Reese Witherspoon’s son offered a job at Pizza Hut


Reese Witherspoon’s four-year-old son Deacon made a comment about wanting to be a pizza delivery driver when he’s older. Pizza Hut, in a grab for free advertising, sent a letter to little Deacon along with his own Pizza Hut uniform, mini delivery car and gift certificates. The letter included these words of encouragement:

“We have delivery drivers who have worked for us for 10, 15, even 20 years! And the same Pizza Hut drivers who deliver hot, fresh pizzas right to your door have gone on
to become successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and, yes, actors.
Deacon, keep on dreaming big and know that we’re saving a spot for you on our

First off, I doubt anyone that’s delivered pizzas for 20 years has ever become a lawyer or a doctor. But I’m sure they can build a wicked bong. Second, poor little Deacon is in for some disappointment when he finds out he can’t be a pizza delivery driver because, well, his family is insanely rich. But, hell say, he only wanted to be a pizza delivery guy like his dad. Which will be another tough conversation. How do you tell a child his father is really Ryan Phillippe and not his hero, the 30-year-old high school dropout with a station wagon? I mean, that thing has a spoiler and racing stripes. But being an actor and having tons of cash is cool, too, I guess. If you’re a pussy.