Richie Sambora isn’t a cheating bastard

May 11th, 2006 // 31 Comments

sambora-didnt-cheat.jpgRichie Sambora has spoken out about the rumors surrounding his relationship with Denise Richards and tells Us Magazine he didn’t cheat on Heather Locklear, saying:


  1. shoof

    Sambora sucks.

  2. lunarobverse

    Q: Does he give love a bad name?

    A: No, he does not give love a bad name.

  3. TOMCRUISEluvsthecock


  4. Fisher55

    this story would be funnier if he accidentally fell out of a bus

  5. LilBuckaroo

    only 6 comments? that’s it’s own kind sof retarded record…

  6. Jacq

    He used the word “defy?” Well, I guess that means he HAS to be telling the truth.

    He’s one of those guys who has the ability to be simultaneously skinny and still looks like a fat bastard at the same time.

    Droopy has-been. Why in the hell is he wearing a cowboy hat all of the time?

  7. 86

    I wonder if anyone cares…………

  8. 86

    Male pattern baldness. Yeah, “defy”…he probably meant to say “dare”.

  9. 86

    or if he couldn’t figure out how to open his own car door.

  10. Everyone knows Sambora speaks the truth. I mean, over-the-hill rockers don’t cheat on their wives, right? As long as Heather prefers men who bogart all the hairspray, eye makeup, and steal her spandex, she is going to have to deal with infidelity. I feel no pity for her, only disgust. I saw that pic of Richie with his shirt off, and if she’s upset over losing that God help her. She should be thanking her lucky stars. It’s a sad day when one looks at David Spade as an improvement, but that’s the depths into which Heather has sunken.

  11. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    I have no idea who this guy was before this whole Heather-Denise-Scuzzy-looking-guy drama, and I still don’t. I don’t think he’s even worth a Google. Nope.

  12. Richie is a loser. duuuuh.

  13. Ringo5150


  14. Tania

    #7 said “He’s one of those guys who has the ability to be simultaneously skinny and still looks like a fat bastard at the same time.”

    I’ve never been able to put words to that “look” before and you just said it perfectly. That might be the best thing I’ve heard all week. And for that, Jacq, I thank you.

  15. tsarinaamanda

    He’s a jerk, Denise Richards is a cunt, and they’re both cheaters. It’s a match made in Hollywood Heaven. Or Hell.

  16. CruisingForCock

    #7 He’s a cowboy. On steel horse he rides.

    He’s wanted dead or alive..

    I’d prefer dead.

  17. Fa Cube Itches

    Isn’t the best thing anyone can say about Richie Sambora: “Well, at least he wasn’t in Warrant?”

  18. If you put it in perspective, Richie’s one of the “hot” ones in Bon Jovi, after Jon Bon Jovi. Because look at the other two.

    I did say you have to put it in perspective. Because Richie’s just Richie and Jon’s what? 5’2″?

  19. BarbadoSlim

    About the cowboy hat, this guy is all the way from the rugged frontier of Woodbridge…

    ….New Jersey.

  20. prideofchucky

    #18 -So True, thanks for the laugh…

  21. Blueballsmcgee

    LA appears to be like an internet chatroom. Retarded bitches fighting over one ugly guy.

  22. PeteMcLochness

    I think he and Kip Winger have a sex tape and I defy anyone to refute that.

  23. PeteMcLochness

    I also defy anyone to refute that Tom Cruise Loves the Cock.

  24. CruisingForCock

    18 Damn it, I’m hungry for cherry pie now. Where is Krisdylee when I need her?

  25. lolpop

    It was actually Himmler.

  26. Suzi-Q

    #20 – Good one! Lol Not a whole lotta cowboys growin up here in Jersey!!!

    I don’t know about you all, but seriously, does anyone really care about this retarded love triangle or square actually?? I mean come on now – Richie Sambora, Denise Richards, Heather Locklear and David Spade??!!! Who gives a fuck??!!!!!

  27. CruisingForCock

    27 That’s so not a triangle or a square. Too many points, we are missing Charlie Sheen. I would like to lick him, after spraying him with Lysol that is.

  28. radio4play



  29. Romina

    y is everyone against richie? hes been through alot! his dad has recently died, he has had a break up with his girlfriend, and has devorced his wife hes been trough alot, we should all be suporting him through this tough time not having a goat him and making him sound bad, hes obviously been having problems with his Hether for a while now and i honestly dont think he has cheeted on her by thethings he ust to say about her.
    give him a break guys hes going through alot and any fans of Bon jovi should be supporting him!!


  30. It’s rediculous that these rich bastards can’t get a driver to drive their drunks asses. They are going to kill someone one day. Someone like my best friend, who was MURDERED by a drunk driver. Really gets under my skin.

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