Richie Sambora is in a whole mess of crap

March 26th, 2008 // 42 Comments

Richie Sambora was arrested for DUI and is now staring down the barrel of charges for child endangerment since he brilliantly decided to drive drunk with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car. Also in the car was another minor and an unidentified woman. Scope out Heather Locklear’s response when notified of the arrest, according to TMZ:

And, police sources say, after Sambora was busted, the cops called Heather Locklear, Ava’s mom. We’re told Heather authorized the woman in the car to drive her daughter home.

Okay, your ex-husband just get picked up driving drunk with your daughter in the car. Most mothers would’ve rushed to the scene and picked up their child. Heather Locker says, “Eh, just let some chick drive her home.” Damn, she’s hot and lazy. It’s almost like we were made for each other. Heather, will you marry me? I promise not to leave you for Denise Richards. Unless I could somehow pull it off without leaving the couch….

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  1. Meaghan

    first!!! OMG LOL!!!

    These pictures teach us more than just to what extent one can go to earn a living. These pictures, and many others that we must have seen, teach us to be more and more thankful about what we have and less upset about what we don’t. Complaining is the easy part; anyone can complain. What is difficult is to understand and guage the importance of what you are already gifted with and how to make the best use of it. How many of us, including myself, do not get annoyed and make faces if there isn’t anything interesting for dinner or if we do not have a new outfit for a party?

    Most of us do and in doing that we forget how trivial and disgusting these matters may sound to those without food/shelter and clothing. I am not blaming anyone here for being insensitive or thankless but these pictures made me ponder and I felt like sharing my views with everyone. Even if one person reads, understands and realizes where we are wrong, the effort I have put into typing this has not gone to waste!

    Love ya!!

  2. Randal

    Let ye who has not sinned cast the first stone.

    I do not agree with what Richie Sambora did, but let us cut the human being some slack. He will pay in jail time, yes, but let that – and that alone – be his lesson. No need to taunt, bash or throw demeaning phrases around. I am certain that he is contrite and will not repeat this unwarranted and dangerous action.

    Rock on, kind sir!

  3. meaghan

    superficial readers you are my pupils. let me teach you. oh yeah and FIRST!!!

  4. rosa parx

    hi. his cleft chin looks like my apple bottom. My bum that my sammy appetized last night. Sammy is my weiner dog. I did let him ‘go there’ for clarity sake. And I am NOT going to hell after all!!

  5. Meaghan

    @ Randal….


    My sister has a 4 year old daughter. When she was introduced to another 4 year old one question she asked was “does he love Jehovah.”

    Do these types of comments indicate that they are already indoctrinated? Is there a comprehension of what they are asking? By what age is the indoctrination likely to leave a life long mark?

    I have a one month old, and want him to be close to his grandparents, but wonder what is going to be a safe amount of time and regularity knowing that they will not be able to refrain from discussing their views of God and life.

    What is free will? It’s the capacity of rational agents to choose a course of action from among various alternatives (that’s one definition). Now one can argue that we do in fact have free will but for the moment lets say we do.

    Does free will justify the existence of evil? Natural evil earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes etc.. is not necessary for one to exert his/her free will. So god creating these evils are not because of free will. What about human evil. I think it’s contradicting to allow a person to harm an other person because of free will. If someone decides to attack you that person is forcing his will on you so basically you are loosing your wright to choose.

    So, with regards to Richie, which is it?

    Heathen? or Holy?

    thoughts people, thoughts.

  6. noneyobeezwax

    # 1, i am impressed that you were able to write out such a thoughtful and insightful response and still land the number one spot.

    #2, your passage was very well thought out as well and i applaud the both of you.

    i, on the other hand say fuck all these celebutard dueche (sic) bags! they get whats rightfully coming to them, each and every one.

    good day to you kind sir.

  7. take-a-dump

    This chump with the plastic mug is definitely in some deep Shiite. Time for rehab, bud. (Even though rehab’s an exorbitantly priced two-star hotel with pop psychology abound. No wonder these freaks don’t “get better” afterwards.)

    This Eva girl is f*cked.

  8. Shep

    #3 obviously wrote that comment while listening to some living on a prayer and staring at his wall filled with bon jovi ticket stubs. My favorite part of the whole story is Heather Locklear, she just finds out her 10 year olds life was endangered by her dumbass ex husband and her response was “meh, let the stranger drive my child home” This family probably has Michael Jackson on speed dial for baby sitting duties.

  9. Shep

    Correction #2 I meant.

