Richard Gere mean to handicapped

gere_handicap.jpgAccording to the New York Daily Times, Richard Gere “was snippy” when he was asked to pose for a picture with two children suffering from muscular dystrophy. At one point, he apparently even told the wheelchair-ridden kids that “I’m hard of hearing and I have a bad hip. We all have problems.” Most celebrities would probably be a pansy and pose with the little buggers, but not Richard. Richard is a man of conviction and when he doesn’t want to pose with handicapped children, then dammit he’s not going to pose with any handicapped children. So don’t even ask. Or he’ll punch you in the face. And then pee on you.

Despite a second request an hour later, Gere still didn’t come over. “May I please finish my dinner?” he pleaded with another fan who came up and asked for a photo.