Reese Witherspoon in a Swimsuit

[Hey, guys, I’m going to be off for the next few days due to some family sheeit, so please enjoy the blogical stylings of Photo Boy and make sure he calls at least one person a “drunken titbox of a slore,” or he gets the hose. And not in the good, euphemism for my weiner kind of way either. – The Superficial]

Posted by Photo Boy

I’ve decided to start this morning (as well as my return to the driver’s seat) with Reese Witherspoon in a swimsuit. Now I know some of you may be saying haven’t we seen about as much of her as we need to at this point? We already know that she has an ass that can fill my mom’s Jordache jeans as well as a fupa tattoo that’s probably Chinese letters meaning ‘Dragonclaw Chins Of Fury.’ To which I reply, you will look at this photo set and like it, or else there won’t be anymore secret games in Uncle Photo Boy’s Tickle Van and I don’t care what you, a jury of my peers, or a state criminal psychologist have to say about it. *inhales deeply, aims binoculars into neighbor’s bathroom window*

Photo: Flynet, Pacific Coast News