Reese Witherspoon’s son offered a job at Pizza Hut

November 12th, 2007 // 38 Comments

Reese Witherspoon’s four-year-old son Deacon made a comment about wanting to be a pizza delivery driver when he’s older. Pizza Hut, in a grab for free advertising, sent a letter to little Deacon along with his own Pizza Hut uniform, mini delivery car and gift certificates. The letter included these words of encouragement:

“We have delivery drivers who have worked for us for 10, 15, even 20 years! And the same Pizza Hut drivers who deliver hot, fresh pizzas right to your door have gone on
to become successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and, yes, actors.
Deacon, keep on dreaming big and know that we’re saving a spot for you on our

First off, I doubt anyone that’s delivered pizzas for 20 years has ever become a lawyer or a doctor. But I’m sure they can build a wicked bong. Second, poor little Deacon is in for some disappointment when he finds out he can’t be a pizza delivery driver because, well, his family is insanely rich. But, hell say, he only wanted to be a pizza delivery guy like his dad. Which will be another tough conversation. How do you tell a child his father is really Ryan Phillippe and not his hero, the 30-year-old high school dropout with a station wagon? I mean, that thing has a spoiler and racing stripes. But being an actor and having tons of cash is cool, too, I guess. If you’re a pussy.


  1. korina_jebediah

    Well i guess is not much of an acomplish being the first post if it is about someone as boring as this chick

  2. rose

    i hope i´m first…….

  3. littleone24

    i think it’s cute!

  4. Cat

    at least the little guy doesn’t show any signs of being a snob…

  5. watevr

    yeah right… imagine if youre a star and your son delivers pizzas. they wont let him

  6. She is a star? I thought she was a pizza delivery girl

  7. She is a star? I thought she was a pizza delivery girl

  8. i will eat reese withersooon pizza hut………..hahahaha

  9. @8 what flavor pizza is she?

  10. Two words… Aim High ;)

  11. So..this is what has been happening while I was gone? Why do I even come here? That’s not even the real Jimbo!!!

    Or is it?..

  12. Spongebob Gangsta

    Maybe he’ll change his dream and want to become a can opener like his mom, as she holds one in these pics.

    Got to use that chin for SOMETHING, girl….geez.

  13. LL

    I’ve actually delivered pizza for a living (for 2 years). Parts that are OK: you get mileage for driving your personal car and you always have money (from tips). And mostly free pizza (though the store owner doesn’t like that, so keep it on the down-low). The things that suck: dealing with the public (bunch of idiots, and cops are the worst tippers), driving in shitty weather, the possibility of getting robbed (I was robbed once). All in all, I guess it’s an OK job if you’re a younger person and you work in an area that isn’t too dangerous (there are areas so crime-ridden, pizza places won’t deliver there, I don’t blame them).

    Pizza Hut, what a bunch of PR whores (if that isn’t a redundancy). “Dream big.” Right. Dreaming big would be owning a Pizza Hut franchise, not working for one. But it’s cute that the kid is still innocent enough that he thinks delivering pizza is a cool job. Pretty soon, he’ll figure out he’s rich, then he’ll make fun of pizza delivery people, like the rest of us do.

  14. MargeAggedon

    I had profs in university who delivered pizzas to supplement their meager income. It wasn’t something they were proud of or wanted anyone to know about.
    Now most of the delivery people I’ve met sell drugs on the side.
    The only person I would encourage to consider pizza delivery as an upward career move is brittany.

  15. Joe

    Not only is Reese an incredibly talented actress (she was great in Walk the Line), but she is a certifiable piece of ass. The things I would like to do to her are probably illegal in most countries.

  16. hater

    that bitchs teeth skeeve me out.
    shes just nasty.

  17. hater

    that bitchs teeth skeeve me out.
    shes just nasty.

  18. c

    Funniest thing I’ve read on this site this year
    Nice commentary

  19. what 4-year-old and is offered to work in pizza hut?? he cant even hold his own pizza and eat properly!

  20. blpressure

    Damn that’s some funny shit.

  21. Dave

    I notices she has a personal ad at ( Is she still looking or it is just a joke from her fans? Her photos look every hot and popular on that site. who knows the truth?

  22. LivewireT

    LOL That was funny…

  23. LivewireT

    LOL That was funny…

  24. makemepuke

    Who really gives a fuck??/

  25. Gadeval
    This right here is us……….

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  27. OK< I got screwed

    Never navigate away from the porn.

  28. Dick Richards

    Hey, man! Not all pizza delivery guys are drug addicts. My uncle, uncle-Al, he’s not a.. Wait, you’re exactly right, uncle-Al is a pothead-user-can’t remember shit fuck. He was in a relationship with cocaine too. And everyone knows that cokes is one bad-bitch. Fuck, Al’s such a loser. The guy hates everyone. Minorities, himself. So what’s he do? He gets a job working for a high school, teaching kids with learning “disabilities” (lies). Weird.

    Oh, yeah. Don’t believe the people saying they have “celebrities posting themselves nude” on whatever nudist site they’re trying to push down our throats. It’s a scam.

  29. FACE

    she just isnt hot

  30. Yes and No

    I like her shoes…and her outfit for that matter. She’s so cute!

  31. Jake Gyllenhaal

    Fuck this triangle faced whorebag. Could her teeth possibly angle out of her skull any more? She looks like a gardening hoe. Build me a dam you beaver mouthed twat.

  32. Alice ss

    Reese was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebrity dating club with her hot pictures and blogs there. … is it true or someone just joked on her?

  33. blizzy

    @ 32 and 21 your attempts at spamming for an obviously low-budget site have not gone unnoticed by those of us who love laughing at losers. well done.

  34. George Best

    Reese is a hottie. To say otherwise is just plain stupid.

  35. so so


    That was such a funny read. Thanks.

  36. yo

    #13: that was some funny shit man, specially “…then he’ll make fun of pizza delivery people, like the rest of us do”.

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