Reggie Bush is getting anal tonight

February 7th, 2010 // 70 Comments

I may not like Kim Kardashian. I may think she’s everything that’s wrong with America if it had a giant ass and a penchant for trick photography. I might even nurse a theory that her entire family murdered Nicole Brown-Simpson then framed O.J. Simpson on the off-chance it would pay off with a reality show down the line. But there’s one thing I’ll give her: That ass is going to reward a Super Bowl champ tonight.

So here’s to you, Kim. You earned it. — Somehow. Maybe?

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. What is a "Super Bowl"?

    (First, you sagging clit-hoods)


    Please let me VIOLENTLY ERUPT in your tightened anus gape and slippery cunt hole.

    Your Grandpa

  2. Googler


  3. Whodeauxt

    First! Did you notice there were no Kim photos all game long….

  4. Duke Nukem

    That’s either awesome, or terrible for him. On the one hand, that ass is so big it might put so much pressure on her sphincter that it squeezes that hole down to a super tight slot. Which is awesome.

    On the other hand, it might be so big and jello-y that he’d need to be 13″+ just to get any friction. Which is not so awesome.


  5. whodeautx

    I theorize that your a fag

  6. asdf

    whodeautx, it’s “you’re”

  7. sucka


  8. SA

    Hank Baskett will also be getting anal tonight, as I am pretty sure it’s a low-threshold achievement.

  9. D

    Who dat! Who dat! Saints are legit! Woooooooooooooo! Tear that ass up, Reggie!

  10. pimp

    bitch has got some beat up looking knee’s…but i’d still eat her ass…

  11. Qweromil

    Siii ese culototote, va a sifrir esta noche…. suerte Kim

  12. Qweromil

    Sii ese culototote va a sufrir esta noche… suerte Kim..

  13. sammyboy102889

    go saints!!

    watch house

  14. i feel sorry for manning..

  15. twhite

    i hate that everyone turns a superbowl post into post that has to do with that talentless fatass.

  16. Dan

    This is best non-worthy post in ages. Bravo Superfish!

  17. Linestepper

    I thought they weren’t seeing eachother anymore…am I “behind” on the news about Kim? Haha…sorry.

  18. they can fixed it up

  19. Mister Bored

    Odds New Orleans would win the Super Bowl – 3 to 1

    Odds Bush is balls deep in Kim Kardashian – Even money

  20. Doc

    She looks nice… and her ass isn’t as “cartoony” as it used to be… now its just nicely shaped and doesn’t look like it should have its own orbit… whatever she’s doing she needs to keep it up!

  21. Ali


  22. I think people expected too much out of him when he was drafted out of USC. If you watch this video about half of these runs are sideline-sideline, which Reggie exploited to get the yards he did. In the Pros a player can’t run like this (the DB’s are too fast). Of course he didn’t put the yards that Chris Johnson put up this year and was probably not as good as CJ, but Chris Johnson will be home on his couch next week watching Reggie return punts in the NFC championship game..

  23. 11thfinger

    Too bad I’ve seen her fuck and it’s like a cold fish. Poor Reg.

  24. yuki

    break out the champagne- i mean- pee.

  25. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  26. Neal

    i agree with HackSaw… that girl needs to learn how to fuck properly! all those damn goodies and no clue how to use them. a true talentless hack – a hot one albeit….

    But FUCK IT, son – the bitch is hot as fuck, and you won the superbowl motherfucker – Reggie, get yours son – and don’t worry if she gets hers. put a nut on that face motherfucker, and marry the bitch. get that til you old motherfucker. YOU THE SHIT!


  27. Brett Favre

    god fuck those jumbalaya eating nigs, indy choked and we all know it, just like new england did 2 years ago

    i cant wait for the next hurricane to hit that gay city and hopefully kill this whole team especially drew brees and his fucking vagina looking scarface

  28. Stephanie

    Do these idiot girls take their mom EVERYWHERE with them? I still say she’s the reason khloe is so hideous.

  29. Doc Schweinstrudel

    According a general psychology theory people are expressing their affections in the form that they wished their partner did onto them. So anyone who likes to stick it in the back door should consider getting out of the closet.

  30. Vito

    Peyton Manning is probably getting some anal tonight, too. Only I suspect this time he’ll be catching instead of throwing.

  31. Nameless

    Congrats Saints! Even though you still suck. LOL

    Did Reggie Bush even play the game tonight? What’s with the attention toward him? Because of his fat ass media whore?

    Super Bowl XLIV was the Drew Brees show all the way. Epic qb performance.

  32. NG

    @Doc Schweinstrudel: your theory is gay.

  33. anal ysis

    Anal sex is either homosexual or fringe bisexual. I would imagine that a man should not be placing his penis in a place where there is feces?

  34. Necessary Roughness XLIV

    You get anal on a punt return? nevertheless…

    Hey Reggie lick the pussy first before they label you a colon rocketeer…

  35. dholmas

    Good for the Saints. Congratulations. Kim seems to be a very nice person. Just because she does not have the emaciated Hollywood body do not hate her. Her body looks more natural.

