Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian

March 25th, 2010 // 87 Comments

Reggie Bush was apparently cheating on Kim Kardashian with a blonde waitress named January Gessert which, along with his unwillingness to get married, led to their break-up, according to RadarOnline:

Gessert reportedly spent the night at Reggie’s house on March 16th, after the two met at Sunset Strip bar-restaurant Red Rock. She was spotted leaving Reggie’s house the next morning at 7am.
Reggie has reportedly set up an elaborate system to hide his cheating from Kim – including the use of multiple cell phones, but the camera never lies, and Kim is bound to be left devastated and in tears following the release of these photos.

KIM: Listen, I have to be the good guy in this, so can you bang a bunch of random chicks and make it look like it happened while we were still together?
REGGIE: One step ahead of you.
KIM: Okay, good. …. Wait.

*If there’s a God in heaven, Reggie Bush actually says to this people.

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  1. amanda

    cue “a very special episode of keepin up w/the k’s”

  2. Parker

    I forsee long days of easy anal with Kim now. She has nothing else to look forward to so why not let me pack her solid ass with my weiner?

  3. HORSE

    Poor Kim, come over here baby. I’ll tap that ass all day every day. Daddy will make it all better…

  4. Crusty

    And of course she’s white.

    Tiger is such a trend-setter.

  5. And this cow’s low self-esteem just got even lower.

    Now she’ll probably seek out a crackhead or a pimp or another rapper….

    At least Reg-chimp was a step up from MC Muthafucka or Ray-Z or Jay-Ray or whatever the fuck that little urinating monkey’s name was.

  6. NG

    You just got ass served.

  7. Savalas

    She let some other dude drive down her fecal freeway, and then put the video out on the internet. Why the fuck would Reggie Bush marry her?

    Sorry toots, you’re not the marrying type.

  8. dude

    great comments fish!

  9. Georgeo

    Another day, another fat, fame whore Kardiashian with man problems.

  10. Jack Meeoof

    If you have sex with another girl when going out with a girl who had anal sex on the net it is not called cheating

    more like getting prepaired to get even.

  11. PatheticNewGuy

    No matter how hot a woman is there’s some guy tired of her shit.

  12. jon

    Good, I hope this knocks her down a few notches from her high horse. Think you’re too pretty to ever get cheated on? Heh, talentless cunt.

  13. TekMoney

    LOL @ #2 Parker

    I know she gets a lot of shit because of the sextape and because of her choice in men (get a life, she’s a grown woman who knows what she wants… and get this: she’s not RACIST.) But she’s so naive in being loyal to these guys who always have women around them. Daddy issues? Maybe. But if she’s done with Reggie (and I hope she is, he’s cheated on her twice) it wouldn’t surprise me to see her hooking up with another famous guy… and thus the cycle will never end…

    … wich is why I offer my services. I’m a bum, Kim… so I’ll never cheat on you! :-P

  14. terry

    Not sure why reggie would cheat on her…I have always thought she is a hot babe!

  15. whore

    She is obese and chunky. She deserves this for chasing his money so hard.

  16. mamamiasweepeaches

    The womans name is “January”?

    Sure it is.

  17. mamamiasweepeaches

    The womans name is “January”?

    Sure it is.

  18. hearts

    good for kim, she’s nothing but a ho anyway.

    kim, run along and get some more plastic surgery to make yourself feel better.

  19. kksucks

    reggie is so much better off without plastic face. she is talentless, airheaded and fake. he can get so much better.

  20. Sport

    He was probably dying to be with someone in private, without the cameras following, without her posing all of the time. I am surprised he survived her shallowness THIS long.

  21. mike

    im sure the whore will use this to get more publicity and fame. reggie wasnt going to wife her anyway. she’s just another whore.

  22. ew

    lol, did she really think reggie was going to marry her? she is nothing more than a slut. i wonder which celeb she is going to try to mooch off of now.

  23. Rough versus a stabbed Grace Park

    So you’re saying if foie gras is on the menu every day, you’re bound to have chicken gessert once in a while?? Nope don’t believe it…

  24. who dat

    Guys will fuck whores, but they won’t marry them.

  25. cv

    What a black man cheating, no way.

  26. She's a whore & a shitty lay

    Not only is she a talentless whore, but she’s a shitty lay as well. I saw her porno tape, and she just lays there; she hardly moved at all. No wonder he wanted to do poon times with other women; she drove him to it by being terrible at sex…

  27. Madonna's Old Ass



  28. youcanread?

    I know a “brother” with 3 cell phones; one for his baby’s mamas, one for his bitches, and the third for his hoes!…how do you like that $hit?

  29. Good job, Reggie!

    This bitch is the worst kind of girlfriend; she just wants attention & to be seen. The way she ran out onto the field when the Saints won (trying to get in the center of attention) was disgusting. She didn’t give a rip about the Saints or Reggie winning; it was all about her. No wonder he ended up nailing some other chick; she’s a worthless attention whoring skank…

  30. alpine1

    To Lamar Odom: Learn from Reggie you fool!

