Regis to Kate Gosselin: ‘You’ll get back with Jon’

August 13th, 2009 // 46 Comments

While taping today’s show, Regis Philbin asked Kate Gosselin if she’d ever get back with Jon and then went on to say “Eh, you kids’ll get back together.” NY Daily News reports:

Insiders say that the interview, which airs Thursday on “Live with Regis and Kelly,” was meant to be light and fluffy in the wake of Kate’s “Today” show breakdown this week. But it turned serious when Philbin went off-script and bluntly asked whether Kate could see herself reconnecting with hubby Jon.
“I can’t and won’t answer that,” the uncomfortable octomom said, stating firmly, “I keep certain things private, and that’s one.”
Perhaps the 77-year-old host should have kept his opinions similarly discreet, but he didn’t. “I think you [and your husband] will get back together and live happily ever after,” Philbin said. “I think everything is going to work itself out — he’ll say he’s sorry, that he loves you and everything will be good.”
A shocked Kate had no response as the show cut to a commercial break.

Of course, it’s pretty obvious what just happened here. Regis Philbin is practically 80 and even he figured out the divorce is a ratings stunt. That or he made a failed attempt to create an army of Regis children. Could go either way.

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  1. Jonny

    Who gives a crap about these people? Blood sucking attention getting whores!

  2. Voice of Reason

    This old hag has a fake stomach, fake hair, fake breasts, morbidly stretched vagina. Why shouldn’t her husband cheat? She no longer serves his sexual desires. She is now a grotesque Frankenstein of modern cosmetic surgery like most middle class and rich women are now.
    Why don’t you Sea Hags come to the realization that men are attracted to
    Y O U N G ladies – not whithered witches!

    I ditched my first wife after she had our daughter because it was no longer the same and I blamed her. She shed her tears hysterically and I shed her flabby ass and sagging pussy rejoicefully!
    I dumped my second wife when she turned 29. Why wait for the inevitable aging process?
    I have a youthful chick now 23 years younger than me. I know she doesn’t love nor do I care less about her. She satisfies my cravings in only one way and I take care of her financially. When I get sick of her, out the door she will go!
    Happy Birthday hags!

  3. havoc

    Once you’ve escaped prison, why the fuck would you go back?


  4. She shoulve respond “Oh Reg”!

    Thats why we love reg, he’s finicky…

  5. amoi

    IMO, she’s still cuter to look at than the other women Jon’s been hanging out with. Porcupine hair and torpedo tits aside, that is.

  6. will

    @2- Yeah, right. That really impressed everyone, I’m sure.

  7. Nonya Biness

    Wasn’t she supposed to be on yesterday? Was there some diva behavior that made her late and Reg was retaliating?

    Also, @2…You’re what? 14? Waita dream big though!

  8. ryan

    I happened to catch this on the teevee this morning and it was hilarious to watch. Apparently “Who Wants to Reveal She’s a Huge Money Grubbing Douche” doesn’t offer any lifelines or a polling of the office because she was left hanging out to dry.

    An even more revealing part of this was when she threw her ol’ standby out there for everyone after Regis asked is the paps and tabloids go away when the show does, “The show is what provides for our family, so we can’t stop taping it.” Such a false-fate cop-out. As our friendly Superficial Writer has indicated many times, she can just go get a job like everyone else and stop filming. I’m sure there are other random ways to exploit your children – or yourself. Here’s hoping one shows up on the next book tour.

  9. Limp Penis

    I can’t wank my soft shaft to this ho, where is the Bar Refaeli bikini spread?

  10. doyouthink

    @2 wow is all I can say to what you have to say.

    I think the split is a real split. Regis is getting so old he may not think before he speaks.

  11. doyouthink

    @2 wow is all I can say to what you have to say.

    I think the split is a real split. Regis is getting so old he may not think before he speaks.

  12. I think that was sweet of him, trying to say something “sweet.” Probably will not happen, though.


  13. Gene Simonds

    #2 is clearly a student of the Gene Simmons school, with one minor difference: Simmons has the class to live with his children’s mother, and provide for both of them.

    He might be schtupping 30 women a month, but he sleeps with Shannon, in the same house that his children live in.

    That’s called “being a man.”

    Gosselin should learn the same lesson. I’m not saying that Kate is even tolerable – so live in a different bedroom. Keep a mistress. But cut this shit out.

    Philbin, btw, is probably right. I love it when some guy who knows “I’m old, I’m rich, and I don’t have to give a fuck” speaks the truth.

  14. Sport

    I need therapy. I hate this chick and hate them in the news yet picture 1 makes me want to wreck the bitch. I know, sorry. I am looking through the phonebook for a good therapist now. Still ….

  15. Jen

    Let’s not forget, she does it all for her children.


    I’m sure the children approached her one day and begged her to go on a publicity tour.

    Dumb bitch.

  16. Crabby Old Guy

    “I can’t and won’t answer that,” the uncomfortable octomom said, stating firmly, “I keep certain things private, and that’s one.”

    What has either of these meat puppets ever “kept private”? You are on a friggin’ “reality” TV show about your stupid family – you go on various other TV shows to talk about your stupid family and your TV show…come on now. Don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s raining.

