Ray Rice Knocks Out Fiance In Elevator Video The NFL Definitely Saw

When Ray Rice was suspended for only two games after video surfaced of him dragging his then-fiance, now wife (Yeah…) out of an Atlantic City casino elevator, most reasonable people went, “Uh, WTF?” even as the NFL tried to downplay the severity of what happened to cause a woman to be unconscious and distancing Roger Goodell from that information. Except TMZ just published the full fight footage (along with reporting the NFL definitely saw it before the suspension) that shows Ray Rice knocking her right the fuck out. And, listen, before everyone gets all worked up, this seems like the kind of guy who’ll learn his lesson from missing two whole football games, and none of this is a reason to re-examine the acceptable violence towards women (and kids) in a sport that’s damn near a religion in this country. Let’s just file this one under, “Eh, thinking’s for pussies,” and not ruin a perfectly good Sunday. That’d be the real crime.

UPDATE: The NFL, with help from Peter King’s sudden bout of amnesia, is now saying they never saw this video until today. Seems legit.

UPDATE: Ray Rice just got cut from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

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