‘Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong’s Husband Killed Himself

August 16th, 2011 // 79 Comments

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce from her husband Russell Armstrong last month which was quickly followed by reports from the cast and crew that he beat her. Well, look who’s laughing now, suckers! TMZ reports:

Our sources say Armstrong hanged himself. He was found hanging in his bedroom on Mulholland Drive.
We’re told L.A. City Fire Department arrived at his home and pronounced him dead at 8:16 PM Monday. Sources say a roommate found Russell and called 911.

What disturbs me the most about this story is that this guy probably hung himself because he realized he lives in a soulless, materialistic hell comprised of rich plastic women manufacturing drama because they have nothing better to do. But thanks to the history of abuse coming out, people will just assume it’s that. (And maybe all this financial stuff.) But, not to make light of domestic violence, for all we know, maybe she accidentally startled him in the middle of the night with that face. I’d probably start swinging and pissing myself, too. “ZOMBIES! They’re zombies in the house! Honey, get the kids out! *turns on lights* Oh, there you are. Did you hear me about the zomb- Ahhh shit.”

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  1. Que

    Que dang.

  2. dotmatrix

    I don’t blame him.

  3. No money and at least 1 million in debt? People need to stop living beyond their means.

    • barbosa

      he left his debt for the taxpayers.

      • Venom

        Please explain to me how someone’s personal debt has to do with the “taxpayers”.

      • barbosa

        who else is going to pay it? taylor? she wont make enough in her lifetime.. they will sell off what they can of his estate.. The statue of limitations on how long collection agencies have to collect is 7 years after that it is written off and the government pays for it…. at least in Canada

      • TomFrank

        You might notice that this is not Canada.

  4. stratacat

    Compared to the last post, this bitch looks about 17, 19 tops.

  5. She looks like a post-op transexual bodybuilder

    • Steelerchick

      For sure!

      • Sam

        What is more horrible and disgusting is the NASTY comments you all leave, who cares what she looks like and how much money they spend, it is her life and how she and everyone wants to live their lives is their business. Get some warmth in your cold hearts people!

    • mel

      yup, with some of the scariest enhanced lips i’ve ever seen. these fucking L.A women look more like monsters than human females. i’m glad i don’t live there and don’t have to look at these surgical atrocities on a daily basis.

      • Pat C.

        Actually when they’re young the females are quite attractive. They become ugly when they reach full adulthood. Kinda like Polynesia, except the Polynesian women don’t pay people to make them look ugly.

  6. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She was probably a beautiful woman, once upon a time.

  7. Vivian

    I can’t help thinking, could it be possible that they’ll use this death for the advantage of the show?

    • Fletch

      Sure why not? As long as it brings in ratings.

    • kimmykimkim

      Very possible Vivian. I wouldn’t put it past them. Of course I don’t even know if she’s still on the show because I do not watch ANY of the housewives shows, but still I wouldn’t doubt they use this for some sort of publicity. It’s just sickening.

  8. rican

    This woman should have spent less on her tits and a lot more on her face.

  9. Coyote

    I think the only thing real about this women is ugly; real ugly!

  10. Kelce

    I watched this show ONCE and during the episode this woman spent $60,000 on her kid’s birthday party while another woman on the show spent a more economical $6,000. I couldn’t handle watching another episode.

    • hmna

      I don’t know about you, but $6,000 is still outrageous for a kid’s birthday party. I think our wedding cost $8,000.

      I’d choke on spending much more than $100 on my kid’s birthday party.

      • mel

        you said it hmna! these people spending obscene amounts of money on their kids obviously are trying to buy back the love that their children show towards their nannies and caretakers. some people in L.A are seriously fucked in the head.

      • rican

        $100? What do you do, one friend, a couple of snickers bars, and the TV?

      • TomFrank

        Rican, if you’re paying $100 for two Snickers bars, I’d start shopping somewhere else.

    • Kelce

      I agree completely. Hell I grew up not ever getting a birthday party and I’m just fine. I say take the kids to Chuck-e-Cheese and be done with it.

  11. I’ve always wondered what Guy Fawkes would look like with tits.

  12. cheese

    It’s probably not ours to speculate why he hung himself, but what if you too led this empty existence and loathed yourself for it?

