Reese Witherspoon Has A Secret Tattoo Above Her Hooch

At first glance, and Kevin Smith anecdotes aside, Reese Witherspoon seems like a quiet, almost vanilla celebrity who goes to church every Sunday which explains her penchant for the occasional judging or two. So, imagine my surprise to find out she has a secret tattoo above her hooch. Granted, you can’t really tell what it is, I think we all know they’re the wings of Lucifer enticing perverts and blasphemers into her filth hole for fornication. But that’s not why I brought you here. — Oh, right, the headline. How does someone who jogs every single day have the worst case of mom ass I’ve ever seen in my life? No wonder Ryan Phillippe left. You can only play naughty PTA meeting so many times before you want to touch an actual butt cheek. That’s how you get get a star!

Photos: AKM Images/Flynet, Fame, INFdaily