Rich People Wearing Disguises

Because I can’t look at another Halloween costume without having flashbacks of Snooki, here’s an assload of celebrities in costumes over the weekend that range from the random (Harrison Ford as a nun.) to the hilarious (Paris Hilton’s parents as cops. Ha! Get it? Because their daughter got arrested and their money bent the law to her favor. COMEDY!).

Other highlights include:

Tara Reid as Heidi Montag if someone left her on top of the stove.
Ye Ole Wonk-Boobs.
Leonardo DiCaprio apparently wanting to set his face on fire.
Anne Hathway in whatever the hell this is.
And Amanda Seyfried clearly trying to give me a hint. (I’m in.)

Trick or Treat.

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN, WireImage

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