Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell get married

July 16th, 2007 // 66 Comments

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell got married on Saturday in a western-themed ceremony on their ranch in Los Angeles. And I hope they have a happy marriage and all that, but this is just confusing. Rebecca Romijn is a former Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. And Jerry O’Connell? Well he showed up to his wedding in a gray suit and sneakers. I’m not saying Rebecca Romijn has bad taste in men, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days she ended up married to a cardboard cutout of Scott Baio.


  1. Nicen

    Who is that?

  2. liz

    she looks pregnant in the one picture where you can see her stomach

  3. Sprite


  4. JagedNS

    Jeez Jerry, way to do yourself up for your big day dude…. hehe…

    but what am I thinking, it’s a Hollywood wedding, why bother.

  5. Andrew

    Why are they getting married by an old bush? I mean, by all means get married outside, it’s cute and all, but judging by these pictures, they could easily just be in the cruising woods by a roadside cafe.

  6. those are not sneakers u dipshit…they are white dress shoes

  7. Chauncey Gardner

    Can you imagine the stupidass conversations these two must have? And, how does he deal with the fact that the chick who was in turds like THE PUNISHER and ROLLERBALL has an artistically richer oeveur than he does? Compared to JOE’S APARTMENT, TOMCATS and KANGAROO JACK, X3 is a fucking cinematic masterpiece, on the level of Sternberg or Kieslowski.

  8. johnsmith

    who the lindsay lohan are these two fucking scanks?

  9. mary

    The shoes are white bucks and they look perfect…He is a goober. But the shoes are just fine.

  10. Bling

    I always thought Jerry O’Connell was cute in “sliders”…lol. Who thinks Rebecca is hot anyway? She’s all washed up. Hooking up with John Stamos did her in…Geesh!

  11. Dumbass

    It looks like a wedding from the 80′s.

  12. DancingQueen

    For the love of God when will the shaggy do for guys be OUT. It looks so retarded.

  13. Blah

    I have to disagree with DancingQueen. I adore the shaggy look on guys.

  14. Dee

    They actually look very happy. For once I’m not gonna dog someone out and damn sure not on their wedding day. It’s probably hard enough as is being a couple in Hollywood much less being one who’s married. I wish them the best.

  15. chimpy

    He’s having sloppy seconds alright.

  16. punkrockcowgirl

    Once you see that they’re white bucks and not sneakers, (classic summer dress shoes and very appropriate) there’s really nothing to make fun of here. Superfish, you need to do some fact checking.

  17. charm

    that top photo looks like it was taken in the 70′s.

  18. Sheva

    Don’t you just love women who wear white at all their weddings? Every time they get married, these whores have no shame.

    I remember the day when white meant something.

  19. Bite Me

    I remember the day when you paid extra for a virgin

  20. Dizzybenny

    i give it 7 months.
    that guy will never do better after.

  21. That’s a good step up for the fat kid from “Stand By Me”

  22. Aubree

    and I am not sure he’s had further brain development since that movie either.

  23. Betsy

    Sneakers? They look like white dress shoes to me..

  24. chachacha

    @19 Is Rebecca a whore? I didn’t know she was on the same level as Linsey, Lohan, and Hilton. Now if they whore white on their wedding day, I would fight back vomit, but Rebecca doesn’t seem skanky to me. Maybe the white color symbolizes a new beginning with her new man.

  25. deskjockey

    They’re white bucks… not that I would expect you to know that, prole.

  26. Holy shit! A Hollywood couple that is actually HAPPILY married! I suspect I will see the four horsemen of the apocolypse, now.

  27. How many C-list celebrities can one woman marry?

  28. letz zee:
    zhe already waz
    married before and
    zhe didn’t learn her
    lezzon: that marriage
    doezn’t work..ztupid
    ugly bitch,not famouz
    at all.?

  29. amy

    shut up everyone get over your self can’t be nice then dont say anything there a nice couple he’s sexy shes hot?

  30. gossipmonger

    Bling, I agree. He was so cute in Sliders, heck, even as a kid in My Secret Identity, I thought he was cute…(oh god, did I just publicly admit that????)

  31. lambman


    Ooops I mean. Ooo’COOONNNNEEELLLLL!!!!

  32. lambman

    PS, while she’s getting a bit older…I still think she’s genetic perfection

  33. wedgeone

    #25 – U realize that “Linsey” and Lohan are the SAME PERSON RIGHT??

  34. JM

    I’ve got nothing for these two. Usually I don’t mind tearing celebs apart but most often they are in some way deserving based on their actions. I actually like these two. Any man who says she’s “washed up” needs to have his eyes checked. Tomcats was pretty damn funny.

    I have only known 3 people in my life who could legitimately wear white on their wedding day. They are all mormons, and as mormons they are a long ways from being close to god, but only 1 letter away from being morons.

    This brings us to the bush. Really. That’s the best we could come up with. “Oh my god, did you see how hideous that bush they got married next to was????” If that’s all you’ve got, it probably signifies that they deserve a pass.

    I say fuck them both for being beautiful and rich, neither of which I will ever have to worry about. Oh and #20 – that was hilarious.

  35. Yes and No

    I think the dog steals the show.

  36. winston


  37. Sauron

    Aww! I haven’t seen such a sweet wedding in times.

  38. i hear that

    zhe waz Howard

    Sternz fuckbuddy..

    he uze to go on and

    on about thiz ugly


  39. Rylie

    Who knew the little fat kid would turn out to be so hot

  40. Hollywood Agent

    He husband is a retard. Everyone knows that the groom at a daytime wedding should wear a morning coat. He looks like some kind of a disco nerd.

  41. Hollywood Agent

    Sorry my last post He should read Her – but knows and who cares. She has a girly man face anyways.

  42. Hollywood Agent

    I better have my intern, who I pay nothing, get me some coffee. I could pay him something, but why should I. These UCLA students are so stupid and will work for nothing. All I have to tell them is that they are getting valuable entertainment experience, and they believe me. What a bunch of losers. I also tell them that one day, if they are lucky, that they too will have a BMW, and they are such losers they believe that too. Anyone that work as an intern for us is an idiot.

  43. star69

    Which one is the bride and which one the groom?
    Hard to tell these days.

  44. cc

    He should’ve hemmed his pants and worn decent shoes. Better yet, he should’ve bought something with class, not something off the bargain suit rack at Woolworth’s. I guess they were going for the unkept, hippie look.

  45. woodhorse

    I remember when white meant someone was lying their ass off. Clothing that announces sexual status is now reserved for Bobby Trendy, Tomcat, and the backup dancers for Iris Chacon.

  46. Christ on a Crotch

    I’ve nothing bad to say about Mystique. She’s da bomb. Congrats, Rebecca.

  47. nagger please

    Rebecca Romijn isn’t that hot. I wouldn’t eff it.

  48. Joyce

    I’m probably the only on to write a nice comment on this (not that I disapprove of bad comments, it’s why I come to this site!) But I these shots are sweet! I love her dress, and the cute dog with a bow, he probably stole the show. Although yeah, the grooms outfit is a tad too dated… hippie look indeed!

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