stuff will just go away…….


  21. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    michael – ask your boss about getting a spell check for your french fry vat.

  22. #19 AWESOME!!!! Finally someone tells me to FUCK OFF…..I have dreampt of this day. Someone with balls. Thank you Michael..

  23. Captain Crash

    Wow, once again the Superficial is late on copying their stories from TMZ. Please review their reports of last Thursday and Friday wherein it is now believed that Richie was not intoxicated while driving.

    LOL. Michael is stupid as fuck. Richie didn’t make a porn flick. It is not even clear whether he has driven drunk yet. Even if the report comes back that he was just over the legal limit, that could have been only 2 drinks. Michael, quit your fast food job and get back to school now.

  24. Gerald_Tarrant

    Richie Sambuca and Bon Jovi? Concert? Same sentence? Did the TPS report inform everyone that this was 1984 and I missed it because there was no cover on it??? The next thing you’ll tell me is that Ricki Rockett from Poison raped a chick. What’s next Bret Michaels on a reality show??? I give up.

    Frist, a double douchefuckery fuck off.

  25. riskman

    In the very first line of your post you have proven your inabillity to propperly comunicate. Your poor knowledge of the music matter you are refering to also proves a lack of good upbringing. I am therefore convinced that you are trailer trash who grew up woth a drunken daddy who never let you sit on the front seat as it was taken out to make room for the families pet Pig(Bo) named after the character from the days of our lives soap, which mommy never misses. Some people actualy have friends, your not one i know……considder the fact that you are perfect and faultless as one of the possible reasons for this and maybe rethink your attitude toward others, and maybe you could actualy find some friends and on the odd occasion escape your dull life in the trailer park……OH BY THE WAY I HOPE THE GLASS TRAILER NEVER GETS A WEAK SPOT!!!!

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