Rebecca Romjin is a witch. There’s no other explanation.

February 2nd, 2009 // 45 Comments

Rebecca Romjin gave birth to twins over the holiday, and you wouldn’t even know it looking at these pics from this morning. Even more astonishing? She’s married to Jerry O’Connell. I’m pretty sure Rebecca Romjin just defied all laws of logic and reason as we know them. And for her next trick, she’ll give me her number!

Damn, I thought if I said that out loud it would come true. Awkward. – - MAKE LOVE TO ME IN A CANOE!


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  1. D W


  2. Run n Gun


    What’s this???

    She’s exercising? But I thought it wasn’t a women’s fault if they gained 60 pounds?

    She must not love herself,,,,yes,,,that’s it….

  3. I think Jerry O’Connell is the witch. How he got her to marry him is the real “magic” here. He’s a douche bag and she’s a freakin’ ex-super model!

  4. Jrz

    She’s a something…..I don’t know what….something with big fish lipsh like thish (makes fish mouth face)
    Meh…it pays to have a day nanny, a night nanny, a cook and a personal trainer after you have a baby.

  5. Cow and Prou(d)

    When will she learn? Getting healthy means GETTING FAT. Real women have curves. Curvy guts and gunts. Get real, Rebecca.

  6. Jessica Simpson


  7. OJ's Mom


  8. Oprah fan

    How dare she have self-discipline!!!

  9. O.J's Mom

    (first 1 1/2 inches)

  10. feminist

    My god, she’s become anorexic! A healthy woman’s body is rectangular with a nice tire around the middle (like Jessica’s).

  11. cheekemunkey

    Pfffftttt… Yeah. Big surprise. Plastic surgery anyone?

  12. Jimmy Jim

    geez everyones sarcasm is making me want to eat, but thats ok, because its ok to look different than wats on magazine covers…right…right???

    but in all seriousness, I was a big fan of sliders when i was a kid, so Jerry O’connell doesn’t annoy me like he does so many jealous basement bloggers.

  13. Rachel

    If she keeps this up, her upper arms won’t even flap when she moves. I hope somebody explains to her that by doing this she’s KILLING YOUNG GIRLS WITH EATING DISORDERS. It’s a true Holocaust. Seriously. I’m not exaggerating.

  14. Jupiter Girl

    WOW! Now that’s bouncing back after having been pregnant. What A Stunner :)

  15. 14: really? where are the 10 million corpses?

    Anywa, she seems to be sporting the world’s largest camel toe

  16. testing

    she is like 5’10 and slim/athletic naturally it isnt really surprising that she would be able to get back in shape, but after twins way impressive

  17. no

    Thats beacause its perfectly common to keep your normal figure after childbirth. Why wouldn’t you? If you eat right nothing really changes ‘cept for maybe some stretch marks. But stretch marks are just pregnancy battle scars : )

  18. Guest

    dayyum! I dunno
    who she is, but congrats
    to her!! And twins are
    pretty cool. I wish I was
    a twin :)

  19. sarah

    when did she get her lips done?

  20. authorego

    If she had two fake leopard skin belts around her middle and her mouth wide open, I wouldn’t be able to tell her and Jessica Simpson apart.

    Fish does not want to take that witch out over the water, she will float, he won’t.

  21. duh

    Jessica’s half as tall and twice as fat.

  22. Mark


  23. sophie

    no wedding ring???

  24. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***sugardaddyconnect. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes

  25. lisa simpson

    excuse me? what holiday…

  26. lisa simpson

    excuse me? what holiday…

  27. Kurt Rambis

    I love that if you look close enough, you can see nipple on the first pic! Right through her workout top!! I love them boobies!!

  28. PostmortemG

    This lady has always been hot.

  29. lola

    Your hips change shape (protrude more) after a kid and the abdomen can be larger, but you do not get fatter from having a kid. That is from overeating Y’All

  30. coops

    #30 don’t forget the fun bags as well. Wow can you say MA MA suckle suckle.

  31. mimi

    Listen team, I’ve had more kids than I am willing admit and I always gained about 5 lbs. permanently after each one. And subsequently each new father was that much uglier afterwards. Looks aren’t everything though. Now I go after older guys and thank God for Viagra!

  32. SIN

    She sure is rockin with those preggo titties. We could all eat for a week off of those babies.

  33. This witch is BACK in BLACK, folks?

  34. cat

    she is an inspiration. so hot!

  35. Nice thus (t9)

  36. Mal

    #30 you don’t know shit. You’re supposed to gain about 20 pounds for a healthy pregnancy, and only half of that is baby weight. Yes, you do gain weight when pregnant, then you should drop it afterwards. So yes, you DO and SHOULD gain weight, you’re just not supposed to KEEP it. But it’s true that your hips permanently expand a bit (provided you don’t get a c-section).

  37. STINK

    If she’s a witch she can touch my dowsing rod any time

  38. haha

    she’s hot, oh and it’s Romijn

  39. Turd Ferguson

    She’s rich!
    Its not “impressive” at all.

    She can afford to pay nannies to watch the kids while she works out with personal trainers 8 hours a day and go for her little walks.

    Hell, I was unemployed for a few months and did nothing but mountain bike. I lost 10 lbs the first month. Its not hard.

    Uhhhh…but now I’m working and Im a fat lard again!
    Where’s my bag of Doritos(tm)???

  40. evan


  41. millimeter tweeter

    Dropping Stamos has worked wonders. Fuck You, Uncle Jesse!!

  42. Johnny B.

    Looking a bit porky these days.

  43. the big kahuna

    two words: mommy tuck

  44. If she had two fake leopard skin belt around its middle, and his mouth wide open, I would not able to tell her and Jessica Simpson from each other.

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