Renee Zellweger… is her face supposed to look like that?

October 26th, 2007 // 139 Comments

Renee Zellweger attended the New York premiere of Bee Movie last night. And, Mary, mother of God, what the hell happened to her? It’s almost like she went to her stylist and said, “Make me look like a transsexual. But, you know, more pale.” I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that Renee Zellweger was abused by a skin pigment at a young age. Either that or she feeds off the fear of children. It’s a toss-up, really.

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  1. veggi

    48- shaadap

  2. veggi, what do you mean? Whiskey is always a great idea after a six pack! Well, only if you’ve run out of beers.

    #48 troll, it’s really not nice to troll someone when they are hungover. It was kinda funny though

  3. schack

    mmmmm, did someone say anus? I love poop!

  4. hausfrau

    GAWD. She looks horrid. And old. She needs to eat some fat.

  5. Can we get another post, her face is scaring me.

  6. schack

    I like her dress. It isn’t as bad as somethings these silly hollywood starlettes wear. I’m just glad we didn’t get flashed like someone with a name that rhymes with ditney.

  7. Bigheadmike

    No Comment…

  8. Quinn

    It’s Nicole Kidman’s ugly twin

  9. veggi

    check out the freaky woman behind her in pic 5. wow.

  10. MLK jr

    In pic 5 what do you suppose the guy is stealing?

  11. I agree Jimbo, new posts all around!!!! I’m buying!!!!

    Hey, let’s all be happy that we are not all arguing about British and American crap today. That was tired yesterday.

  12. sportsdvl

    She has never been attractive and is a crappy actress. Her “Oscar” is a joke. Not as big of a joke as her looks, but a joke none the less.

  13. Texas Tranny

    I’m with FRIST.

    My country can beat up your country………………….LOL

  14. Italian Stallion

    Me, myself, and this ugly chick………..

  15. SCEOND!!!

    The Bridget Jones movies would have been so much better with a British actress. They’re far superior to American actresses.

  16. veggi

    #65…hmmmm…ok, I’ll take a guess – “What are the only three things that have agreed to have sex with Italian Stallion?”

  17. veggi

    67- shaddap. seriously.

  18. schack

    I’d have sex with him. If he likes fat girls with pus vaginas and a little bit of poop on the butt. I’m bad at wiping.

  19. US&Nukes

    If it was fair for the US to use nukes then the US would never lose a war. Bush knows this. Since Iran wants them so badly he’s propbably gonna have someone fly on by and drop a few. You know so Iran can see them up close and personal.

  20. Italian Stallion

    @67 Three things? Hahahahahaha…..that made me laugh. If you only knew what I looked like. Maybe one day i’ll post a picture from my gay ass myspace bullshit…………..Trust me, you’d fuck me. The thing is, I wouldn’t fuck you………….

  21. veggi

    @71- Obviously, a troll posted that….. but lets see that picture stallion.

  22. #70 WTC? I’m not hear for the politics.

    Quit harshing my mellow…

  23. There is a new britney post people

  24. PunkA

    I love her. I’d love to hang out, get wasted, have lots of sex, and talk about Kenny Chutney with her. Good times for sure.

  25. veggi

    So, dumb but good looking. Not bad…especially since the only other possibility – for a guy – is dumb and ugly.

  26. Shit4Brains

    OK, so I went to pic #5 to see what the guy was stealing, and instead I noticed that it looks like she’s got a penis knob on her left knee. Seriously, check it out….a circumsized penis knob. Technically, I guess if it was UNcircumsized it would be called a penis TIP not a KNOB. I’m amazingly technical.

    P.S. She does kind of look like crap though even if she wasn’t having a penis knob on her knee!

  27. veggi

    76- shaadap. I am hung over and don’t care for your bullshit today.

    anyway, Italian Stallion is pretty funny.

  28. #71 – link it, bitch! (or are you really a bitch?)

  29. WalkingInTheSky

    I must be the odd one out because this is one of the few times that I actually DO find her attractive.

  30. Snarky McComments

    A very fast decline appears to be in the forcast for Ms Z.

  31. MrSemprini

    Bette Midler found the fountain of youth… or the fountain of looking slightly less than 40

  32. Eva

    Bwa-ha-ha! She looks like Nick Carter.

  33. MrSemprini

    pic #5 – I’m pretty sure that my 9th grade math teacher, Mr Glenn Bachman. Always wondered if he would cross over…

  34. Grace

    She looks and sounds like a complete lush now. Like she can’t get out of bed and start the day without a highball of scotch and a bourbon chaser.

  35. #79 Let’s say we cut the chit-chat A-hole!!!!

  36. Actually Grace, that doesn’t sound half bad right about now

  37. Mick

    “a highball of scotch”??? And what woke her up, music coming from the gramophone?

  38. #88 LMAO, I didn’t even think of it that way

  39. Auntie Kryst

    @64 Aw c’mon now TT, fess up you got in that tangle a little bit too. Appreciated those comment by the way. Good man.

  40. stumbler

    Paris Hilton in 10 years….

  41. Texas Tranny

    Had to Auntie, They’re so full of shit, it wasn’t even funny.

    Plus I had to get your back.

  42. 21st century digital boy

    What the hell? She looks like she’s 60 and trying out for the part of Cruella Deville.

  43. Riotboy

    She looked WAAAY better when she was fat.

    /fo reals

  44. Heelllo

    This was officially a mean post. I like Renee Zellweger. Her FACE looks like that because she’s one of the few celebrities that have not done PLASTIC SURGERY. No one looks as perfect as most celebrity do when they age. I don’t even think we KNOW what celebrities look like when they get old. Demi Moore, Marcia Cross, ex-wife of House (M.D.), Michelle Pffiefer, Nicole Kidman the list goes on and on and on, have all gotten surgeries to look “younger”. I think that they just look weird and unnatural. I appreciate Renee coming out and representing middle aged women that DO age and don’t plasticize their face.
    You guys are straight up cruel.

  45. iburl

    Naw. My mom is 60, no plastic surgery, but she doesn’t look like she could eat a can of spinach and have her forearms grow bulbous. Rene has just got a squinty, homely, mug. Some people think she’s cute. I think she looks like somebody who is constantly staring into the sun.

  46. doesnt look very good…

  47. Soy


  48. MrsP

    Ouch!! I think those shoes pinch her feet and HURT!!! My mamma always said that if your feet hurt, it shows on your face. The strange lady in pic 6 behind her has an almost identical pair on!!

  49. scooby

    she looks like a fucking lunatic. seriously, i have seen this cow interviewed and she is really fucked in the head.

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