  10. starship

    I second @6′s most excellent idea to fuck all the celebutard douchebags. I further suggest that they be fucked with a giant cactus. Paris should be first, then all the rest will be sure to get her herpes, if they don’t already have it that is.

  11. lipper

    He’s going DOWN! In a blaze of glory! OR errr… blaze of flashing lights?

    *lifts a drink in salute to the town dumbass*

    Bubba from corrections says he’s looking forward to sharing a cell with you.

  12. Meaghan


    98%(give or take a few) of the people who post here have a dim view towards celebs. I however, love them, and i want to be one.

    I have always dreamt of being famous.
    (Best wishes in my quest for inner peace & truth.)


    Personally I seek soul bonds but will not succumb to weaker support networks to pacify my personal weaknesses because ultimately it further weakens and removes me from who I am as an individual to an extent that I do not know anything about anything without referencing myself to a group that makes me feel that way anyhow!

    I become reliant upon that which takes away my personal essence and am then at the mercy of confusion and depression and desparation and despair!

    I do not wish to go back!

    Sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear but it is what I feel!

  13. lipper

    Yeah, I have the compassion of a pit bull when its gnawing on the mail mans leg as I do for these screw ups. And its more fun to bash, who the hell put the sermon station on anyways!

    *tries to turn dial* Damn!

  14. Randal

    Meaghan, will you have my hand? I mean in marriage? Admittedly, I am not a JW, but could convert – soley for you, my dear!

    Oops. I forgot for one fleeting moment that I cannot. For I am gay.

    How utterly tragic & unfortunate.

  15. lipper

    And I’m sorry, I’m suppose to feel sorry for this drunk?? When he PUT his friggin kid and passengers in danger by making some serious fucked up decisions? NO one forced that liquor down his throat nor FORCED him to drive his car while KNOWINGLY drunk off his ass. Please, it is SO worn out the pity party for these people of privildge who can’t get their lives together. Poor friggin babies.. boo hoo… my life sucks so I’ll drink myself to death and take my innocent kids with me. Come on people, stop protecting and giving these abusers every excuse for their POOR decisions they are making. PPFFT!

    I’m 36, and I have NEVER once driven while intoxicated and nor would I ever. PEOPLE have a choice, his could’ve cost him and his child their life. Sorry, you’ll NEVER make me feel sorry for his troubles. Please.

    *swallows some tequila and smacks lips*

  16. Meaghan and Randall need to have a love child, so as to get the whole apocalypse thing moving right along.

    I don’t believe this was a case of DUI as much as CSPHFN (can’t see past his fucking nose). Seriously, wasps could start a colony in that honker without him ever noticing. I wonder of people start passing out around him in elevators, since the greedy fuck probably sucks up all the oxygen.

  17. Ted From LA

    Late night last night. Ava is going to be messed. My burps taste like man goo.

  18. Meaghan

    My husband and his daughter went thru tremendous hell dealing with an alcoholic and emotional basketcase, who had a history of violence, drug abuse, arrests, child neglect and so on.

    What do you think you,as a friend or a family member, can do to help teenagers overcome their battle with Alcoholism.?

    Also, what kind of impact would teenagers have, if they start to be indulged in alcohol or have an addiction to it.

    This is ruining society – they really need to ban alcohol.

  19. rosa parx

    I used to think Slambora was kinda cute in ahomely sort of way! Maybe now, not so much.

    Is it wrong to use a thick carrot as a makesift dildo? My friend jenny did once and had to go to emergency to have it removed because it had craked in two!!

  20. Jamie (swbm)

    He has some shapely, plump lips in that photo. I bet his stubble is the texture of very fine sandpaper. Just what I like. A medium-rare razor burn on the chin the morning after. And a butt full of love to boot.

  21. Black 'n educated


    I mean OMG FRIST!!!!!!!


    ON THE MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My day is complete now.

  22. This site blows

    This site blows.

  23. Sara

    Heather Locklear might have been in another city or another state or something, too far away to get to the scene. She probably just wanted her kid to come home in one piece, w/o Daddy Drunk at the wheel.

  24. face~the~truth

    Yes, 23 (Sara) – Heather prolly was in another state – it’s called suicidal crazy ass state (other address – the loonie bin).

    Seriously. He needs to think about the possiblility that his daughter and friend could be dead right now and lying in a morgue. These rock stars are often too removed from reality, but life’s lessons exclude no one.

  25. Meaghan, I have a sneaky suspicion alcohol played a HUGE part in your conception. That, and desperation, loneliness, and a lack of proper lighting.

