Reese Witherspoon wears Kirsten Dunst’s dress

January 19th, 2006 // 29 Comments

There’s been a bit of controversy over Reese Witherspoon’s Chanel dress at the Golden Globes, mainly because Kirsten Dunst wore the same dress two years ago at the 2003 Golden Globes. Reese’s publicist says, “Reese was told the dress was vintage. It was not. I’m not angry – just a little disappointed, but the big deal is Reese won the Golden Globe.”

That Chanel sure is a sneaky sunuvabitch. When a dress has already been worn by Kirsten Dunst, you don’t call it vintage. You call it “troll proven” or “snaggle-tooth approved.” Or maybe just “ugly.”



  1. JollyJumjuck

    Couldn’t have been the same dress. If that was the case, the chest area would have been all sagged-out from Dunst.

  2. Booga

    Same dresses for same actresses. Whuahahahar!

  3. hafaball

    That’s an amazing dress…it has a special boob squisher ability. :o

  4. Either way the dress is ugly and looks like something a 30 year old woman trying to look like a 4 year old girl trying to be a ballerina on Halloween would wear.

  5. elvindeath

    I guess I actually like the dress … however, if Reese was upset because it was a dupe, I wouldn’t have minded if she attended the after party sans clothes. As for comparisons, I guess it doesn’t need to be said that it looks better on Reese than it does on that snaggle tooth troll.

  6. jennjenn70

    It looks far better on Reese, and I’d be totally pissed off to find out ( after the fact) that some other “star” had already wore it to THE SAME EVENT!!!

    Not much of a dress tho….

  7. amazinggrace2005

    Looks like their hairdressers were in cahoots too.

  8. Who gives a flying fuck who wore the dress. You women and your dresses. To much importance is put into fashion in Hollywood. Importance needs to be put on good movie making. Celebrities think they decide what is in fashion. Thats complete bullshit. You know whats in fashion and what looks good? It’s whatever the hell the person wearing the clothing thinks looks good. Not what some over paid piece of shit tells them looks good.

  9. lomies

    WOW! That dress just can’t make ANYBODY look good.

  10. ESQ

    Reese hands down looks classy, versus Kirsten, the dress does nothing for her! As for Channel, what were you thinking?

  11. careylicious

    What has happened to Kirsten that her breasticles hang so damn low? It’s an abomination, really. Like puppies fighting in a sack.

  12. Kitchy

    The dress looks as if Cleopatra mated with the woman from the Eraserhead movie. Eww..I mean…have you actually seen Eraserhead. That was a very creepy movie. Which is fitting for dunst as she looks creepy and is a horrible actress. Reese on the other hand, she is naturally cute and funny and decent and probably could care less someone else wore the dress. It’s NOT the same dress, Kirsten’s acting ability would still be stained all over the back of it.

  13. andrewthezeppo

    Kirstin’s looks like a different color on the top…and has a gross fish scale appearance, kind of like her face.

    Reese on the other hand has bright silver on top and looks really healthy, tan and cute.

    maybe its just the lighting, or maybe Kirstin’s ugly wore off on the dress…who knows.

  14. Kevin

    That dress was actually worn before Kirsten: Russel Crowe wore it in the movie Gladiator.

  15. brewdick

    She should be pissed at her stylist, not Chanel, i say fire the bitch!

  16. Jayne

    Reese looks a billion times better in it than Kirsten..ick

  17. IRMV

    Wow, that dress looks so much better on Kirsten. She’s so beautiful!

  18. Those bitches at Chanel suck. I can’t believe they did that.

    On the other hand, I wear the same outfit almost every single day and it’s really not that big of a deal.

  19. sammygirl

    Kirsten looks like she just crawled out of her coffin, ready to feed, but the lights are hurting her eyes.

  20. HollyJ

    My eyeballs just saw Kirsten’s photo!! ACK! PUT HER BACK IN HER CRYPT!! AHHH!! SO UGLYYYYY!!! :::rubbing eyes:::: weeping in despair:::: PUT IT BACK!!

  21. annjenleigh

    The dress looks better on Kirsten, I don’t know, it just suits her better. Maybe because it’s unattractive and confusing.

  22. infiniti

    both people looks the same.. dresses are the same… although the dress of dunst looks a bit yellowish.. what do u think?
    and it just seems like dunst looks vampirical again… I though she didnt want to have another vamp flick…

  23. blackblackheart

    That is a fucking hideous dress.

    Who in their right mind would ever wear that, let alone wear it when it’s already been worn by someone else.. @_@ ..
    WITH the same hairstyle too…

  24. HughJorganthethird

    “troll approved”. Classic. I wouldn’t fuck either of them with your dick, let alone my own.

  25. Dzchordant

    Hmm…They have the same hairstyle too. Curiouser and curiouser.

  26. ishtar

    i was just reminded of a website my friend told me about a few months ago when we were discussing how ugly kirsten dunst was in which the writer says: “If I had to choose between slamming my penis into Kristen Dunst or slamming my penis in a car door, I would at least request that car be American”. I had no idea until now that it was….hahaha genius- I love this site!!

  27. susie-q

    A true travesty. I’d be more than pissed. They get to borrow these dresses for free more often than not, but still, shouldn’t there be a tag on the hanger over at Chanel that lists who wore the dress and to what event, previously? Vintage? 3 years old vintage? or was it vintage when Kirsten wore it as well. Did Jackie-O wear it in the 60′s to an inauguration ball perhaps?

    I’d be seething. Possibly was lent to her knowing it was worn by Kirsten just 3 year previous. Possibly …. I can see the folks at Chanel laughing about it after shipping it off: “You won’t believe the dress we just lent Reese!”

    Seems more to this story than meets the eye. Looks way better on Reese. The hairstyles are eerily too similar, too. Just weird all the way around. Makes for free publicity.

  28. DannyJames

    kirsten looks like the walking dead.

  29. wow, someone put the beat down on reese…

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