Reggie Bush Forfeits Heisman Trophy

September 15th, 2010 // 38 Comments
Reggie Bush

Knowing he was about to lose it anyway in light of the USC investigation, Reggie Bush preemptively forfeited his Heisman Trophy yesterday and released the following statement through the New Orleans Saints. Via TMZ:

“Each individual carries the legacy of the award and each one is entrusted with its good name … It is for these reasons that I have made the difficult decision to forfeit my title as Heisman winner of 2005. The persistent media speculation regarding allegations dating back to my years at USC has been both painful and distracting. In no way should the storm around these allegations reflect in any way on the dignity of this award, nor on any other institutions or individuals. Nor should it distract from outstanding performances and hard-earned achievements either in the past, present or future.”

He then added, “At the end of the day, it’s important to note the dignity in which I had intercourse with Kim Kardashian‘s lusciously exposed buttocks which is a storm that greater men than I might refer to as a hurricane of inspirational courage. I don’t fully understand those words I just said, but I absolutely believe they somehow tackle the full weight of this situation, and cause an interception in your heart. God Bless America.”

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  1. Deacon Jones


  2. G$

    Black guy loses again…

  3. TheDuuuuuude

    TheDuuuuuude hears that he would have forfeited it sooner, but it took a search and rescue team to locate it and remove it from Kim Kardashian’s ass…

    • Crusty

      OJ wasn’t declared ineligible the year he won his award. Bush was.


      And if the Downtown Athletic Club would do the right thing and award the Heisman after the bowl season, Vince Young would have won in a landslide. Hell, on that last drive where Texas stopped SC on a 4th and 1, Bush was standing on the sideline..

      Best college player in the country that year? Pfft..

    • Crusty

      My bad.. responded to wrong post..

  4. J-Sin

    Bullshit. If OJ didn’t have to give up his neither should Reggie.

  5. But he still has a magnificent wiener!


  6. Chris Rock

    The Kim Kardashian bit was hilarious!

  7. Viv

    Viva Mexico!

  8. Now they just need to give it to the true winner for that year: Vince Young.

  9. oooaaahhh

    This is NOT the kind of unimportant stuff we should be reading about on this site. MORE CHICKS!!

    • facepalm

      seconded. Seriously @SW, “because he dated Kim Kardashian” is a specious reason to be posting about Reggie Bush….

  10. Roughaholic

    This fool banged my Kimmy under false pretense. How do you forfeit that?

  11. Steelerchick

    He should be able to keep it due to his hottness alone!!!!
    Yes, I love the Steelers but he’s definitely worth jumping ship for!!

    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steelers Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What? no t & a? Leave this nonsense to the networks & NPR.

  13. Nice how bush gets to use words like “alleged” and “distraction” while usc is gona be penalized for the next couple years. Fuck him, guilty bastard.

    • Crusty

      Plus the biggest crook, Pete Carroll, is up in Seattle enjoying the NFL after helping USC find their way to probation. That he said that his going to the NFL was completely unrelated to the SC investigation is hilarious.

  14. dude

    LMAO Fish. “I don’t understand those words I just said….”

  15. joe blow

    Say what you will about him, but that is one well dressed spade.

  16. Sandra

    He went to school with a bunch of my friends in San Diego and they have the nicest things to say about him. He was truly a sweetheart to everyone whilst in high school. Did he accept bribes? Hell ya. But what 18 year old would say no to all the gifts presented to him? He probably didn’t come from such a high background where such a life is common (unlike Princess Kim).

    Give him a break.

    • Rocky Bushrod

      Whilst you may have a point, may I interject that when dealing with the Dark One, prepare to get burned.

  17. Don’t hate the Playah, hate the game bitches!!!

    OJ didn’t get caught committing an NCAA infraction while he was at USC, nor did he murder anyone while at USC when he won the heismann. NO one that we know of (Cue Mysterious music: DUMM DUMM DUMMMMMMMMMM)!!!!

    Bush would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that dog of theirs ….

  18. anonymous

    so does he still fuck dude on the down low even if he isn’t pretending to be with Kim?

    • RaraAvis

      Exactly. Are we the only two people on earth who can see that this dude is GAY?

      • GiveItARest

        …that’s because gay motherfuckers ALWAYS recognize EACH OTHER…i’m sure YOU people have that scent of another man’s nutsack on you, that helps you to identify one another…

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  20. captain america

    yep, I admire the man.

  21. Righty Whitey

    This is why prestigious awards should not be given to coons. They neither know how to deal with them nor deserved them in the first place. And that Kardashian dad must be so proud of all his monkey-lovin’ whore daughters…poor guy, probably can’t show his face at the country club.

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