1. Starting to get that cottage cheese sag. She’s not that good looking anyway… she has a quarter moon face & now with cheese!

    • tank

      she is not 20 anymore. sure there are exceptions of gifted women who have youtthful figures as they get older but the reality is after 30 and kids this happens to women

      • milf

        Sorry, but I call bullshit. I am 31 with 2 kids, and I can still rock a bikini. (Which means I don’t have a huge or flat ass, a big belly, stretch marks all over my stomach or saggy boobs). It’s in the genes. She has a flat “white girl” ass. It would look like that kids or no kids. Poor thing!

      • tank

        if you would have read what was written…….. I STATED THAT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!! You can call bullshit all you want. Look around and open your eyes.
        BTW her ass would look better if she had no kids and yours probably would too. Dont kid yourself, having kids changes a womens body.

      • milf

        It’s “woman’s”, not “women’s” dumbass! I’m sure you are such an expert on the female form.

      • Nina

        Anyone who refers to themselves as a “Milf”, isn’t. Facts is facts.

  2. baron of all media

    You know, with an ass like that, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for her shirt to have so many wrinkles.

  3. S'up Bitches!

    Fat chicks to come on this site and defend this whale in 5, 4, 3…..

  4. TGNY

    She has NASITALL. Short for no ass at all. Almost looks like its going in, instead of out

  5. Amir

    There is NOTHING attractive about that ass… that is all.

  6. yowillie

    Spank and eat.

  7. Stan the Man, no one can

    Eh, I don’t like doggy style anyway…

  8. Dr Ha-Ha

    She has very nice calves, but her good genes obviously couldn’t defy gravity any longer by the time they reached her knees.

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