Rebecca Gayheart topless

July 2nd, 2007 // 163 Comments

“Over there, captain! I can almost see my sense of shame!”

Rebecca Gayheart was spotted topless with her husband, Eric Dane, on a chartered yacht during their vacation in Porto Cervo. Which might actually be exciting if she was hot or if I knew who the hell she was. Or if she was juggling live rattlesnakes. Because, really, that’s all I’m looking for in my topless celebrity shots. Live rattlesnake juggling.

Most of these are NSFW.

UPDATE: Apparently in 2001, this Rebecca Gayheart character ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy. So, uh, that’s horribly morbid.


  1. #144, she’s just mad because she doesn’t have a relationship like we do. She’s afraid to be gay or have sex like we have. She’s young and stupid.

  2. kim

    celebrities and their special treatment. This saggy-boobed bitch cut a line of traffic and hit a nine year old boy who was crossing the street. She was also using a cell phone. The kids dies, and she get what? 3 years probation. Get her off of here with her loose ass.

  3. Lucky#13

    Isn’t she the girl from that movie “Urban Legend” or something like that? if not, then she looks like her. Oh! And the movie “Jawbreaker”

  4. angie

    american are full of shit.. and u r just a bunch of hypocrite.. u r the biggest sluts in the world and get scared when a girl goes top less!! lol u should come to Europe..!!
    double standars suck!

  5. JJ

    Can these damn sites stop printing NSFW for tits. The US is so f’ing stupid. F’ing grow up.

  6. JJ

    BTW, #84 if a fucking dipshit. Oh no, your boss will fire you if you read this message. Better run loser.

  7. JJ

    Love the way these celeb girls are using the internet to promote themselves nowadays. These paparazzi setups work great.

  8. JJ

    I also can’t believe some idiots suggest there is something wrong with a woman being topless in front of kids. You mean the same kids that suckle breasts for nourishment? It is simply amazing how many fucking morons can be totally brainwashed by US tv. They think US tv runs the entire world. It is a lousy stinking business moron. Just a business, nothing more.

  9. JJ

    And lastly, get used to it America. The US media will have women naked everywhere before too long and all of you will act like it’s always been that way. They will bring you along at just the right rate lemmings.

  10. JJ

    BTW, if anyone ever did get fired for looking at a woman’s bare chest at work then they should do this. Check if anyone has ever looked at a man’s bare chest at that workplace and not been fired. If so, then sue the company’s ass. They legally cannot discriminate based on gender. A simple case and they will be forced to settle.

  11. JJ

    Little history lesson. A previous post mentioned seeing tits and ass in G-rated films. I’m not so sure about G-rated, but certainly tits and ass were shown in PG films from about 1971-1984. This stop in 1985. The reason? To help spread pay cable tv. Naked women were known to be the one thing that people would pay for to view at home. TV up until then was free, but they wanted people to pay for cable. So no longer give away tits and ass easily. Make them rare and force people to pay high monthly rate just to get a glimpse. This is your wonderful US media people. Of course the hi tech combo of internet and dvds puts this business idea to rest. The idea that you can charge to view a naked woman anymore is laughable. It’s now a must have.

  12. Pretty hot for a 36-year old chick. Nice boobies.

  13. youre gay

    so what faggot is so offended by a chicks nipples that they have to blur them out, yet the dudes nipples are ok to show

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