Rebecca Gayheart topless

July 2nd, 2007 // 163 Comments

“Over there, captain! I can almost see my sense of shame!”

Rebecca Gayheart was spotted topless with her husband, Eric Dane, on a chartered yacht during their vacation in Porto Cervo. Which might actually be exciting if she was hot or if I knew who the hell she was. Or if she was juggling live rattlesnakes. Because, really, that’s all I’m looking for in my topless celebrity shots. Live rattlesnake juggling.

Most of these are NSFW.

UPDATE: Apparently in 2001, this Rebecca Gayheart character ran over and killed a 9-year-old boy. So, uh, that’s horribly morbid.


  1. miss oblivious

    The thing that bothers me is that she supposedly only got her license suspended for one year. One year?!! Ok, so maybe the kid was jaywalking and it was an accident. But if she had been watching the road better, etc, etc, she probably could have slammed on the breaks in time. Anyways, I can see it was an accident, but ONE year of a suspended license. That is fucking nuts and does make the whole Paris thing seem kind of bizarre. That would piss me off if it were my kid.

  2. miss oblivious

    oh yeah, and her body looks pretty good. Very natural and fit. Espc considering she’s got to be in her mid to late 30s by now. My husband used to drool over her years ago. I didn’t like her, thought she seemed like a snotty princess with alien eyes. But what happened would have been hard for anyone to live with. I can’t imagine…

  3. milandir

    #101: She wasn’t drunk or under the influence. The kid was jaywalking and in front of cars. Likely the only reason her license was suspended was because she was in the center turn lane.

  4. hjärtansfröjd

    She was Dylans maffia-daughter girlfriend who got killed by her dad on 90210.

  5. HankTheDwarf

    Noxzema fresh face girl.. STUFF YOUR NIPS INTO MY MOUF. MMMPLEASE.

  6. bri_fari

    gayheart…hmmmm. so she has a spot for gays in her heart.figures because her spice boy looks like some david beckham gay porno stunt double you see when you walk past the rainbow fag flagged movie shops front window DVD displays on polk street in SF.PS: i was only on polk street waiting for my heroin dealer.

  7. Schmurf

    She was also in the music video for Train’s “Meet Virginia”

    And what’s happening in that last picture?!?!

  8. woodhorse

    OBVIOUSLY she shouldn’t be allowed to drive. The only honorable solution is for Mitt Romney to drive her around on top of his car like he did the family dog (only NOT wash off the diarrhea) since she and the dog have the same size tits (no offense to the dog)

  9. woodhorse

    fuck – *same driving judgement and same size tits”

  10. MassGrrl

    Why are people getting worked up about her being topless? Crazy, uptight Americans we are. They’re just tits.

    And her body is smoking. And she’s pretty. I say let ‘em hang out.

  11. marme


  12. nagger please

    Beautiful tits.. Small perky tits are the best.. Who needs big, fat, stretch marked, floppy tits?

  13. kirby

    why is she the only topless woman?

  14. matt

    #112 Beautiful tits? WTF? You must be a homo or an anorexic chick. No straight guy thinks B cup tits are beautiful. Give me luscious double D cup melons to suck on, not these deflated water bags

  15. lambman

    They are two of the best looking people in Hollywood. It was so hot on Ugly Betty when she kissed Rebecca Romaijn!

    And everybody needs to calm down about the accident, yes it is sad…but it was an accident, they happen. She served her community service, appoligized to the family and paid for the funeral. She’s a bad driver, and the kid was running into traffic…these things sadly happen

  16. jacknasty

    Finally! The promise of the side-boob from my youth was fulfill!!!

    That Noxema comercial from back in the day was so hot, and finally we see more than just the side!

  17. Topless on a yacht. These celebs have a difficult life and I sympathize with their ongoing struggles.

  18. bond

    mmm, pic. 5 nothing like some good old pubic hair. GET A WAX!!!

  19. nagger please

    #114.. I’m a straight guy. B-cups are the perfect size.. especially when a woman ages… big tits eventually go one way.. downwards..

  20. Yes and No

    She has a great body. Vive les B cups!!!

    Big boobs = saggy and gross.

    Other people are entitled to their opinion. But they would be wrong.

  21. Yawner

    Wow….There sure is alot of fat jealous bitches posting today! Heres an idea, put down the twinkies and pizza and hit the gym, then maybe you fatties can wear a bathing suit instead of a sheet to the beach! Face it, this chick is hot and you all are just fat jealous little dumplings!

  22. ape

    Four things:
    1. She’s got a great body.
    2. If McDreamy wanted any part of taking my tits on a yacht, I wouldn’t cover them up either.
    3. She’s looking a little Anna Nicole Smith in pic #8. . . like drugged out of her gord wise, not boob wise. I mean, when else does a person forget wtf she’s doing in the middle of either taking off or putting on a shirt?

  23. kitty_kat

    Uhm… A B-cup? Please. She looks more like an A-cup to me. And she’s way too skinny (pic #7- all of her ribs are popping out). Seriously, guys. She’s not automatically hot just because she’s half-naked.

