Regis to Kate Gosselin: ‘You’ll get back with Jon’

While taping today’s show, Regis Philbin asked Kate Gosselin if she’d ever get back with Jon and then went on to say “Eh, you kids’ll get back together.” NY Daily News reports:

Insiders say that the interview, which airs Thursday on “Live with Regis and Kelly,” was meant to be light and fluffy in the wake of Kate’s “Today” show breakdown this week. But it turned serious when Philbin went off-script and bluntly asked whether Kate could see herself reconnecting with hubby Jon.
“I can’t and won’t answer that,” the uncomfortable octomom said, stating firmly, “I keep certain things private, and that’s one.”
Perhaps the 77-year-old host should have kept his opinions similarly discreet, but he didn’t. “I think you [and your husband] will get back together and live happily ever after,” Philbin said. “I think everything is going to work itself out — he’ll say he’s sorry, that he loves you and everything will be good.”
A shocked Kate had no response as the show cut to a commercial break.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious what just happened here. Regis Philbin is practically 80 and even he figured out the divorce is a ratings stunt. That or he made a failed attempt to create an army of Regis children. Could go either way.

Photos: Splash News