  13. rough guys finish first

    I need an investigation done on the town’s police chief, while at it, dig up his back yard for a dead hooker. This is not as simple as it seems. Your trusted prophet.

  14. Cock Dr

    She looks reptilian.
    Reptilian, with big fake hooters. It’s like an upright Komodo dragon squeezed into a bikini.

  15. animal planet

    Now she needs to find another host.

  16. I don’t watch that show. But after seeing certain women on this board. i would most definitey do her.

  17. Dora

    SHe looks like Linday Lohan in about 10-15 years. Bad boob job too! Yikes..

  18. mel

    that is one ugly cunt. who’ll pay for her surgical upkeep now?

  19. eophus

    Everything about this is disturbing.

  20. Tedbell

    Hanged himself, not hung

  21. Deacon Jones

    Why didnt he at least kill HER (I’m sure he wouldve enjoyed it after watching her spend his money like it didnt exist) and then flee to mexico or something?

  22. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:


    THis is the new “Egg Head” villain for the upcoming Batman movie.

  23. personality disorders

    She is narcisstic and he is likely borderline personality disorder. They tend to get together.
    If you want the rich to get richer and the middle class to shrink-vote for a republican.

  24. rican

    Jimmy Durante stars in Real Trannies of Beverly Hills

  25. Kevin

    He isn’t dead, he’s hiding from her.

  26. rican

    You know, thinking about it, I would do her. I just wouldn’t share my bag of coke.

  27. Reddi

    I feel really sad hearing this news, he was the only likable one on that whole show. I used to wonder what the hell was he doing with all those LA nut jobs.

  28. It looks more like she killed the guy and she’s wearing his face as a mask. o.o

  29. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Well if I were alone long enough to contemplate being forever separated from those two big fake titties, I just might kill myself too!

  30. downwithmuffins

    i watch that show and love it (sorry, sorry.. i know, i know) but it does very conveniently start up again this month.. next week i almost want to say..i wonder if they will still run the show… when ryan whatever from megan wants a millionaire went all crazy and burned that woman and cut her fingers and toes off and then killed himself vh1 pulled the entire show and the next one he was on.. i feel like people dont hang themselves out of no where.. it might have built up on the show..

  31. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    He saw these pictures … and was embarrassed that he was ever married to her …

  32. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    NYC I Banker
    Commented on this photo:

    He saw these pictures … and was embarrassed that he was ever married to her! _____ I would kill myself too!

  33. Sadly, given my opinion of Bravo! lately, it would not surprise me one iota for them to air a “What What Happens Live” Wake for him. They might even throw in a Kardashian or two to do running commentary on what the mourners are wearing. Oy vey.

  34. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    These boobs and that face are almost as bad as Tori Spellings.

  35. Super Junior 4ever

    I feel sorry for any children involved because that has to be the most terrible way to lose a parent. I honestly think it was selfish of him to abandon his children that way if this was a suicide. Going out Willy Loman style isn’t heroic at all. R.I.P.

  36. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    why people say is selfish to kill yourself ? if you can t take enough of life and it s problems, why stay alive and become a burden to your family, friends, whatever, no one likes depressed people ! only shrinks, but they re paid to like/help them..

    Besides, if i were maried to this mutant narcisistic lizard, i d probably hang myself too… Life is a bitch, everyone knows about it ! Some are strong and face their problems are fears, some just, kill themselves, either way, life still goes on !…

  37. Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong Husband Suicide Bikini
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    There’s something very male looking about her…

  38. APPLE

    This guy always looked saddened by the fact that his wife (pictured) was dragging him into debt- If you watched the show, you can tell he was uncomfortable being there, to the point where his wife (pictured) made a big deal about it. This woman had no regard for all the hardwork and money he made- she blew it by buying a bunch of expensive crap, and wanting to show they had it, when in deed, they had NOTHING. And just when she bankrupted him, she left him. Good going, Taylor!


  39. Cindy hartigan

    It is completly sad. The inocent daughter, is going to suffer over losing her daddy. Meanwhile, I feel that taylor, thought she’d snag a rich robot. Get him to believe she loves him, while spending his money. Then, show the real taylor! She left him, thinking she would get herself a nice chunk of HIS money! She is phoney to the bone, and its pretty gross. He chose to end his life, but what vowes did taylor make?

