Renee Zellweger… is her face supposed to look like that?

October 26th, 2007 // 139 Comments

Renee Zellweger attended the New York premiere of Bee Movie last night. And, Mary, mother of God, what the hell happened to her? It’s almost like she went to her stylist and said, “Make me look like a transsexual. But, you know, more pale.” I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that Renee Zellweger was abused by a skin pigment at a young age. Either that or she feeds off the fear of children. It’s a toss-up, really.

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  1. cara

    she has never been pretty. first?

  2. Zoinks

    Yeah I gotta agree – she’s always looked like snowball that melted and then refroze.

  3. Feckless

    The Church Lady’s illegitimate daughter after a night of working the docks.

  4. Max

    It’s because of her “marriage” to Kenny Chesney. She decided to surprise him one time when he was out on the road touring, and had an aneurysm when she walked into the middle of a backstage sausagefest..

  5. MMB

    she could be a farmer in those clothes…(“clueless” reference). not really, rosacea’s a bitch. remember the jerry maguire days? when she looked like jewel, but without the busted grill? now look!

  6. iburl

    I always found her squinty look ugly and offputting, but now she looks like poopdeck pappy.

  7. Tits McCholo

    whats with the bad hair?

  8. ILoveRenee

    I love Renee even when she looks like this. She is the best talker I’ve ever heard. Sings nice too. 2 a.m. wake up and talk bed time parties with her would be so hot. Gwyneth Paltrow is a close second on the talking thing. A threesome with those too would be wicked hot. Excuse me while I masturbate.

  9. Max

    (hmmm…”backstage sausagefest” should conjure Texas Tranny any minute now…)

  10. Hemlock Queen

    Maybe she want’s a date with Ellen? The hair says so. Fire the stylist!

  11. Doomhammer

    Renee is the girl who ate paste and her own boogers in elementary school. Some things never change.

    ps- The sun is GOOD.

  12. Hemlock Queen

    TT, give this ho a makeover, stat!

  13. Renee the Sailorman

    Fuck all of you! I yam what I yam.

  14. veggi

    @5- I couldn’t agree more. Kenny is for sure a pole smoker.

  15. She looks like she just got a chemical peel.

    Didn’t work, you look 14 years older and on queludes.

  16. veggi

    mmmm, queludes.

  17. Bill Maher is such an asshole-he’s like a cross between Martin Short and Picard during the Bad Hairpiece Days of Fall. KFC: we don’t make the food that feeds the stars, we make the hate that roasts the birds.

    How far can you fall with beady little eyes, a fake laugh, and orange pancake makeup, Bill?

  18. charm

    hair don’t.

  19. Maybe I have a chance with her now, no?

  20. schack

    I slimed my chair.

  21. @20 Speaking for all of the heterosexual men here, you can have her. Please take her and lock her in a closet.

  22. schack

    it looks like she got a chemical peel to within an inch of her flesh

    her skin looks transparent, and her hair looks wet

  23. schack

    whatever, jimbo. you’re probably short, bald and fat.

  24. BillMaher

    @18 I’m sorry slabby you have mistaken renee zellewegger for me. It has happened before. The way you tell the difference is I’m better looking. Want be on my show. I’ll make a new rule out of you.

  25. schack

    I don’t know why I just repeated what frist said. I guess I was too busy fingering myself to think of something origional.

    I love my pus covered vagina. Someone has to, right?

  26. Maybe she is getting ready to play Hilary Clinton in a movie. Of course she would have to gain 40 pounds like she did in Birdshit Jones Diary.

  27. Texas Tranny

    She’s beyond my help Hemlock Queen.

    mmmmmmmmm…………….backstage sausagefest??? sounds like fun.

  28. Schack I am sure you pasty white, anorexic, and butt ugly. I thought it was your brother that loved your “pus cover vagina”

  29. Frick

    I always thought she was pretty ugly and over rated. But why does she look like she’s 50 years old all of a sudden? She does not look well. Does she have cancer or something? Or just a bad case of the uglies?

  30. schack

    I WISH I was anorexic. Sadly, I have to use the flour to finger myself. The pus does help in finding my pleasure hole.

  31. THS

    back in the early 90′s, she used to work at a strip club in Austin, TX as a waitress. She had long straight blonde hair, she would wear a white button up shirt with the tails tied so you could see her belly button. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I used to go in just to see her.

  32. RENEE Z....

    So what if I look awful? I’m a size 00000! I can fit into anything I want! Even baby clothes! (yeh, I smell an eating disorder; probably combo anorexic, bulimic, and exercise freak). She looks like a younger (maybe by 5 years) Glenn Close…not a good thing.

  33. Shallow Val

    “Quaaludes”, DAMMIT!

    Never had one BTW, I missed that boat.

  34. shack

    @32- that was ME! I am a princess. The most wonderfully beautiful person in the world. jim wants me. everyone wants me for that matter. I love myself/diseases. Come and get one boys! It’s a two for one deal today…. yeast infection ya know. Stupid dirty fingers.

    I love poop!

  35. Valerie hates talentless hacks

    27 Frist,

    And that girl DOES NOT look good fat. no way with those ridiculous chipmunk cheeks.

  36. gotmilk?

    i don’t dare enlarge any of those pictures. forget about her face, wtc is up with that hair cut? she looks like Mcauley Culkin circa Home Alone.

  37. schack

    35- shut up troll! It’s not funny. Leave me alone!

  38. andy7171

    Check out those shoes! She gets points just standing in them. WTF?

  39. schack

    wow. struck a chord there, didn’t i?

  40. YepSheLooksStrange

    It is fair to say Renee is not having one of her best days. Still she is an oscar winning actress. I’ll bet it is just a bad day. Like none of you have ever had them. Hell this is the fish, most have propbably been living a bad day since birth. I’ll take her home and fix her up just like Chicago.

  41. BunnyButt

    She’s never been attractive – always looked like a chipmunk sucking on a lemon to me – and she can only get worse as time goes by. Quick question: Does anyone else think she sounds drunk in those bee movie previews? Nice image this conjures up. A drunk, lemon-sucking chipmunk. Sexy. Actually, I think a drunk, lemon-sucking chipmunk WOULD be sexier than Renee …

  42. #34, I knew that…I just forgot since I haven’t had to spell it since like the 70′s. Just kidding I’m not THAT old…

    #36 valerie…I think I would prefer the chipmunk cheeks to this bizarre disaster any day. Did I spell bizarre right? OR ARE THERE 2 Z’S

    veggi, how’s your hangover?

  43. Mike

    #33… yup, that’s what she’s thinking. Never mind that she looked a lot better when she was somewhere inbetween this and her Bridget Jones character.
    Look at those arms…

  44. This is how she USED TO look – pretty much the opposite of thin and squinty.

  45. veggi

    GAWD FRIST, I feel absolutely terrible. Why do I assume its a good idea to drink whiskey once I’ve had about 6 beers?

    But I was on the corner of drunk and happy last night. At least it was fun.

    And I wish she would eat. She does not do eating disorder very gracefully.

  46. SweatyPuffyCokeWhore

    What’s funny is that she looks like she got STUNG BY A BEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAHAH! She’s such a sweaty, puffy, coke-whore. Kathy Griffin was right.

  47. veggi

    One weird thing – this is the first hangover I’ve had that hurts the most in my anus. Plus, about 8 guys keep calling me and none of their names seem familiar. And wtf is “donkey punch”???

  48. stephiphany

    AGH what is that haircut!? That’s so hideous. X(

  49. alwaysclassy

    Welllll she does look pretty bad.. but I read that she has ROSECEA.. which obviously was flaring up pretty bad in these pics.

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