Jessica Simpson Always Looks Pregnant

Acting as if they’ve never seen an over-sized Jessica Simpson before (In fairness, I probably could’ve linked to any photo.), several sources are trying to say Jessica Simpson is pregnant based on these shots of her arriving at JFK Sunday night which I find insulting to Christina Aguilera who legitimately has a baby inside of her. I mean, seriously, has anyone been following this Jessica Simpson story? She celebrated her engagement by eating a pizza. There’s not a single human emotion she can’t express without food. “I think I’m happy, but I don’t see bacon, so now I’m sad.” *pulls rotisserie chicken out of purse*

UPDATE: Apparently Jessica complained about feeling “sick” this “morning” on The Today Show, which I’m sure has nothing to do with her constantly being photographed drunk like she was two weeks ago. That couldn’t possibly be related.

Photos: Splash News