  40. Lyndaray

    I was not likeing how taylor was complaining to her friends. about her husband russell . thinking she was a brat. and not realistic that’s their marriage because russell didn’t wanna hang out with her friends. I am married and my husband means more to me. then my friends. her friend with a little dog didn’t help. I am sad. tyler is a selfish person. she shoulda been there for him. but she didn’t know he was gonna commit suicide she’s lucky he didn’t hurt her I know he was a good man. it’s sad tyler didn’t know that I do know this she believed her friends and fame what’s better than her husband. more power to you . I’d like to take your oklahoma but out in the alley but I don’t wanna mess up her party

  41. Lyndaray56

    I think she was up to no good. tyler was unrealistic to think her husband needed to like her friends why did tyler not know her own husband my husband comes before my friends. tyler selfish. she’s a crybaby. the lady with a little dog that wore diamonds. I had liked her the best. until she was letting tyler full her. tyler was the actress she was acting tyler very selfish . I can’t stand her russell was used I just know I hope the family takes her daughter away from her. and tyler not get a dime of money. . russell needed his wife. it’s clear she wasn’t there for him I seen it on the show. she was out for herself .. what I seen on the show russell was always kind to her.but what I seen she wasn’t being nice to him .when I watch the show I could tell she was not in love with him as he was with her. her friends were being fooled I think. tyler used all this money tyler made up stories about her husband I’m sure to let your friends know she has a reason to leave him. love is being supportive loving and caring . She’s sneaky . deceiving I’m sorry for her friends. they been used. my husband said she probably put him on in a spot. probably off around 10 with all the stuff going on with the money. and tyler talking to her friends on tv

    • Sam

      Lyndaray56!! all I can say is OMG! you talk like you know them and have lived their lives.. you Don’t know them.. you are a Hateful heartless person by the sounds of it.. and half of what you say makes no sense at all.. go back to school and get educated.. then comment

      • Lucky to be poor

        Sam, Right on! Lyndaray56 sounds like a complete illiterate moron from the gutters of the 1700′s in Missouri. Most of it didn’t make any sense.
        I watch this show because I can’t believe their are people in this world who behave the way these women do. Immature, pretentious, spoiled and hideously addicted to plastic surgery. Do they actually want to look that way? Don’t they tell each other how weird and alien-like they look? SUCH GOOD FRIENDS. Russel obviously didn’t want to be on the show. He rarely made an appearance and he usually said something rude or inconsiderate. He claimed business meetings. Must not have gone to the meetings if he was so far in debt. $60,000 on a five year old party. She wasn’t even having fun. Shame on Ace for playing the party. Adrienne is the only semi normal one out of all of them. Brandi as well. Camille has nannies to raise her children and an assistant to run her homes. What keeps her so stressed out?

      • Clare B

        lucky to be poor, really? you are proud of that! and to belittle missouri, i live in st. louis, you are ignorant. i am not poor or uneducated. where the hell are you from? sorry, but you did not impress me. also, to respond to your rude comment to the other commenter, that writer sounded as if he/she is foreign. have you considered that? probably not, you only know the people that you went to high school with and don’t have a vision beyond your small town, probably on the east coast. rude and ignorant people like you make me sick, go get an education and some people skills, dumbass, and for god’s sake, stop saying that your are lucky to be poor – who says that????

  42. Vanessa Zavala

    It’s situations like this when we should all be humane. People that are assuming why he took his own life are forgetting that he lives a very young daughter behind that no longer has her daddy. And one day she will be able to read all the garbage that people wrote about her daddy. May God forgive him and may he rest in peace.

  43. bbboobbbo

    they all look like drag queens

  44. Sam

    What is more horrible and disgusting is the NASTY comments you all leave, who cares what she looks like and how much money they spend, it is her life and how she and everyone wants to live their lives is their business. Get some warmth in your cold hearts people!……..

  45. keshawrick

    God Bless his family and friends!! # SAD CASE

  46. IWONKY

    Russell was an asshole and a wife beater.

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