Thanks To Those Who Served So We Can Have Redneck Avengers

Memorial Day is more than just a three-day weekend that I already mentally checked out for sometime in March. It’s a day to remember those who’ve died defending our incredible way of life. And by way of life I mean going online and saying shit like: “Hey, if the man’s imaginary friend is cool with him molesting his sisters, then who are we to judge?” and/or looking at celebrity nipples at work because this is America, and America honors the fuck out of sacrifices. And loves nips. America really loves nips. Anyway, here’s Redneck Avengers to tide you over until we return tomorrow because one of our other great freedoms is pretending superheroes talk like white trash and have to poop. D-Day was worth that alone.

And here’s Fartzenegger because Redneck Avengers was close, very close, to being my new favorite, but it lacked that certain joue de boeuf.

Photo: YouTube