Renee Zellweger wants your spare change

December 18th, 2006 // 9 Comments



  1. blueman

    insert first comment here

  2. Truthseeker013

    Well, if you’re first, that means you must be buying for everyone!

    As for Renee, I’d do her. I’d- who left this gas on? Truth go sleepy-bye…

  3. Renee looks beautiful in these pictures. Botox has nothing to do with it – what are you talking about? Her distinctive features are because of her mixed Swiss-Norwegian ancestry.

  4. fame is funny

    The third pic is about the only time she was photographed looking mildly attractive..

  5. cindylouwho

    whats with her trying to make her lips look big and her wierd cheek bones…

    she makes a face that makes her look constipated in most pictures…

    its like as if she almost squeezes in every muscle in her face …

  6. yeah, she’s been on hard times for a while now

  7. Renee Zellweger

    You people aren’t even treating me as if I’m a human being! Well, fyi, I’ve had more than one penis in me at a time and I liked it! So there!

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