Reese Witherspoon looking uncharacteristially hot

March 23rd, 2009 // 72 Comments

It’s no secret Reese Witherspoon is the human equivalent of Ambien, so imagine my surprise when she showed up to the premiere of Monsters vs. Aliens yesterday in a pair of heels and short skirt. Granted, a children’s movie probably isn’t the best venue to debut your sexy new look, but not all of us crawl out of the womb armed to the teeth with class and debonair. Like myself and, to a lesser degree, that Pierce Brosnan fellow.

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  1. LOL
    Never mind FIRST
    and she’s not that good looking :/

  2. ph7

    I’d bang her so hard she’ll fly over her handlebars and break her collarbone.

  3. Vit

    live long and prosper?

  4. Randal

    Reese has continued her climb to the top ever since she burst out on the scene and she’s not being a disappointment wearing that outfit! Keep looking sharp girl!


  5. Jrz

    She’s got more Chin than a Hong Kong phone book.

  6. R2-D2

    You think i’m going to spend my free time on this piece of ugly f***!? Spend your own time on this shit! Bleep,blop!

  7. Yes

    I would have sexual relations with that woman.

  8. chango

    no tits and no ass . . but I would in a heartbeat . . .


  9. chango

    no tits and no ass . . but I would in a heartbeat . . .


  10. np

    She looks cute here! Nice legs.

  11. big chin… the better to catch my load with :)

  12. Pepe La PEWPEW

    this woman is hot to the power of PEW .. She is a MILF in every way …

  13. me

    ph7- funniest comment ever. Hall of Fame stuff right there.

    And to the Superficial writer, you only thought she looked hot because she waved at the camera “Vulcan Style”. You’d think the same way of even Jackie Chan if he waved at cameras like that

  14. kingofbeer

    She has always been hot. oh and post more pics of her in the future.

  15. Zee Brat

    I like that she’s finally as anorexic as Lohan and NOW you think she’s hot. Classy.

  16. chupacabra

    Damn, I would kill for those legs! You go on girlfriend!

  17. lizzy

    wow check out those legs!!!!! she looks fantastic, LOVE her dress, shoes and hair! good for her!

  18. Guest

    She always looks fantastic!!

  19. BB

    I do love her…minus the chin…that thing is HUGE!

  20. Deacon Jones

    Is anyone else REALLY digging that asian chick’s ass in the ad above???

  21. Richard McBeef

    When i read the headline I thought she must have gotten a head transplant. Alas, no. Not hot. Would still fuck it though.

  22. Geoff

    Is that dress inside out?

  23. Tim Gunn

    I love how she’s considering how difficult financial times we’re going through by wearing a dress made out of fabric scraps from the street and bubble gum foil wrap all held together with the magic of a glue gun. That’s what I call recycling.

  24. Parker

    The only use I’d have for Reese Witherspoons would be as a fill-in for those rare nights when I wasn’t buttfucking a Hollywood starlet.

    I bet she giggles when you put a c**k in her a$$. That’s so cute. And she’ll have some cute expression to describe it too like “It tickles when you put your weenie in my bum!”

  25. Jrz

    yeah, sure, Parker….you…..hollywood starlet..uh-huh……yeah
    I like how you’re not shy to say buttfuck, but you won’t spell out cock or ass.

  26. Normally she looks like a Pekinese. This is probably the first picture I’ve seen of her that doesn’t make me want to dropkick her off the Golden Gate bridge.

  27. farty mcshitface

    hot for reese witherspoon isn’t really saying much. scrawny legs and her big chin are not a turn on. she seems like a nice person but, i’d definitely not fuck her.

    • james

      you need to please yourself i would lick her whole body over and over and give her all she needs. she has more sex appeal than any other starlet out there.

  28. Mr Hobbes

    I’ve always thought she was smoking hot

  29. alex reager

    23–you are right on. I thought I was the only one that noticed the “Live Long and Prosper” moment in picture 1.

    It got me hot and I’m not a Trekkie.

  30. mikeock

    Not bad at all, but that witch’s chin still skeeves me. Her profile makes her look like she’s about to have a house fall on her.

  31. Frank N Stein

    She’s hiding a hot rack. I guess this is G rated after all.

  32. wet newspaper

    She looks gorgeous. That dress is stunning

  33. Tom K

    She is learning from Rihanna if your forehead is the size of a Buick cover it the fuck up. It’s the first time I can see her face with out that massive forehead as a distraction! Looking good Reese!

  34. I like her cause she invented peanut butter cups..

  35. Adri


  36. Nathiest

    “Reese Witherspoon looking uncharacteristially hot”

    Yeah you know…for the kids.

  37. 1moreidiotintheworld

    any bitch can look hot after the hollywood treatment from the army of fashion and makeup gurus spend hours on her……….. It all matters what she looks like in bed next to you in the morning…….

  38. Sberl

    A Line Platform Pump

    enough said.
    l’d lick those shoes.

  39. R2-D2

    Beep! full of shit!

  40. R2-D2

    Boop! When!? Cheap full of shit!?

  41. sexyrich

    I seldom see her news if without the breaking news on NY MAGAZINE, it is reported her dati ng profile is found on”.C e l e b m i n g l e . C 0 M” by her fan.

  42. RaraAvis

    Love the dress and especially the shoes. Live long and prosper, girlfriend.

  43. DG

    She is a skank with a freakshow chin and not that good looking. I could bang a girl in Argentina that is hotter for 50 bucks.

  44. jooooo

    Beautiful girl

  45. Cartman

    She’s gorgeous. I’d love to have her babies.

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