  17. She's Bangin the Bodyguard

    For any of you idiots out there who think she is not. Go back and look at all the pictures of him. Then look at his shoes in all of the pictures. They are dress shoes. You see a bodyguard is all about protecting someone. Wearing slippery dress shoes is beyond an amateur mistake. He wears date shoes not bodyguard shoes.

    A real bodyguard on duty will be wearing non slip sneakers or non slip shoe/boots. Balance is the most important thing in a fight. You could push this idiot over and he would have a hard time keeping on his feet because of those retarded dress shoes. This is way beyond obvious that he is banging her a real bodyguard on duty would never ever make such an amateur mistake!

  18. God of Reason

    He might be schtupping 30 women a month, but he sleeps with Shannon, in the same house that his children live in.

    That’s called “being a man.”

    First off, what the fuck is schtupping? Where are you from to use a mongrel word like that? This is America, talk like a human not some alien asshole. I am so impressed that you are not from my culture. I have 3 grandparents that were not born here. Should I use their words to impress others?
    And if that homely fucking piece of ugly shit is having sex with other women and his wife tolerates it do you think that is being a man? Really? How is that pig a man? He is wretched and ancient.

    Blow me homo

  19. Mr. Krinkle

    You should really stop “reporting” on these people. Its really boring.

  20. Joy Behar

    To everyone taking shots @ #2…

    Why are all you women criticizing the men who want to see ass shots, fur and early morning dew? All the frustrated housewives out there are jealous because Kate is 100 times hotter than you. Go back to watching the View, hating your husbands who support you and s-t-f-u.

  21. einstein

    whats the big deal, he thinks they’ll get back together, so what, what is she getting all upset for?

    ps i hate that this bitch is famous

  22. mulletscab

    I hope her plane hits a helicopter on the way home, worthless white trash money whore,then Jon converts his mansion into a Playboy East.

  23. ?

    So what’s her talent? a deflated uterus that looks like a dusty stitched-up third world soccer ball?

  24. Sara

    Kate’s out soaking up the money and attention while her 8 little coolies back home toil away for it. Nice.

  25. Harold^Sick

    Ooooooooo. I’d hit that.

  26. I wonder if she’s getting a rice paddy in her backyard..?

  27. yeah not a big deal

  28. Dee

    Meh who cares. I’m sure there are people who want them to reunite for the kids.

    And to all the assholes talking about her vag being stretched-SHE HAD C SECTIONS. It is not possible to deliver that many babies vaginally. Dumb fucks.

  29. Joe Blow

    See Mr. Superficial operator, let me explain how this works:

    1. People hate and do not give three squirts of warm piss about fatboy, tummy tucktress, or their 8 future welfare recipients. They do NOT want to see them or hear about them.

    2. You make a brave and bold statement by deciding “I’m going to listen to my readers and stop posting anything at all about those douchebags.”

    3. Word spreads, and others follow your brave lead (Or quite possibly they might make fun of you, but that in not helpful to my cause so I am going to ignore that possibility.)

    4. We never have to see or hear anything about these two fucktards again!

    Then we can start working on the same treatment for Heidi Montag and her wife, Spencer Pratt.

  30. Pat C.

    Completely agree with #17 Crabby Old Guy.
    You can’t do a TV show about your relationship with your husband and kids and at the same time claim you have to keep that private, without being a goddamn liar.

  31. Only a few more months before they’re hasbeens. Ratings are tanking, people are tired of their crap. Don’t like either of them. Both seem kinda shady.

  32. jen

    -this is desperate damage control for the cash flow…..I do believe they are together, but only as business partners with the same interest…… Their act isn’t playing well in middle America

  33. lick it

    I wonder if Kate eats the pussy?

  34. Joe Blow

    34. lick it – August 13, 2009 4:13 PM

    I wonder if Kate eats the pussy?

    Bitch looks like she’ll eat whatever you put in front of her.

  35. puhleez

    i hate these people. It’s just some bitch with 8 kids and a fat guy.

  36. i doubt it jon thinks she is crazy

  37. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what anyone says….I love this bitches hair. lol

  38. RayBee127

    Is it me… or is photo number 8 a Photo Chop? Where is that hand coming from that holds the notepad?

  39. Jamie's Uterus

    I love Regis. He realized she’s a big phoney, threw down with her, and won. I’m on team Regis.

    The Kate humiliation continues! yeeehaaa!

  40. xanadujulie

    damn this woman has lost SO much weight. holy shit.


    What is in the bag ?

  42. Dude

    Screw Kate, money hungry bitch! This cow has ALWAYS been about the money, when I heard about the way she treated the church members who were helping her with the kids when she was OVERWHELMED, under fed, and unfinanced, I was through with her!

    The nerve of that heifer….to tell people not to come back to he house, no, to have someone ELSE tell people to never come back has to be the epitome of rude!
    Skanky bitch! I hope she gets hit by lightening while walking her compound (excuuuuussssse me) on day, ho

  43. Holden Caulfield

    That’s the best bra Kate owns.

  44. I know she is not like, she do not care less about. she satisfies him cravings is only one way and he for her financially. When it became ill, as a matter of it will go!

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