Reality TV Lady Banged Her Son’s 15-Year-Old Buddy

A British woman named Lucy Haughey is going to be sentenced after admitting to having sex with her son’s 15-year-old friend. She recently appeared on the Chanel 4 cooking competition show Come Dine With Me and won — so she’s… kind of famous? Anyway, this story is crazy because she apparently traumatized this 15-year-old so bad that he broke down and snitched on what would be most 15-year-old boys’ fantasy.

Haughey and the boy hooked up in June of 2016 after deciding that they’d both “fancy a shag” while chatting on Facebook. Like a fucking idiot who would have sex with her son’s friend, Haughey, 37, even told a friend about it.

“Months later while speaking to another friend on Facebook messenger, Haughey admitted what had happened.
When asked if the boy’s mother knew Haughey said ‘She can’t ever know.’

She told her friend: ‘He wanted introduced, I’m an expert, it happened.’ Haughey claimed the teenager wanted it again but she turned him down.
And she told her friend: ‘He had a crush on me but I also had a lot of respect for him’.
Haughey boasted: ‘I’m glad it was me and not a skinny, skanky schemy.’ She asked the friend to delete their internet conversation.” (from DailyMail)

Obviously her “friend” realized that she was making questionable life choices by being associated with this woman and told the mother of the boy what happened. The boy broke down and admitted it was true because losing your virginity in secret with your buddy’s mom is a heavy burden for a 15-year-old.

The only reason this is news is because of the fact that she’s mildly attractive and we as a culture are obsessed with pointing out the town whore. I’m not saying that what she did isn’t reprehensible, but c’mon… let’s be real. Would we be hearing about some freaky old bat in Glasgow if she looked like Danny Devito?

lucy haughey
CREDIT: Facebook/Lucy Haughey