Richie Sambora dumps Denise Richards

May 12th, 2006 // 47 Comments

In Touch Weekly is claiming Richie Sambora has ended his relationship with Denise Richards because he feels bad about hurting Heather Locklear’s feelings. An insider says he reconsidered the relationship based on his feelings for his ex-wife as well as for their daughter Ava.

I’d comment further, but I’m so bored and sick of this story I don’t even want to finish this sentence. Why couldn’t something interesting happen, like Sambora breaking it off because he wants to pursue a career as an astronaut. Or a gun slinger. Or anything else that doesn’t make me want to smash my face through my monitor out of boredom.



  1. Limbo

    First? First! Denise, come to me baby!

  2. IFuckingHateYou

    Richie, please die now & on your way to hell, take Bon Jovi with you you fucking scumbag.


  3. krisdylee

    hmm. guess I am not a giver of shit…

  4. Fisher55

    Poor Penise!

  5. She is such a cockknocker. And, so is Denise.

  6. Dr.Rokter

    I can’t believe this. I had to double up on Therapy Circle yesterday because my social worker felt I still had issues about Richie/Denise/David/Heather/Charlie. Which meant I had to miss a whole day of Clay Therapy. I come to the SF to unwind and not have to talk about this. And now, the ashtrasy I was making shaped like my little sister’s vagina won’t get fired until next week. Which means she won’t get it for her birthday and I’ll have to punish myself.

  7. Spacedog

    Maybe he realized that, since he was banging Denise, and she was with Chuckles Sheen, who loved prostitutes, by the transitive property he basically was having sex with the equivalent of an AIDS-ridden South African ghetto slum.

  8. Kelz

    Well that relationship lasted long. 8-)

  9. But that was going to be the romance for the ages! I guess it’s good of Richie to resign his temporary C-List status gracefully.

  10. blueballs

    Any guy with a working neuron in his head would steer clear of Denise. She’s already demonstrated what a cunt she can be if she doesnt’ get her way. She’s go to any depth to ruin a guy. Now, Charlie Sheen is not winner, but the unwritten law in Hollywood is that you don’t dish dirt on your fellow actor during a break up. Denise might have just ruined her career, not that she had one to begin with.

  11. trulymadlydeeplytori

    good for her. what a gutterslut. why would richie even bother with that? trade up to a 22 yr old. go get em tiger!

  12. Juliana's love

    #7, you are right on target. Maybe he watched a special on Discovery about STD’s and realized that since CSheen has banged everything with a pulse his weiner might fall off if he kept it up. He gives love a bad name. ( Shot through the heart, Denise, you’re to blame)

  13. Tai!

    First bitches…
    ooh…does sambora Love The Cock also?

  14. Fisher55

    6, LOLOLOL

  15. Fisher55

    I normally just ash my cigarette directly into my little sister’s vag…why bother with a replica?

  16. DancingQueen

    I hope Heather broke his damn arm. The bastard. Denise is a tramp.

    By the way, Doc, you Rok!!

  17. Mr. Fritz

    She has a mouth that is too big for her face. I remember seeing her on an episode of Seinfeld. It’s the one where George leaves his once hot wife and screws around with Denise’s character and then dumps her ass after he realizes she’s not a nice piece of ass after all.

  18. PapaHotNuts

    It would be funnnier if the post was titled:
    “Richie Sambora TAKES a dump on Denise Richards”.

    Because these two people are really unfunny, so if he happened to shit on her chest, that would make him at least a little funny.

    I got nuthin.’

  19. Sheva

    Richie is moving on. How long before Denise makes a public outcry of her mistreatment.

    Okay, he banged every which way but hey, it’s time to move on.

  20. She actually dumped him after reading my posts of undying love for her right here on the Fish.

    Let a brotha’ dream.

  21. WTF

    instead of Rot Gut….you got Cock Rot…hahahaaha..i kill me! no really kill me!