  36. Not if Reggie’s criminal past catches up with him first.

  37. jose

    I agree with ya #35. This place truley is vicious and brutal. I have to admit at first I had alot of hate towards Kim and her sisters. The mom I did have some respect for, dealing with all those little brats with class and dignity. But then again they are her kids and she has been a priviledged rich woman so how much of a struggle could it’ve been.

    Kim on the other hand, at least during the snippets of the recent shows Ive seen, does seem like shes become a mature and dynamic woman. All three of them are spoiled brats who cant even kick ass in the gym for a few months while getting paid to endorse a product. The concept of work is so alien to them that the idea of being dedicated to an agressive fitness regimen is inconceivable. But they all are a far cry from Paris Hilton, who is pure human garbage. Rich garbage, but its a travesty to me that this country has embraced this talentless, drug using party bitch. All she represents is what almost every young girl wishes they could be.. born rich and partying her life away. The best image Ive ever seen was her crying her eyes out in a cop car, being carted off to jail. That brings a smile to my face.

    But getting back to Kim K, shes a hell of alot more respectable to me than Paris and I actually like her body. Curvy and real. Dont get me wrong I think everyone should make an effort to respect their body and stay fit, but she looks great to me. I suspect her relationship with Bush is a pretty superficial union based 90% on physical attraction and publicity, but all that aside, Reggie’s a lucky dude.

  38. jumpin_j

    What’s with the photos of her? Is she looking more like Snookie from Jersey Shore? I wouldn’t hit that with a rented dick.

  39. meh!!!!!!!!

    fuck yoall

    LEAVE KIM ALONE!!!!!!! ¦-O

  40. Elena

    This website is so shit now. I’m not sure what happened, but the writers have definitely changed. Gone is the biting wit, now it’s all “Who’s getting anal tonight”. The comments about women used to be funny, now they’re just openly crass and demeaning. You’re pathetic. Learn how to write, or get the old FIsh back.

  41. mike


  42. Doc u idiot


    By that theory wanting to have a blow job suggest that you want to suck cock.

    You fucking idiot. there is nothing gay about wanting to penetrate a woman.


    damn this slut really needs to stop with the botox and surgery. her face looks like stone.

  44. fortheloveofFashion

    To number 27-Brett favre]

    You are so ignorant. I bet your scary ass wouldn’t have the balls to say that in a black person’s face. I’m so tired of these little racist pricks hiding behind the internet. Im pretty sure you smile all in black people faces and then talk about them when you’re ALONE. because you’re a scary worthless lowlife prick.

  45. Crusty

    Congrats to the Saints but this may have all been different had Reggie Wayne not run such a sloppy route on Tracy Porter’s pick-six. That said, great for Porter, a New Orleans native who probably never had a winning season at Indiana – this is about as good as it gets for him.

    As for Reggie Bush, he’s soft so it makes sense that he likes Kim’s marshmallow ass.

  46. Face

    44 you seem to overestimate the power of the Black man. You have no other recourse than ape-like violence. White people generally do not liken themselves to strange primitive notions such as “street cred” as they ordinarily have jobs to perform. This generates taxable revenue for our form of government, which is somewhat socialistic. You know, so that your “Mommas” can have tax payer money for more food stamps and the like.

  47. That guy

    I’d like Kim Kardashian to offer me anal too. Damn, I knew I should have played football when I was younger! And been born black.

  48. ken

    she is a disgusting slut. i wonder how many stds she has.

  49. To the racist prick posting: Soooo, you’ve proven your stupidity by posting over and over. I’m “black,” yet I have 2 college degrees, a job, don’t listen to rap music, and haven’t been anywhere near a ghetto unless I got lost. My family nor I have ever been on any kind of government assistance. But, according to racist assholes like you, we’re “all the same.” I’ve run into some idiots like you: The kind that talk a bunch of shit like that on the internet, yet you blast loud rap music in your room/car/cardboard box and try to act “black” around your black friends.

    Also, I hope you realized that a lot of white people also died during Katrina… of them was my best friend’s dad, so you’re showing your stupidity once again.

    I hope you lose the ability to reproduce. Think about that when you start shooting blanks. KARMA, asshole!

  50. CARLO

    Saw Kim at the airport last week..This super hot Persian looking girl stopped at the top of the escalator and adjusted her beutiful perfectly rund boobies…I said “OH LOOK it’s Kim Kardashian only she’s hotter and not fat.” We verified it wasn’t her by checking her ass out. It was not as big as what we see on film or photo’s so we concurred. It wasn’t Kim.

    Then we follwed her like any man with eyes and a little blood flow to the dinky would…when got to baggage claim she was being swarmed by all the Pappdouches so we learned it was her and I realized, I would fucking pay to stab that fat ass!!! She was 10 times hotter than I thought in person.

    Again, this is the superficial so fuck her!!! in the butt. woo hoooo

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