  31. uighuih



  32. end

    did u see her interview from eonline? this ho actually has the nerve to be bitchy when the interviewer asked her about the breakup.
    what’s wrong kim? all of a sudden you dont want to be a camera whore anymore?

    be sure to watch the very end too:

  33. beejeez

    Sheesh, a guy can’t get his mack on after winning the Super Bowl? What has this country come to?

  34. SO RIGHT

    All of you MORONS saying things like “did she really think Reggie would marry her, she’s a slut” ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If you’re saying this and you’re female, you’re just plain stupid. So a woman has a couple of boyfriends and has sex with them and she’s NOT worthy of being a wife??? You’re still buying into the whole “it’s ok for men to sleep around but women need to remain virgins until marriage” bullshite! The bottom line is Reggie is the one who cheated on Kim. If you’re going to slam someone, slam him!!! In my opinion, she can do a lot better than a stupid athlete. Girls, stay away from dumb athletes, rock stars and men who desperately require adoration and the lime-light. Not worth it. Go for the nice, cute, humble, smart guy who treats you like a queen.

  35. NG

    @34: go iron my shirts! SFTU!

  36. NG

    @34: Go iron my shirts in the kitchen and STFU

  37. Just because a girl is hot, a knockout, perfect in the eyes of everyone else doesn’t mean that she is any less at risk of being cheated on. However, you can be the world’s ugliest person and your man never cheat and you could be the world’s prettiest and get cheated on. Now Kim take this into consideration pull your head out of your ass and stop whining about Reggie Bush. Get on with your life. I do suggest though that when you do start dating again try not to act like a spoiled princess that can’t do anything for herself, and try not to work as much. Men don’t like the needy chick or the chick that works 364 days out of the year. Men like to be number one in the relationship just as much as a woman does. Just remember that. It’s not all about you honey.

  38. BRET19351

    IS KIM HOT…………. YES




  39. Alpo McGee

    Good, maybe this will teach the jock loving jig fuckers a lesson.

  40. DUMB

    @ SO RIGHT, #34:

    you’re right, it’s never ok to cheat. however, she isnt a whore because she’s had a few boyfriends. she’s a whore because she used sex to get into the media and to go up the ladder. she constantly takes off her clothes to get attention and publicity.

    that’s why she’s a whore.

  41. DUMB

    @ SO RIGHT, #34:

    you’re right, it’s never ok to cheat. however, she isnt a whore because she’s had a few boyfriends. she’s a whore because she used sex to get into the media and to go up the ladder. she constantly takes off her clothes to get attention and publicity.

    that’s why she’s a whore.

  42. Nameless

    There are girls that you just bang and there are ones that you marry. Kim K you definitely bang but don’t marry.

  43. Harry Bush

    Kardashian, that’s Armenian, right?

    Remind me to buy stock in the laser hair removal joint nearest her douche-y Miami store, or her double-douche-y house in California. I bet her bush is Amazonian-Rain-Forest-Thick. And bristly. Like Armenian Steel Wool.

  44. hammerhead

    the kartrashian bitches are with these black guys because they like being dominated and degarded its just so erotic. show me one white bitch with a black guy that dosent like being slapped around and told taught to be submissive, you stupid low self esteem bitch, you deserve all the shit youre given in hopefully youre short life. this whole kartrashian family and that transgender bruce whatever should just disappear. the mother is a golddigging WHORE and all the liberal siblings are following, now their breeding another new cycle of hollywood cheap trash kids that will have the same gutter level morals.hollywood just keeps on serving up the trash and the american people just keep buying it. how does the saying go put it on tv and we can make money on it. now matter how much the populas hates them

  45. Dammit Reggie! You should of broken up with her OJ style! Bruce Jenner could play the part of blond bimbo…on second thought, kill them all. Vapid cunts.

  46. Clark

    Kim’s got a smokin body……HOT HOT HOT

  47. ka

    good, cant stand kim or her trash family!

  48. BM

    what does she expect for dating black men?? especially black men with money….? obviously going to cheat .

  49. bahappy12

    Ok, for all you Kardashian bashers, Kim is not plastic. Her face looks just like her mothers. She IS beautiful, has a career in modeling and a very supportive family. What more can one ask for? Although they may seem quite disfunctional, they live there lives as true as you or I. Yes, I don’t doubt that Reggie cheated on her, I think he was using her for publicity and down time when he wasn’t playing football or bedding some other woman. I suggest all of you haters (or not) to refer to Psalm 140. It is only 13 verses. Think you can handle it?

  50. Dam hot!! really Kim is looking truly sex bomb! She has got the awesome figure in every manner . In that pink bikini with goggles she is looking very pretty . Just because a girl is hot, a knockout, perfect in the eyes of everyone else doesn’t mean that she is any less at risk of being cheated on.

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