  22. Aimtrue

    It Richie was so devoted to Heather why would he jump on someone so soon after she files. It makes it look like he was cheating before or he could not wait to get something new. Either way any time an older guy is getting a yonger woman I say great. and just remember condoms condoms condoms

  23. Iambananas

    Aren’t they… like… b-list celebrities? Who cares about what’s happening with them?

  24. shankyouverymuch

    See everyone… you were all wrong about him… he is a nice guy after all… a nice, conciderate and sweet guy…

  25. shankyouverymuch

    I meant “considerate” of course.

  26. HollyJ

    he’s so fugly that just seeing him makes my vuvla quake with repulsion

  27. katie

    considering bon jovi sells out giant concert halls pretty much everywhere they go i am not really sure you can call him a has been. but whatever. leave it to stupid superficial people to ignore facts in an attempt to be vaguely funny.

  28. gogoboots

    Wow he’s gotten even more publicity then when he was in Bon Jovi!

  29. radio4play

    #21 When and where…


  30. yikes. so little comments. Must mean that no one really gives a shit about Richie Sambora, Denise Richards, Heather Locklear OR david spade.

  31. tsarinaamanda


    And I’d bet you’re there at all the shows, in your 80′s leather jacket, acid washed jeans, and permed hair. Are you that bitch who holds up the lighter every time they play that song that goes, WAAANTED……DEAD OR ALIIIIIVE!!!? It’s over. Let it go. They’re has-beens.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Says the Doctor:

    Mr. Sambora, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re suffering from the first known case of Charlie Sheen Syndrome, which means that you are infected with all known venereal diseases plus four which we have just discovered, in you. From looking at you I also have to notify you that you’re dead and will be buried when you leave the office. Your next of kin have also been notified.

  33. ebayfan414

    You know you’re a loser when superfical users have only posted 32 comments on your story.

  34. Yoda a Green Schlong Has

    Are these people ( ppl for sherry-co ) all from West Virginia? What is with Hollywood’s incestuous fuckfest?

    Denise Richards will scrog David Spade, and Charlie Sheen will hook up with Heather Locklear. Hillbillies, all, …

  35. CW316sBitch


  36. CW316sBitch


  37. Look at mouse face and the hunchback of notre dame. The bitch is throwed off, acting like she’s so happy knowing damn well richie samabora is ugly as hell..

  38. Tulli


  39. prettierthanmeganharris

    You are pretty damn funny

  40. ScarletStarlet

    I think this entire “drama” is a pathetic cry for the media’s attention. Nobody cares about either of these people anymore, so they cooked up a plot straight out of a lame soap opera to get people interested.

    Clearly it didn’t work.

  41. TOPAZ21

    i fucking hate scalpers

  42. Barbie


    considering bon jovi arn’t has beens
    theyre so hot right now they sell out hsows in every country and they have new and younger fans every year theyre amazing
    hahaha you people don’t know anything seriously learn about something before you try to talk about it
    im 17 im a die hard bon jovi fan and id kill to go to one of their concerts

  43. what up, ya'll

    Sigh. Another visit to planet whogivesafuck. I like Heather, but I could give a rats about Denise. She’s a straight up hizzo.

  44. Rhianne

    This isn’t true. I saw Bon Jovi last night in Coventry and Denise was standing on the side of the stage twirlling and flicking her hair. Clearly, her and Richie are together.

  45. I dont know why richie ever left heather from what I heard she is a great woman and I think that richie is a dum ass for leaving her I mean was denise really worth all that trouble

  46. hi . i was watching one of your episodes tonight and it wass the one about u going to ssee ur parents house & you were all sad about your mom .well ithought it was really kool and sad because my brother died in august of last year . but ur mom died on his birthday . i just thought that real interesting :)

  47. How disappointing. These two are setting a horrible example. Maybe they’ll wake up and realize they’re the only ones smiling. I’m thankful I’ve never had a friend like Denise Richards, and feel sorry for Heather.

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