Reese Witherspoon gives terrible gifts

reese_witherspoon_thumb2.jpgSome people are terrible gift givers. Usually these people are poor or old, and as such should be sold to Turkish slavers. But Reese Witherspoon has no such excuse, being neither old nor poor. And yet, as a Christmas gift to her husband Ryan Phillipe, she recorded two of his favorite Frank Sinatra tunes. The actress recorded the classics I’ve Got a Crush on You and The Best Is Yet to Come.

To make her gift extra special, she asked staff at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles restaurant La Dolce Vita to play her Sinatra renditions as the couple enjoyed a romantic pre-Christmas dinner. A source says, “Ryan is such a Sinatra nut, he was thrilled with the surprise.”

Note to Reese: if Ryan really wanted to hear you sing he would have stuck a microphone in the shower. I imagine the whole time he’s sitting there, thinking “Ooookay, smile and nod politely.” Then looking around, thinking, “I don’t…see a Ferrari anywhere yet.” Then cringing when the waiter comes up to him and says “what a pretty dress you have on, Mr. Witherspoon.”