Reading is Fundamental

September 7th, 2010 // 32 Comments

WHEN Bilbo Baggins isn’t battling Smaug on his quest to the Lonely Mountain, he enjoys a good read atop the many ponies afford by the Shire. You, too, can pick up a book and go wherever your imagination takes you! — Or smell like someone dropped a jar of Vlasics in a condom factory. Seriously, I can’t be the only one smelling that… Oh, right, inspire the children. GOOO BOOKS! (I’m losing consciousness.)

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  1. just lookin

    i like watching Jersey Shore never thought I would until I did lol it keeps me laughin thats for sure. I dont really care for a single person on the show just like to watch the drama. my question is though to the guys on the show wouldnt she n J-WOWW be considered “gernades”? (probably spelled wrong)

  2. fap

    She has no leg, it’s just an extended bum with knees at the end.

  3. nisro

    She’s got the shape and attitude to be a High School lunch lady.

  4. God

    What is that ?

  5. Rick's Daddy


  6. welldoneson



  7. shavederic

    Who is this broad anyway?

  8. Rachel

    I find what you wrote to be strange.

  9. Rachel

    also… what happened to her “cookie diet?”

  10. chuck d

    this site has really jumped the shark, they keep running pictures of this cow
    there hasn’t been a nipple slip in weeks

  11. Shit, it IS finally morphing into a bonafide ewok! Mutation has started at its hooves.
    In the meantime, My Little Yellow Pony looks utterly puzzled and pissed off at the dumbbell jutting out of its temples and the unholy stench of skanky ewok ass on its back.

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I laughed my ass off at all the comments. So brilliant!

  13. Schnib

    What is the weight rating on that horse?

  14. Gary

    The expression on the horse’s face says it all…and seems way more realistic.

  15. OneAdamTwelve

    I think she’s kinda hot. I guess I’m a weirdo.

  16. oh no

    It’s a wonder that fugly sloth is not holding the book upside down. It wouldn’t matter anyway. I’m sure she can’t read word ONE unless it’s a pop-up book.

  17. lilyincredible

    Sigh. I miss the real stars, like Lucille Balle and Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson. THOSE were stars, not the retards who have so called ‘fame’ now a days. Ah. ):

  18. jay

    she needs to die a horrible death. i hope she gets raped by a rhino. to those who would “hit that”, ur dick is gonna fall off before u even stick it into this dirty cunt. she needs to kill herself.

  19. KewlKid

    i wish i was that horse.

  20. Flash

    Flash back to 1954: Marilyn Monroe in a playground, reading Ulysses:

  21. Say what you want about her, but you people are taking the time to comment on her and she’s making more money than any of you will see in your lifetime, so good for her. She got what she wanted.

    • wonker

      yeh, she got a fat ass and an overly tanned leathery face and oh yeh a fat gut to go along with those cankles and dirty cunt. Good for her. I hope she dies.

  22. Snooki
    Commented on this photo:

    who knew a wicker basket could hold up a 2 ton car

  23. hellello

    shes sooooo fat now

  24. sexylips

    Shes not reading, shes looking at the pretty pictures. Dumb bitch

  25. McShez

    She’s using the book to hide her bag of Cheetos.

  26. Bored with life

    What do you think her Vag smells like?


    ok . ok .good. your stile. haiti

  28. Princess Norrain

    Shouldn’t she be reading “The 48 Laws of Power for Dummies”?

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