Reggie Bush Seems Really Fazed Kim Kardashian Lied About Them Dating Again

Reggie Bush seems like a nice guy almost to a fault, because he once again agreed to meet Kim Kardashian for a friendly lunch only to once again watch her sell the tabloids a story that they’re back together. Or basically act like she did their entire relationship. Fortunately, after four days of letting the story soak up hits, TMZ caught up with Reggie who barely even batted an eye as he told them “no” when they asked him to set the record straight. They could’ve asked him, “Hey, Reggie, any truth to the rumor that Kim just birthed your baby, but you didn’t want it, so she fed it to Khloe, and then in a fit of depression got two more abortions because she knows how much you hate kids and will do anything to get you back?” and he’d just go “nope” the same way he would if someone asked if it’s supposed to rain today. Because, seriously, absolutely nothing could surprise him at this point outside of hearing Kim Kardashian actually told the truth about something which would literally split his mind in two. He’d never be the same again.

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Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News