  26. mAria1874

    I think he has lice.

  27. kevin

    He is ugly and he acts ugly !!!

  28. ApacheRose

    Holy fuck, who the hell let in these people? God, people, lighten up or find a better venue for your ramblings.

    Sambora’s an idiot, and perhaps there was a reason Heather couldn’t come to pick up her daughter. I don’t know what would possibly stop me from going to my child (and hopefully deliver a swift kick to the balls of the idiot who endangered my kid’s life), but maybe there was a reason. I hope so.

  29. AreYouKiddingMe?

    #18… get over yourself. Ban alcohol? How about people exercising a BIT of self control? Gee.. did THAT concept ever enter your mind? If someone is SO pathetic they can’t handle themselves, don’t make it everyone else’s problem! YOU are the reason society is failing… giving these idiots the constant BOO HOO routine… BOO HOO.. I can’t control myself. BOO HOO I don’t make good decisions. And it’s everyone else’s fault? Please. When people take responsibility for themselves, society can then proper. Sanbora has TONS of cash.. he could have hired a driver. OR, Gee, get this concept: have the chick that was with him drive?? No, that won’t work. JUST BAN ALCOHOL. DUH!

  30. Meaghan

    @ 29, Read your scriptures before commenting:

    ” It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall.” (Romans 14:21.)

    Please dont drink the Demon Rum, or any related alcoholic beverages. Any people who have problems with stopping drinking, contact me for a free booklet.

  31. grunion

    At least he still has his looks

  32. AreYouKiddingMe

    #30, preach elsewhere. I can control myself and don’t need others to do that for me, thank you VERY much. I’m really not trying to be mean to you here because it seems like you really are trying to “help people”, but come on!!! If you’re so into your scriptures, then you must know that God gave us the ability to THINK… perhaps people should exercise that more often. YOU obviously have control and ego issues (or lack thereof). I take responsibility for myself. Perhaps you should, as well, and stop worrying about the actions of other people and what they do to themselves. It’s THEIR choice. Not yours.

  33. AreYouKiddingMe

    #30, preach elsewhere. I can control myself and don’t need others to do that for me, thank you VERY much. I’m really not trying to be mean to you here because it seems like you really are trying to “help people”, but come on!!! If you’re so into your scriptures, then you must know that God gave us the ability to THINK… perhaps people should exercise that more often. YOU obviously have control and ego issues. I take responsibility for myself. Perhaps you should, as well, and stop worrying about the actions of other people and what they do to themselves. It’s THEIR choice. Not yours.

  34. sushified

    Umm sorry…but how do you know that heather locklear was even in the state? She might have been traveling while sambora had custody for the week or something like that. If thats the case, its no wonder that someone drove her home…

  35. Conscience_Found

    meaghan –

    Alcohol is not the villiain. Most people can handle it, relatively few can’t. Look a little deeper and find that drinkers are trying to medicate underlying depression and anxiety issues.

    Have your cause. But have it against depression and anxiety and you will have more luck healing people. The bible prohibits drunkeness but I dont think it prohibits alcohol.

  36. Missy

    I see Miss Meahgan has no life! *rolls eyes*

    GO AWAY already would ya???

  37. twzzlrgirl

    Hey, he so cute with big nose. i think i saw him on dating site called is he still there…i check and see


    Hi,ya, Apache!! Yes, “holy fuck” is the only response to this poster-drivel.

  38. AreYouKiddingMe

    #35. THANK YOU.

  39. Nik

    He was caught in Miami. Heather was in LA. It doesn’t make sense to have her daughter wait for her to fly in and take her home. Duh.

  40. Howdy Partner

    He’s butt ugly! And, old, did I forget to mention old, I mean really old…

  41. Richard McBeef

    1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 12, 14, 18, 30 – fuck off.


    your fucking stupid repeated posts about jackshit are probably something that you and your therapist came up with as a way for you deal with that fact that your chubby cheeto stained ass just got the shit beat out of it by your fucking husband because he got tired of listening to the dogshit that spews forth from your gaping montag-esque mouth.

    please find somewhere else to go fuck yourself. this website is entirely for the purpose of shadenfreude and making comments about how nasty britney’s beaver is. it is not a place for you to lecture us on how fucking stupid you are.

  42. Richie DID NOT leave Heather for Denise!!! Heather filed for divorce and didn’t even tell him! He found out during while being interviewed for a mag. or something. I am so sick of hearing that.

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