Rebecca Romijn births twins

January 5th, 2009 // 30 Comments

Rebecca Romijn (I keep wanting to add Stamos) and Jerry O’Connell welcomed twin baby girls over the holiday. The news was announced this morning by the couple’s good friend Howard Stern as a consolation for ducking his wedding in October. E! News reports:

The shock jock was entrusted by pals Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell to deliver the happy news via his Sirius radio show this morning that the couple is celebrating the birth of twin girls.
Shortly after Stern’s announcement, the couple’s publicist, Lewis Kay, told E! News that Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip were born Dec. 28, and both the parents and newborns are “all home and doing well.”

And by doing well they, of course, mean Jerry O’Connell is licking his fingers and saying “Relevancy! Oh my God, sweet relevancy! All for me! Mu ha ha ha!”

Congratulations though.

Photos: WENN

  1. Que

    Que lovely.

  2. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Wow, she looks kind of hot. Twins though! Better say good bye to a good nights sleep for a few years!

  3. MOVE OVER PLACENTA, Big Daddy’s got a hole to fill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. She needs much better taste in men. Stamos & now this loser. Ugh.

  5. Ted from Peoria

    I would hit that so hard that whomever pulled me out would be crowned King of England.

  6. Yeah, if only she could meet someone who was awesome enough to hang out at hooters in albuquerque!

  7. Pathetic Worm

    I just birthed eight ropes.

  8. good for her
    she was one person who did not look good pregnant!

  9. talking guinea pig

    Sooo, okay, congratulations.

    You just named one daughter “Charlie” and both have a flower lodged in there for good measure. Wow. Oh well, glad it’s all going well for them.

  10. What the eff? BWB are you doing this on purpose? you know how corny you are? i just wish i could cut down your family tree, after you is enough…

  11. big teeth

    Naming a girl Charlie? Is the next step a membership in Future Strippers of America?

  12. ko

    Lookign very butterface in pic #4, but all can be forgotten for a ride on her smokin’ hot chassis.

  13. supersex

    HELLO, HELLo, HEllo, hello, ello, ello, lo .. ……

    does this mean anything to you bitches?

  14. testing

    those baby girls better pray they get their mother’s perfect DNA otherwise Rumer Willis will have competition for president of fug!

  15. jt

    sweet jesus, she’s hot.

  16. Cash


    Now could the fat kid from Stand By Me please stop desecrating the damn temple that is Rebecca’s body already?

  17. She’s gorgeous but must be stupid to actually breed with Jerry Joe Blow. He’s really a good guy but he’s just dumb and so cartoony looking. His brother is no better.

    Now Stamos, he is one good looking man!

  18. She’s gorgeous but must be stupid to actually breed with Jerry Joe Blow. He’s really a good guy but he’s just dumb and so cartoony looking. His brother is no better.

    Now Stamos, he is one good looking man!

  19. Barry O

    I volunteer to go up in there & make sure there were only 2 babies…

  20. Sport

    Charlie Tamara Tulip ?
    The kid is already fucked, and destined to be beat up (regardless of sex.)

  21. I was surprised that she and Stamos broke up. Maybe it was career issues and timing. To think that there is no STamos offspring to continue the perfect genes.

  22. Rawr

    She’s a fucking stunner, even those minor strech marks on her boobs in the main picture only make me like her more. I’d give those twins some siblings for sure!

  23. Maude

    Where do these fucking celebs get these names from… Dolly Rose? It sounds like she gave birth to an 80 year old Widow. …And the other one gets stuck with Charlie Tuna –uh, I mean Tulip? What’s next, twin sons named Driftwood Dudley Archibald and Chestnut Ebenezer Kermit? …Sheesh.

  24. toots

    *yawn* please do not post hasbeens unless they’re interesting or really humiliating.

  25. Angry Lawyer

    Man, Stamos has got to be pissed…his ex gets knocked up by Kangaroo Fuckin’ Jack…the fat Stand By Me kid…wow…that’s humiliating. And #22, those aren’t stretch marks…those are bite marks from when I got carried away (sorry).

  26. RaraAvis

    They must have used a dartboard to choose those names. I guess brains and beauty rarely go hand in hand.

  27. …………………..WHERE CAN I SIGN, folks?

  28. lemon

    I’m a lovely tallish cheerleader with beautiful eyes and great skin. Give me your comments on my photos. I am always showing up at — — waiting 4 your love^^

  29. Parker

    I would split her asscheeks with my throbbing boner and bury it balls-deep in her ass

  30. She is beautiful, but really that should be fool with Jerry blown race. He’s really a nice guy but he’s just dumb and so cartoony looking. Your brother is no better.

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