Rebecca Gayheart is pregnanty

September 29th, 2009 // 35 Comments

Here’s a pregnant Rebecca Gayheart at her LA home yesterday with Eric Dane. Because it’s always comforting to see two people who just had a drug-fueled orgy leaked on the Internet bring a baby into the mix. Actually, I’m being serious. This kid could have a loaded gun taped to his hand and he’d have a better chance than anything that will fall out of half the celebrity vaginas on this site. Christ, I’d give Jessica Simpson less than two weeks before she’s on Twitter asking people if coyotes really eat babies.

Photos: Flynet

  1. First?

    Not first.

  2. Second!

    All this tells me is that this was so uninteresting no one else really cared to comment.

  3. It's Me Fuckers

    where is the COCK!!!????

  4. Third

    @2. It just went up fucking Brainiac.

  5. Are you sure that isn’t Kirstie Alley?

  6. Second! again

    @4: Yea but, who REALLY cares?

  7. Holly of course

    Didn’t she mow a kid down in her SUV?

  8. Autumn

    God, what is with these awful duck-billed pouts these celebsluts always have on? Just stop it already.

  9. Taz

    She was hot in that sex tape

  10. Annie Loves Anal

    A Prius? I thought Rebecca had a taste for large, luxury SUV’s when running over small children.

  11. Crabby Old Guy

    Oh goodie! Now this bitch can run over her OWN kid and leave the neighbor’s families alone for a change.

  12. Randal(l)



    If that doesn’t do it for you come over to my place…..I have tons of Double penetration porn that will give all the cock you will ever want to see.(Ha! you thought I was going to imply I show you my wiener, but I’m too bashful)


  13. The Blabber of Secrets

    Good luck to the Baby-On-Board because Mama Gayheart is a long time heavy heroin addict.

  14. chloe

    I wonder who the daddy is…ooooh, a crack baby. CPS should just go ahead & take it away. It’s 1 thing 2 be pushing 40 & live like filthy animals, but it’s another to bring a baby into the mix. THEY’RE CRACKHEADS.

  15. I;m Insane

    Sorry, Becky, but I don’t think that Prius would do much damage to a seven-year-old boy.

  16. lila

    I hate that skank. She killed someone’s child. She really pisses me off.

  17. Kelley

    Coyote’s ??? Come on, Fish, Jesus. Edit your work.

  18. LG

    Must be two inside.

  19. heheh

    Jesus Fish.

  20. medi0169

    I hope that kid grows up to run over and kill its cunt of a mother. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Suck on that that Noxzema Girl!

  21. These two are suing Gawker that posted their nudie tape last month.

  22. The Rough report

    You want to forfeit the kid she wheelied over for the one she going to have? NO? if not leave her alone…

  23. KIKI

    What a wonderful relationship her and McSteamy have, threesomes and such! What a lucky hollywood spawn.

  24. black & beautiful

    So in about 9 years, someone driving a high-speed Karma-mobile will run her child over and kill it.

  25. turd the third

    Judging by how she looks in these picts shouldn’t here name really be Cowheart?

  26. She looks better not pregnant…

  27. Freddo

    Who the hairy shit is Rebecca Gayheart?

  28. Nature


  29. Gando

    The bad genes are spreading like a desease!

  30. RtSS

    Now… I don’t want to offend any of the ladies out there, but I have to ask… Why is any woman willing to get pregnant, when it destroys totally and completely any aspect of your sexual attractiveness. I’ve always wanted to do Rebecca Geee, hard and long, but I’ve now just this moment felt some shrinkage when I read this post. Rebecca Geeeeee, even when you did a misdemeanor hit and run, or whatever you did, squashing life, I forgave you and still wanted to pump you hard in every way. But, you’re now bloated and pregnant. What can I say? My schlong is not standing at attention to you. Until you ‘spring back’ like my sweet Jessy Alba, you are on the ‘no fly’ list. Sorry… Don’t call me.

  31. All this tells me is that this was so uninteresting no one else really cared to comment.

  32. Hey she is looking great but little bit shagy in that outfit. Really she is looking so old in that outfit.

  33. This is priceless information.

  34. Years ago I attended the funeral of an infant whose mother was a several packs a day smoker. She wanted to blame the doctor for not warning her about what smoking could do. The child was born with cognitive deficits too.

  35. This is priceless information.

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