  24. her huzband iz ugly and if shez
    naked in front of otherz, then
    clearly, they R zwingerz//////

    bitch hit a nine yr. old,
    zend that bitch to jail…

  25. Melissa

    Come on, dude! Now you got me a tad revolted over here. ;) The woman is like over 35! So, just so that you learn it for good, her body is as hot as it gets, without getting faked curves and stuff.

  26. Mike

    #55, you’ve never been in Europe, have you?

  27. anonymous bastard

    65. Posted by Kathleen on July 2, 2007 3:54 PM
    She’s hot and she’s got nice tits.
    Too bad she running around topless with kids on the boat. She seems like a dumbass.


    you are the dumbass. Children really don’t care about tits. You can show them tits all day long – and they will hardly notice. Except when they are trained to notice them – like by their parents who constantly get hysteric if somewhere is a naked breast.

    Only adults do care about naked tits. And then they project their dirty thoughts onto ther kids.

    Stop being stupid!

  28. frenchie

    She looks great! She has a tight little body and the best thing is that she is ok with it. I imagine that she is even hotter in bed. I bet the pair have really good sex.

  29. AJ

    How was she able to flip her rental car the second time if her license had been suspended for a year. She should definitely go to jail for driving with a suspended license after manslaughter. Justice is a joke.

  30. Dixyland

    She is hot though, and hot people get away with everything. Paris is an ugly skank, that’s why she went to gaol.

  31. b

    “I find it bizarre that she is walking around topless while there are kids and other people on the boat. It’s one thing to be alone and topless with your husband, but to go topless while there are other people around…especially kids?”

    OMG the poor kids see a natural part of the body that DOES NOT have to be sexual. Breasts are nurturing…they shouldn’t be hidden away like they are mysterious taboo things. Children are fed with them when they are young. I think it’s ridiculous that anyone would think the way you think.

  32. lalaland

    people, the incident happened 6 years ago, bitching about it wont change a damn thing

  33. #103=no zhe wazn’t drunk..she waz in a
    fuckin hurry..probably from the” crack “in her head..that makez it right, coz of no alcohol..fuckin stupidazz bitch…

    #128=the only children that wouldn’t care
    about someone flashing them would be the
    onez that were used to being sexually
    abuzed, fuckface.

    next time shez in a hurry, hopefully she runz over that ugly huzband of herz.

  34. #103=no zhe wazn’t drunk..she waz in a
    fuckin hurry..probably from the” crack “in her head..that makez it right, coz of no alcohol..fuckin stupidazz bitch…

    #128=the only children that wouldn’t care
    about someone flashing them would be the
    onez that were used to being sexually
    abuzed, fuckface.

    next time shez in a hurry, hopefully she runz over that ugly huzband of herz.

  35. hopefully, U fuckin
    heard me….fuckerz???

  36. sos

    Its so obvious she’s posing for the paparazzi. How lame. He’s ug. She’s got an alien face

  37. astella

    nice one.
    id love to see eva longoria TOPLESS anyday!

  38. mafme

    “While several cars stopped to let him go, Gayheart swerved around them and into a two-way left-turn lane, striking the boy.”

    “She was sentenced to three years probation, a one-year suspension of her license, a $2,800 fine, and 750 hours of community service.”

  39. hailey

    Who gives a fuck about this bitch, All i care about in these photo’s is Eric dane topless can you say yum lucky bitch gets to go to bed with that every night slut.

  40. hollyj

    I agree with previous posters: I don’t see why some in here are freaking out about boobs showing. I’m American and I vote to make all the world’s beaches topless.

    Who cares if kids see her boobs? Boobs aren’t a dirty little secret. Sheesh

    I don’t get why so many Americans are so provencial. It’s embarrassing for those of us that actually have some exposure to culture and travel.

    I think she has a GORGEOUS body and you can tell it’s all natural. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a single woman in here that’s that hot naked, and definitely not a man in here that wouldn’t tap that all day long.

  41. justifiable

    #135 I’m praying he uses you for a human shield.

  42. superficialIsrunbyafag


  43. tanqueray

    @135 You obviously are in junior high and have never been anywhere. In that area off Sardinia she’d look odd if she kept her top ON. Shut your pie hole if you know fuck all about life, because we’d all like this site that much more.

  44. stephanie

    she was as serious girlfriend of Dylan on 90210. I always thought she was beautiful.

  45. stephanie

    and she was tragically killed in a car accident on 90210…I’m pretty sure. They must have heard about her real life driving.

  46. Great pics. I think she can atone by doing porn.

  47. Bossy

    Her body is perfect. I’d kill for her body. And stop with the “doesn’t she have any decency” stuff, they’re on a chartered yacht and she’s hot as hell. Don’t hate people.

  48. you're fired!

    she’s pretty but her tits are sharp enough to grate cheese on.

  49. poo snorkler

    Why is she the only one topless? A yacht full of people and the most ‘famous’ one goes topless??

  50. Aerial

    Man… I keep coming back to these pictures. And im a girl! She’s just so much better looking than any plain old Merissa Miller pictures.

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