So Remember When Miley Cyrus’ Back Was Treated Like a Terrorist Attack?

This should go over well.

ADVISOR: Mr. President. That day we planned for? It’s here.
OBAMA: Miley Cyrus side-boob?
ADVISOR: Miley Cyrus side-boob.
OBAMA: Goddammit. Have the King James and a pistol waiting in my office. Tell Michelle… *wipes tear* Tell her “Brown sugar mama always worked that panther good.” Can you do that for me, son?
ADVISOR: I can’t… I can’t say that.
OBAMA: *grabs him by the collar* We got white women with their titties hanging out and you’re gonna tell me you can’t tell my wife I love her?
ADVISOR: Forgive me, Mr. President. I’ll deliver the message.
OBAMA: Damn right.

(Suck it, Aaron Sorkin.)

Photos: Marie Claire

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