Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is Airing a ‘Suicide Special’ Now, Of Course

If you assumed Bravo would take the classy and respectable route of canceling the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following Russel Armstrong’s suicide, clearly you never seen more than five minutes of this show because they’re going to exploit the fuck out of this thing by airing a “suicide special.” Entertainment Weekly reports:

The network has shot a special that included several cast members of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, Kyle and Kim Richards, and Adrienne Maloof. Taylor Armstrong apparently was not included in the filming.
The special has yet to be formally announced by the network, and its unclear when the special will air. The second season premiere of Beverly Hills is still on track for Sept. 5.

Granted, Russell Armstrong was an abusive shitbag, there are still children involved here, and does anyone remember the Jasmine Fiore incident? She was a stripper found dead in a suitcase after her new husband murdered her immediately following his filming of two VH1 reality shows, Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Want Money 3, that never saw the light of day. Keep in mind these were shows involving strippers and porn stars competing for cash, yet VH1 had the sense of decorum to scrap both. So, of course, a clan of gold-diggers who think they’re Hollywood superstars now aren’t going to let one drop of attention and publicity go to waste. “So, the man died, I just grafted these cheekbones from my four year old’s thighbone. The doctor says he probably won’t walk again, and what do you think I should tell him? ‘Mommy made herself beautiful to not go on television.’ Don’t be absurd.”

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Getty, Splash News